"Dangerous Nutters"

RIGHT-WING “nutters” in the US are as dangerous as Islamic terrorists, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke said yesterday.

Name your price:  whore for hire

Sure thing, Hawkeye.  GWB did 9/11, Palin was behind the Times Square bomber and  Gingrich organized the underwear bomber.  And don’t mention Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly and Fox TV! Extreme right wing nutters, all of them!

Adelaide Now/Thanks to Mullah

Mr Hawke was in Adelaide yesterday welcoming the new head of the University of South Australia’s International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding, Dr Salman Sayyid. (would be nice to see his rap sheet. He used to be in Leeds before. What brought him to Australia?)

Mr Hawke said religion was not a problem but fanatics of all religious persuasions were, and said he hoped the centre, which he has helped found, would be a world-leading institution for creating understanding and banishing ignorance.

“One of the greatest dangers to peace and stability in the world is this question of misrepresentation, misunderstanding, between the Muslim and non-Muslim world,” he said. (I’m sure Hawke studied Koran, sira & hadith to make such a judgement. Australia’s union thugs and Labor hacks are really switched on, no doubt.   Alright: how about we follow the money instead…?)

“The difficulties of Muslim fanaticism are well established … but never let us forget the equally dangerous fanaticism of extreme right-wing nutters in the US who inspired and sustained the President’s unjust war in Iraq which killed and displaced hundred of thousands of people. Those fanatics are also dangerous. Our problem in the world are fanatics, people who misrepresent the great truths that underpin these great monotheistic religions.”

So much shit out of one mouth is infectious. The virus spreads……..

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Who Represents our Youth?

Samah Hadid, Australia’s representative to the United Nations Youth Association for 2010

Al Age’s Good Weekend September 18th featured a youth issue, which included an article about our 2010 Australian Youth Representative to the UN. In case you’re imagining your typical friendly outgoing Aussie, let me reassure you that in our glorious multicultural society, a Muslim woman complete with hijab is our chosen representative. Given that Muslims comprise only 2% of our population, and Muslim females presumably roughly half that amount, you could be forgiven for asking why choose someone who speaks for only 1% of our youth.

Let’s hear more about Samah Hadid: a 22 year old human rights advocate from Bankstown, Sydney’s West, she is completing her Masters in Human Rights Law and Policy at the University of New South Wales, and in her spare time is a performance artist writing a play called The Burqa Monologues.

This busy lass is the Youth Representative on the Australian National Commission for UNESCO and a member of Amnesty International’s Diversity Steering Committee.

Samah co-wrote an article about the burqa in which she claimed Muslim women’s rights were being sacrificed to score cheap political points:

It seems a prerequisite for selection is promoting global citizenship, just like the UN does. Personally, I would hope our youngsters would support democracy rather than a One World Government. (Australian Islamist Monitor)

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  1. “RIGHT-WING “nutters” in the US are as dangerous as Islamic terrorists”

    You just hurt my feelings, Mr. Former Prime Minister Hawke. I guess a death fatwa is in order for you, no? Maybe a ban on travel to the US, as you have hurt the feelings of many, many Americans, IMO.

  2. * Amnesty International’s Diversity Steering Committee

    Remember those long gone days when Amnesty sought the release of prisoners of conscience, political prisoners & the like, instead of imposing “diversity” on us, leading to a situation where many of us may become prisoners of conscience (Geert), or worse… Can’t see the diversified Shamnesty coming to anyone’s aid in the brave New Age.

  3. This title is strange:

    “South Australia’s International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding”

    It makes one want to call it the Centre for Muslim Non-Understanding, given how fiercely they hold onto their ignorance about the West, even whilst living here and taking advantage of all the freebies.

    I’ve recommended repeatedly that folks read the latest (2009) report by the OIC. It’s the best way to get real insight into their thinking. By skimming it, you get a good sense of their obsessions: the Swiss minaret ban caused the rise of Geert Wilders’ popularity in the Netherlands. Or their repeated puzzlement as to why the Swiss govt doesn’t just overturn the ban and be done with it. They dog the footsteps of Swiss officials everywhere, demanding that they simply strike it from the books.

    They do the same with the Danes’ and their Constitution. Who cares about cartoonists’ free speech. Insults are not permitted! They can’t get the govt to make Jyllands-Posten close shop but you’ll notice Denmark is tightening its ideas about “free” speech. Looking more like Canada all the time.

    For that matter, so are we in the US. So many people are marginalized now. It couldn’t have been done by Islam; we needed two generations of Communism in our institutions to soften us up. And soft we are!

    I got an email from Molly Norris, she of the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” fame. Poor woman doesn’t get it. She has Muslim friends, she said she was sorry, etc., etc. I feel bad for her because, as with all of Islam, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

    Speaking of crimes: if you do read the OIC report you’ll see how they focus on all the tiddly little hate “crimes” — e.g., bacon left on some mosque doorstep, spray-painting, etc. After you wade thru all of these you begin to wonder if they don’t do this stuff themselves. Nice easy way to get sympathy from the useful idiots.

    Someone sent me the report in a PDF, which I printed out. It is probably from this page — the annual report on Islamophobia:


    Gates of Vienna made their list of Islamophobes for the second year running ;- )

  4. dymphna,
    the mohammedans do create most of the incidents themselves. And the useful idiots come running!!!

  5. What poetic justice – Hawke has lost his marbles. He dumped his long suffering wife for a blond bimbo who is enchanted with plastic surgery. Poor Hazel has dementia, and this is ablessing in one way for her. She no longer needs to feel humiliated by this “silly old bugger”. He hurt her enough. Now this pathetic and silly old man is a victim himself.

  6. Bob Hawke should get together with George Negus and do a national speaking tour.They could stuff their pockets with Arab money and tell everybody how intolerant and ignorant they are at the same time.
    A veritable tour de force of dhimmitude and useful idiocy.
    Introductions by Keysar Trad.

  7. Why Bob Hawke doesn’t say about the “Left wing nutters”?? They are bloody awful than so-called “Right wing nutters” who defending the free speech and freedom?? Oh right, he used to be former leader of left- wing Union Trade.

  8. dymphna… I suggest an International Department of Kuffarphobia Report as the answer to the wacko Islamophobia report of the OIC which would list all the vile acts of muslims against non muslims ( the Kuffar).. and hay, we won’t be talking crap like bacon strips left on mosque doorsteps, and a bit of anti Muslim graffiti, which I’m sure is perpetrated by themselves for the most part in the name of perverting the media with lies, , we have REAL atrocities like beheadings, killings of Kuffar Christians, Hindus,non muslims, and hate speech by mullahs worldwide, inciting muslims to violence against gays, and all other religions… Muslims are truly the biggest hypocritical liars on the planet!

  9. And may I say I never voted for Bob Hawke , he was just another piece of Labor Union toe dirt in the boot of Communism here , he and his Undertaker mate Paul Keating have a lot to answer for , allowing radical imams into Australia with terrorist ties , like Shiek Hilali who American Intelligence advised our Government, was a danger to the West…so what did these two leftards do? gave him AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP!, and appointed him Head Mufti of Australia!!! this same neanderthal refers to women getting raped by muslims here as ” a lump of meat” I quote ” if a cat sees an uncovered lump of meat in a park, and attacks it and eats it , whose fault is it ?? the cats or the lump of meat” ? this was said referring to a particularly vicious gang rape by a pack of muslims of a 13 year old girl!! but hay, the rape was HER fault because she was not in Islamic dress!! that was the message he gave in a sermon at his mosque.. so Hawke has no credibility at all except as a useful idiot and enabler of the cult of death, Islam!

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