The land belongs to those who can defend it

Italy: Illegal welfare seekers ‘revolt’ at Sardinian detention centre


The best one-liner I have come across in a long time: “The land belongs to those who can defend it”- prick up your ears, Australia!

The land belongs to those who can defend it. Unless Europe grows a pair and implements measures discouraging illegals from entering and severely punishing those who did so, it will cease to exist as Europe.

Cagliari, 11 Oct. (AKI) – The airport in the Sardinian capital, Cagliari, was closed on Monday after illegal immigrants held in a nearby detention centre staged a revolt. They seized control of the centre and dozens managed to escape onto the airport runway.

Police captured four runaways and equipped with riot gear stormed the Elmas detention centre. It was not immediately clear if all the detainees were accounted for, or if they would be transferred elsewhere, as the centre was reported to have been badly damaged in the standoff.

The revolt, which broke out around 3pm local time, was the third this month at Elmas, which lies just 150 metres from Cagliari airport’s control tower.

Following a recent series of migrant landings on Sardinia’s shores, around 100 people were being held in the detention centre.


In Australia, the soldiers of Allah riot constantly, assisted by malevolent loons who are hellbent to destroy the social fabric of the country:

4 thoughts on “The land belongs to those who can defend it”

  1. * dozens managed to escape onto the airport runway

    What happens to us if we so much as look suspicious, or tell the wrong joke, let alone trespass onto the runway. Was the Italian equivalent of the ABC there to cover every move of these “vulnerable people”, as at Villawood?

  2. Just to make sure that the destruction of Australia as part of globalisation is a bipartisan affair, the Coalition joins with the (death-wish) Greens to remove (vulnerable children) from detention…

    [THE Coalition has said it will consider supporting a Greens plan to get children out of immigration detention.

    The Greens are pushing to amend the Migration Act so that it exempts children from the mandatory detention clause. The proposal also includes plans for an expanded Community Assistance Support program and a Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People.]

    * How about a Commonwealth Commissioner for Disaffected and Marginalised Voters who are Frustrated with Governments that Ignore their Wishes?

  3. * What about OUR children?

    They get bashed up by the “vulnerable children” when they eat ham sandwiches while the “vulnerable” ones are fasting for allah…

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