"Nothing you can do about it…"

Radical American Islamist: “We Will Build Our Victory Mosque – On Top Of Your Grave”

Stop the 911 Mosque received this email today:

We received an email today about the Ground Zero mosque stating, “we will build our Victory Mosque … We will even build it on top of your grave!” The IP for the sender indicates they accessed their email account via a computer at the University of Washington.  (Gateway)

Update:  Malik made a mistake by using his yahoo account and school computers.
This looks like the culprit(?)

It looks like he’s a Huskie.

Malik may be passionate about his Victory Mosque at Ground Zero…
But he’s not very smart.

Malik also raised a little hell at a speech by a pro-Israel speaker on campus.

If you find out any more on this radical punk please leave it in the comments orshoot me an email.
I’ll be updating.

UPDATE: Down with Dems added:

Well at least we can all now agree on one thing: it IS a Victory Mosque.

Well, all of us except Obama and Bloomberg.

UPDATE: Malik Bawwab may have a record.

UK: Flashing Mullah Gets 6 Weeks of Prison Da’awa

Respected Mullah jailed for flashing in the UK(eye on the world)

‘I’m just a flashing Moe, and anywhere I go, people know the part I’m playing…..’

(UK) Abrahim Ghait is something of a celebrity amongst Muslims. In fact, so much of a superstar is Abrahim that here in the UK, the Arabic Society invited him over from his native Libya so he could preach at a number of mosques during Ramadan. The problem for the UK Arabic Society was that Mr Ghait was arrested for flashing his nether regions to women and little girls during Ramadan, and for doing so, he was jailed for 6 weeks.

Well, instead of admitting that inviting Mr Ghait may have been a big mistake, the UK Arabic Society is playing the victim card by saying that:

“There was no way the imam would have committed the acts, and that it would destroy his future and reputation, and believed Ghait had only pleaded guilty in the hope that he would get a non-custodial sentence, which would have allowed him to go home to Libya where he had urgent business.”

“He is a world-famous imam of a mosque in Libya and has spent 15 years learning the Koran.

“It is destroying the future of a key person. It is crazy, and I just can’t believe it.” (More)

Radical Muslims represent Islam

The News Star

The naivete and/or ignorance of some Americans is amazing. When someone who has studied Islam and learned that it is a violent, intolerant, religiously inspired form of government which seeks to conquer the world, gives warning, these ignorant, naive people accuse them of “un-American” intolerance and promotion of hate.

But the intolerance and hate are all on the Muslims’ side. It is like potential rape victims being condemned for their concern and fear of rapists.

The first thing one must understand about Islam is that the word itself means total submission to the will of Allah. Although stated several times in the Quran and Hadith, Allah’s will for the treatment of non-Muslims is summed up in the Quran, Surah IX: 5, which says, “… then slay the idolaters wherever you find them and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.” And Surah IX: 29, says: “… out of those who have been given the Book (Jews and Christians) , until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority (of Muslims) and they are in a state of subjection” (to Muslims). So all non-believers who refuse to convert are to be slaughtered, but people of the Book can live if they admit the Muslims’ superiority, subjugate themselves to them and pay a tax.

The Quran, Hadith and Sharia make it obvious that the only true Muslims are those we call radical. It is impossible to be a moderate Muslim because the religion is founded on radicalism, intolerance and conquest and Allah’s will cannot be compromised. Note also that the Sharia is in direct conflict with our Constitution and no Muslim can honestly swear to uphold the Constitution. How long must we tolerate and respect a religion that tells its followers to murder or subjugate us?

John P. Spires

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  1. Wont be my grave you build it on but it might be the mass grave for a few hundred pigs along with a few hundred gallons of pigs blood.

  2. Yikes, I live in Washington state in the Seattle area and I was admittedly more than a little shocked when I read your post about this little weasel. I sent this article out to my fellow Washingtonians on twitter so hopefully if they hear anything about him they can pass on the info to you.
    BTW I really enjoy your blog! Good stuff.

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