Terry Jones: "We do not tolerate their threats, their fear, their radicalness. We live in the United States of America."

Too funny when liberal interfaith peaceniks, diehard progressives and Marxist Obama supporters pretend to be better Christians then those who oppose  Islamofascism. They even invoke the Vatican, Sarah Palin and  Pat Robertson to  keep them save from Mohammedan  R A G E…….

A reminder from KGS:

Hey, when it’s Christian Bibles, it’s OK to burn them! The brouhaha over US military members who were given Bibles to hand out to potential Christian converts in Afghanistan, erupted over a year ago, after a story in al-Jizz was released showing US soldiers praying and talking about conversions of Afghanis. Flashback: US military destroyed bibles meant for future Afghan converts…..

You know what happens when you take a bible to Saudi Arabia? Try wearing a cross or a star of David, or organize prayers at your own home in Jeddah. Chances are that you end up in jail, tortured and flogged. Year in, year out, Muslims burn churches and temples,  kill, rape and maim Christians, Hindus, Jews, Bahai and even fellow Muslims. And now, a pastor in Florida with 50 followers gets the blame  for causing Islamic jihad? WTF is wrong with us?


Hannity interviews Terry Jones; man behind ‘Burn a Quran Day’

Hannity interviews Terry Jones, the controversial pastor from Gainesville, Florida about his upcoming event which is burning the Quran on September 11th.

Hear the full interview here.

“we do not tolerate their threats, their fear, their radicalness. We live in the United States of America.”


WASHINGTON (AP) — Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States is calling on conservative radio and television host Glenn Beck to denounce the planned burning of the Quran to show that Americans are tolerant of other faiths. (AP)

Spencer & Geller Oppose Koran Burning, But Get Blamed Anyway

Stuck on stoopid at Media Matters:

Right-wing Islamophobes: Petraeus’ comments about dangers of Koran-burning a “recipe for surrender”

11 thoughts on “Terry Jones: "We do not tolerate their threats, their fear, their radicalness. We live in the United States of America."”

  1. Gimme a fucking break, I fought in a war over there and those people arnt any different than ours. You are causing your own oppression, and you say that you are acting in the best of….K. Listen to me for a sec please. I am known as David and I am a Druid.
    You are attacking all these instances and claiming them as a surgent for your own, please stop. I know that we have the freadom to burn books and I have and still do sertain titles, but hwat you are praposing is at their lvl and just filled with hate. You cant fight a hate fire with hate, you’ll only create more hate. we have kids in the battle over their that will be compromised if you chose to kill them with your burning. Hell while your at it why dont you burn a few bibles as well. I mean your just making this a religious war as all the rest. You wanna preach pathological liars, you are held in the same contempt. If this continues my end of the world will be forced to take action. My people are tired of this God talk and want to move on and grow as the world does. I,ve said a lot, I hope you see fix to fix your actions befor the world does it for you….I give no excuses

  2. Why the quran should not be burnt Dave? Why is it that a bible should be burnt? If u burn a bible do u think people will be killed and there will be roits.
    The quran is a Motivation for Plunder, Loot and Booty. Its a motivation for Islamic Jihad a Perpetual Declaration of War on Non-Muslims.Islam is basically a medium of Arab Imperialism – Military, Political, Economic and Cultural. What else can one expect from the followers of this death cult called Islam when this book quran sanctions the same. The book is on par with mein kempf and must be relegated to the dustbin (toilets)

  3. Arent Druids weird too in this day and age? Sorry Dave, catch up. Your religion as far as I know does not mutilate females, have sex with six year olds, or wages jihad at the drop of the popes imperial crown. gimme a break. please.

  4. “those people arnt any different than ours”

    Yeah, Dum Dum Dave, they indeed aren’t different – Christians as well as Muslims torture and persecute those who don’t agree with them, employ homicide bombers, threaten legal action if they don’t get their way on the job and at the marketplace, etc. I didn’t know until I read your post how intolerant us saints of the God of the Bible are. Tsk, tsk.

    And because we are so intolerant, all we do is hate, hate, hate, the code word for the left when we disagree with them on anything. If we reject same sex marriage, women aborting their unborn children, adulterous marriages (you know they exist in Islam, right?) or a wacko religion driven by centuries of barbarism, it’s all about hate, huh? Well, hell yeah it’s about hate because those activities are harmful to others and us peaceful loving people want to help people caught up in them. People of compassion hate what these things to do people.

    There is nothing redeeming about the faux religion of Islam, zip, zilch, zero, nada. It decimates (literally and figuratively) human lives, relationships, families and so much more. It causes people do abandon good common sense and engage in numerous bizarre behaviors. It takes people straight to hell, even those who believe in the name of their false God Allah that their suicidal missions take them to paradise. But that’s OK with you, Druid Dave, right? It’s their right to do dangerous things, even at the expense of others’ lives and properties, correct? In your futile mind, that equates to hate, hmmm?

    Your Druid claim is unimpressive. If you want to be a real man, you need to open up that taboo book called the Bible and read in the Old Testament what a real David is all about, a man said to be after God’s own heart (and not by any means a jihadist). While you’re at it, you might want to read about how Jesus said to treat your fellow man. Last I checked, he never advocated homicide bombing or anything similar.

    I may not be excited about what Pastor Jones is doing but he obviously understands the multiple threats the religious ideology you defend imposes on the United States of America. And if that Koran burning helps awaken sleeping Americans (as well as normal minded folks in other parts of the world) to understand the worldwide threat Islam brings to the planet, I’m all for it.


  5. Also, Mr. Druid, if you have access to this tool in your part of the world, you might think about using spell check next time (should you have a next time; that is if the Sheik allows you to post again) since you had a dozen or so spelling and punctuation errors littered in this here post.

  6. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. This is not a pissing contest. There are people’s lives at stake here.

  7. terry jones is a lunatic fanatic thug.he is fundamentalist terrorist.put gasoline down in his ass

  8. Dave, are you going to stand up for Christians in the middle east then?? If you are honest you will have to speak up on their behalf for THEIR rights.

  9. I too am ashamed of the way America is acting with this whole thing. Terry Jones is one man for pete’s sake. One man.. and look at the uproar that follows. We are supposed to back down to this? I say if they see our weakness they will pounce. Obama, however will not stand up for Americans. He wants to bend over backwards for everyone else. It’s almost like a father that helps the other community out but won’t even listen to his own children.

  10. well i would like to say well done terry, and i will back you again, just wish more people would stand up like you have, we all can sit in our four walls hiding and saying what we think but you stood up and i think wow what a bloke, i will never never foget that sad day and we all will live in fear cos nobody dare say or do anything, only you terry. well done just wish more people had the balls to do it !!!!!

  11. * I am known as David and I am a Druid.

    OK, The Dave, how should non-Druids fight Druids, if they were carrying out human sacrifice and cannibalism?


    Do you carry out human sacrifice and cannibalism, TD, or are you a “moderate” Druid (DINO perhaps)?

    Once-great Britain has not yet re-embraced the cultural enrichment and diversity that Druids bring to its decadent society (as it has embraced allah and islam), but give them time to rediscover their pagan roots. Who will win in a smackdown between allah and Druids?

    (search on druid sacrifices, if you can be bothered)

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