Erdogan Threatens to Attack Israel

Encouraged by the inept Manchurian moonbat, no doubt, the malevolent wannabe  caliph lets it all hang out:

In Lebanon on Thursday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened that his country would not ‘remain silent‘ in the event that Israel goes to war with Lebanon or Hamas.

Israel Matzav

“Does (Israel) think it can enter Lebanon with the most modern aircraft and tanks to kill women and children, and destroy schools and hospitals, and then expect us to remain silent?” Erdogan asked on the final day of a two-day visit to Lebanon.

“Does it think it can use the most modern weapons, phosphorus munitions and cluster bombs to kill children in Gaza and then expect us to remain silent? We will not be silent and we will support justice by all means available to us,” he added.

During the course of his trip, Erdogan met with officials and visited the north and south of the country.

On Thursday in Beirut, hundreds of Lebanese of Armenian descent clashed with army troops during a protest over the Turkish prime minister’s visit.

He was inaugurating a hospital in the southern port city of Sidon as hundreds of protesters gathered in the capital’s Martyrs’ Square.

When demonstrators tore up a large poster of Erdogan and pelted troops with rocks, security responded by beating up a number of them.

There were no reports of major injuries.

4% of the Lebanese population is Armenian. Turkey murdered 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 in attacks that most countries consider to be genocidal.

YNet adds:

Erdogan has said his country will not begin to restore relations with Israel until it apologises for its “savage attack” on the (terrorist)  vessel.

Good luck with that.

7 thoughts on “Erdogan Threatens to Attack Israel”

  1. The impending doom of islam…

    “Gomer, and all his hordes; the house of Togarmah in the uttermost parts of the north, and all his hordes; even many peoples with you.”
    Ezekiel 38:6

    When God is ready, He will drag them in to Israel, and destroy them.

  2. The more noise the would-be destroyers of Israel make, the more the Israelis need to stock up on the men, machines and fuel needed to bury the dead and smelly invaders, when the time comes.

  3. All these threats directed against Israel, reminds of a similar situation in June 1967. It was the same – the blood curdling threats, the orgies of blood that the Islamic holy warriors were going to have, killing Jews, and then orgies of rape of Jewish women and little girls. It was such a happy time, a time of Thanksgiving, just as it used to be in the time of the blessed founder Mohammed.

    Then the filthy Jews had to spoil the party.

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