'O'tarded. How long will America allow this Mohammedan fraud to continue?

Ahmed Rehab to Speak at “Islam and Muslims in America” Conference, hosted by the American Islamic College – September 28-30 2010

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The Islamintern Is Coming to (Chi-) Town

Andrew G. Bostom

Propaganda is carried on from Riyadh on a scale comparable to Moscow’s effort to spread Communism

Both the former, Sada Cumber, and current envoy, Rashad Hussain, will be in attendance at the Chicago OIC program — one must seriously consider the extent of OIC propaganda efforts aimed at the Islamization of our country. Perhaps in Chicago some intrepid (and informed) mainstream media reporter — underscoring how the OIC’s agenda is diametrically opposed to the US Constitution — will ask the representatives of this avatar of mainstream Islam about its blatant rejection of freedom of conscience, and openly espoused efforts to impose Universal Islamic Blasphemy Law.


OIC Subversive Supremacist World Summit in Chicago: Installing the Universal Caliphate

The fox is in the hen-house. Here we see, up close, just how deeply the US government has been infiltrated by the stealth jihadists. The panel discussions give us a true picture of their agenda — The Role of the OIC & The scope for its relations with American Muslims, American Foreign Policy & The Muslim World, and Islam in the American Context.  (Atlas )

Attending from the White House is  Rashad Hussein, Special Envoy of the White House to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). After naming him, Barack Hussein Obama boasted that Rashad Hussein was a hafiz who had committed the Koran to memory. Further, Rashad Hussein, special White House official, has a history of participation in events connected with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, as well as support for Brotherhood causes, once having called prosecution of the U.S. leader of a Palestinian terrorist organization one of many “politically motivated persecutions.” More background on Rashad here.

Also attending from the White House is Dalia Mogahed, Executive Director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, and Adviser, White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Obama’s first veiled appointee, Egyptian born Dalia Mogahed, conducted her first interview withnotorious Jew-hater and America-hater Sheik Yusuf Al-Qaradawi’s extremist Islamic website, Islam Online.

In April 2009, Mogahed said in an interview with terrorist- and jihad-supporting Qaradawi’s website, “Many have claimed that terrorists have ‘hijacked Islam’. I disagree. I think Islam is safe and thriving in the lives of Muslims around the world. What the terrorists have been allowed to take over are Muslim grievances.” I posted the whole thing here.

Also attending is Sada Cumber, First Special Envoy of the White House to the OIC, more here>>>

*  Special thanks also to the Sada Cucumber Watch site, check it out!

Daniel Pipes @ WaPo:

‘Rushdie Rules’ reach Florida

Daniel Pipes accuses Obama of enforcing Sharia law

(Its not an accusation. Its a fact.)

Check this out:

Obama endorses privileged status for Islam

Buying books and then burning them is a legal act in the United States.

Second, David H. Petraeus, Robert M. Gates, Eric H. Holder Jr., Hillary Rodham Clintonand Barack Obama pressured Mr. Jones to cancel only because they feared Muslim violence against Americans if he proceeded.

Indeed, despite Mr. Jones‘ calling off the Koran burning, five Afghans and three Kashmiris died in protests against his plans.

That violence stems from Islamic law, Shariah, which insists that Islam, and the Koran in particular, enjoy a privileged status. Islam ferociously punishes anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, who trespasses against Islam’s sanctity. Codes in Muslim-majority states generally reflect this privilege; for example, Pakistan‘s blasphemy law, 295-C, punishes derogatory remarks about Muhammad with execution.

No less important, Shariah denigrates the sanctities of other religions, a tradition manifested in recent years by the destruction of the Buddhist Bamiyan statues and the desecration of the Jewish Tomb of Joseph and the Christian Church of the Nativity. A 2003 decree ruled the Bible suitable for use by Muslims when cleaning after defecation. Iranian authorities reportedly burned hundreds of Bibles in May. This imbalance, whereby Islam enjoys immunity and other religions are disparaged, has long prevailed in Muslim-majority countries.  (Read More)

Check out the agenda of the Islam-intern:

Conference Agenda

The Organization of Islamic Conference in Cooperation with the American Islamic College presents:

Conference on “Islam and Muslims in America”


28 September, Tuesday

v      7:00 pm*Grand Opening of auditorium and dormitory of the college & Reception* with Keynote Address by Secretary General of the OIC H.E. Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu

29 September, Wednesday

v      8:30 am Registration

v      9:00 am Welcoming Speech: Dr. H. Ali Yurtsever, American Islamic College

v      9:10 am Protocol Speeches

10:00 am   1st Panel: The Role of the OIC & The Scope for its Relations with American Muslims

v      Moderator: Mr. Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago

v      Amb. Ufuk Gokcen, Ambassador of OIC to UN

v      Amb. Rashad Hussain, Special Envoy of the White House to the OIC

v      Amb. Sada Cumber, First Special Envoy of the White House to the OIC

11:30 am    Break

11:45 am    2nd Panel: American Foreign Policy & The Muslim World

v      Moderator: Dr. Tariq Cheema, President of World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists

v      Dr. John Esposito, Professor of International Affairs & Islamic Studies at Georgetown University

v      Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Chair, Parliament of World Religions

v      Dr. Peter Mandaville, George Mason University

1:15 pm Lunch & Zuhur Prayer

2:00 pm    3rd Panel: Islam in the American Context

v      Moderator: Dr. Farid I. Muhammad, Chairman of Social Sciences at East-West University

v      Ms. Magali Rheault, Senior Analyst at the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies

v      Imam Prof. Misbahudden Ahmed-Rufai, Professor in Department of Social Sciences at Malcolm X College Chicago

v      Marcia Hermansen, Director of Islamic World Studies at Loyola University

3:30 pm    Break

3:45 pm   4th Panel: Imagining Our Future

v      Moderator: Safaa Zarzour, Secretary General of ISNA

v      Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Professor of Mathematics at Grambling State University

v      Dr. S. Abd Al-Hakim Jackson, Professor of Arabic & Islamic Studies at University of Michigan

v      Dr. Aminah McCloud, Director of Islamic World Studies at DePaul University

