Negus Watch: "the worst thing in the world…. is to provoke them"

No. The worst thing in the world is to have a corrupted media, deceitful, self-serving politicians and cowardly spin-doctors  in positions of power and influence.  The worst thing in the world are  dumb jurn’o’lists  who cook up  steaming piles of enemy propaganda and serve it as if it was “settled science”.   My guess is that Negus is on the Islamo-payroll.

The savage is  noble and  civilization always wrong….

“The Islamophobe virus getting close to plague proportions”

In the world of George Negus,  we’re all racist bigot Islamophobes, except George &  the pro-Islamic whores who are hellbent to sell out to global domination under an Islamic caliphate:

After his hit job on  the English Defense League, Negus, on his blog, invites more comments. (Keep those comments coming)

Don’t bother, I posted 3 comments, nothing offensive, just facts, and he censored each and every one of them. Negus is all spin, all the time.

Take a look: Negus publishes every clueless moonbat and every pro-Islamic comment,  ‘for balance’ to be sure,  but very few critical of the 600 pound gorilla in the room: Islam.

Here’s a comment from Betty:

Don’t provoke Muslims?

Talking about Muslims Negus said “the worst thing in the world….  is to provoke them”. Isn’t that the problem – we keep bowing to their threats – we can’t publish cartoons, newspapers are afraid to publish stuff for fear of a knife in the chest a la Van Gogh, or the Japanese interpreter of the Satanic Verses, or a gunshot like Pym Fortuyn etc etc, the attempted murder of the Mohammed cartoons. ]    Keep those comments coming (sure!)

“The Islamophobe virus getting close to plague proportions” (WoJ)

Here is a link to the official website of the EDL. Take a look and let us know whether you side with Negus  and those who are determined to destroy us or with those who stand up for western civilization and culture.


An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile — hoping it will eat him last.

Winston Churchill

Want more? Here’s a reminder:  Negus appalled by bias on the SBS

5 thoughts on “Negus Watch: "the worst thing in the world…. is to provoke them"”

  1. Provoke away, I say. I’m tired of pussy-footing around Mohammadans. If I want to burn a Koran I will. I think everyone who feels as strongly as I do (at least in the U.S.) should. Normally, I’m against book burning because it’s ignorantly reprehensible; however with the ton of TNT just waiting to go off (otheriwse known as Bic Lighter + Koran), there’s a very important point to be made. A very important line in the sand to be drawn.

    I’m actually disheartened that more Korans, all over the U.S., have not already gone up in flames.

  2. They should be burnt, if for no other reason, to demonstrate we can. To prove we are free to do so without intimidation. If the United States flag can be burned, so can a book that promotes death to infidels.
    F**K MUSLIMS and their intolerance.

  3. .

    What’s the carbon footprint per burned KKKorag?

    I’m with you guys. We can do whatever the hell we want. Who The EFF are these moHAMedans telling us what we can or cannot burn?

    Let’s start by canceling ALL foreign aid as a demonstration of our power. Once they are forced to fend for themselves for a change they’ll have a lot less time to jump up and down in rage while burning our flags.

    If only we had governments led by the likes of Churchill and even Maggie we might even demonstrate our power in a more direct way, say a well-placed nuke in the Arabian desert with promises for more to come, and much closer to certain “holy” places.


  4. I am surprised there is only 39 votes for everyone should read the koran…
    From Robert Spencer to Chris Logan advocate that every person should read it so we can learn for ourselves what’s in it and how much hipocracy there is in it…. I have one, tried to read it but it was so sickening and repetitive that I gave up after awhile so now I rely on the above mentioned guys and this site as well as other like-sites for my information, and education on muslims, islam. As for the story on Negus…yes I must agree, he is certainly dhimmified and I am tired of being labelled a racist or unChristian for my views on islam and muslims.

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