5:15 pm   Closing Remarks:  Kareem Irfan, Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago

7:00 pm   Dinner (by invitation only)

8:00 pm    Music Concert:  *SAMI YUSUF*

30 September Thursday

v      8:00 Breakfast

v      9:00 Muslim Leaders meeting 1st session: Constituting “American Muslim Liaison Council” to the OIC

v      10:30 Break

v      11:00 Muslim Leaders’ meeting 2nd session

v      12:30 Lunch, Zuhur Prayer

v      1:30 Closing

Possible attendees of the meeting (Invitation only): Rashad  Hussein, Ufuk Gokcen,Farah Pandith,   Marcia Hermansen, Magali Rheault, Zeki Saritoprak, Muzammil Siddiqi, Ayse Kadayifci, Aminah McCloud, Syeed Said, Ahmed Rehab, Tariq Cheema, Imam Hendi, Eboo Patel, Malik Mujahid, Kareem Irfan, Zaher Sahloul, Darnell Karim. Mujahid Ghazi, Asad Busool, Ghulam Aasi, Tasneema Ghazi, Abdulalim Shabazz, Gregory Abdullah Mitchell, Bambade Shakoor-Abdullah, Senad Agic, Kemal Karic, Safaa Zarzour, Shakeela Hassan, Sada Cumber, Cemil Aydin, Juliane Hammer, Jamal Barzanji, A lie Kabba, Radwan Masmoudi, Imam Kifah Mustafa, Misbahudeen Ahmed Rufai, Kamran Memon, Asim AR Ghafoor, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Mumtaz Alvi, Abdullah Antepli

During the conference period, the Calligraphy and Ebru (The art of Paper Marbling) live work will be presented.

8 thoughts on “'O'tarded. How long will America allow this Mohammedan fraud to continue?”

  1. Why would the OIC be holding an Organization of Islamic Conference conference in Chicago?
    Why wouldn’t they hold it in Riyadh or Dubai or some Indonesian city?
    Is this a sign that the US is one of the OIC?

  2. * Is this a sign that the US is one of the OIC?

    It is the Dar al-Harb they are directing their attention to. If the USA falls, can the rest be far behind, and what of Israel, with few or no allies and friends left?

    “And he took up a position upon the sands of the sea-shore. Then I saw a Wild Beast coming up out of the sea, and he had ten horns and seven heads. On his horns were ten kingly crowns, and inscribed on his heads were names full of blasphemy.” – Revelation 13:1

  3. You and I share the same vision on who this fellow really is, Mullah Lodabullah. When Americans finally wake up, it will be too late for the world will be smack in the tribulation with Obama running it as the anti-christ. There is no doubt as to who this fellow really is.

  4. “Ahmed Rehab to Speak at “Islam and Muslims in America” Conference”

    Too bad the guy doesn’t realize that his last name is exactly what he and his ideology need – a total “rehab”.

  5. Huddie, I doubt that O is the Antichrist. Like many of the usual suspects, however, he is positioning the US into a position where it will accept a world government (global governance) masterminded by A/C and the False Prophet. Plenty of co-workers pushing this on many fronts – Blair (Blair Initiative); Clinton (Clinton Global Initiative); Soros (Open Society Foundations) and so on.

    The A/C won’t be revealed until after Christ returns for the dead & living saints …

    Back more to the topic, this is the sort of thing that these initiatives are pushing, along with the “islam is a religion of peace” delusion:


    [Today Face to Faith, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation US’s global schools program, became part of the “Partners for a New Beginning” commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative joining 8 others including Cisco, Coca-Cola, Intel, ExxonMobil, Brown University, Interfaith Youth Core, Care and ImagineNations.

    Just over a year ago in Cairo Egypt, President Obama set out a vision for a new beginning between the United States and the Muslim World. Partners for a New Beginning is putting this vision into practice.

    The Tony Blair Faith Foundation US commits to expanding its global schools program, Face to Faith into the U.S. and build strong links between young people in the USA and in a number of Muslim-majority countries including Pakistan, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon and Indonesia.

    Face to Faith will be introduced into U.S. public and private schools at the start of term in several states across the country including Utah, California, New York, Washington and Georgia . The program is accredited by the International Baccalaureate used in over 140 countries and by international examining body Cambridge Assessment.]

    [Tony Blair, founder and patron of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation US, said:

    “In an era of globalization people of different races, colors and creeds are thrown together as never before. At times, relations have been fraught; in the future we need to understand each other and find ways to live and work together. I am delighted that My Foundation’s Face to Faith global schools program is part of the ‘Partners for a New Beginning’ commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative.

    “Inspired by President Obama’s call for a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world my Faith Foundation will commit to increase its focus on building strong links between young people in the U.S. and a number of Muslim majority countries. Our schools program is currently active in 15 countries across the world and has just launched in the US.]

    [“For example a young Christian in California can see and hear what it is like to be a Muslim in Pakistan. There is often misrepresentation and wrong thinking about what Islam means and about America and Americans in the media. Our Face to Faith education program will provide the chance to correct some of these misapprehensions and misunderstandings and build bridges across national and cultural divides.”]

    [“Schools in Pakistan will greatly benefit from this global education program. Partnering with USA schools is a real positive as it will help to break down the association some people make between Islam and terrorism. Pakistani Students wish to share their religious wisdom with students in USA and other countries. They want to spread the message that Islam is a religion of peace.”]

    * Delusion.

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