Erdogan Threatens to Attack Israel

Encouraged by the inept Manchurian moonbat, no doubt, the malevolent wannabe  caliph lets it all hang out:

In Lebanon on Thursday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened that his country would not ‘remain silent‘ in the event that Israel goes to war with Lebanon or Hamas.

Israel Matzav

“Does (Israel) think it can enter Lebanon with the most modern aircraft and tanks to kill women and children, and destroy schools and hospitals, and then expect us to remain silent?” Erdogan asked on the final day of a two-day visit to Lebanon.

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Italy: A Mosque in Colle di Val d'Elsa

The picturesque Tuscan town, situated on the road between Florence and Siena, may soon be better known as home to one of Italy’s largest mosques.  Although there are more than 500 Islamic centers of varying sizes across the country, Italy does not recognize Islam as an official religion. msnbc

Imagine a mosque in a place like this:

Naturally, the locals are up in arms:

Italians See Mosque as “Occupation”

“This is not a big city and we don’t know if there will be an invasion of Muslims,” Letizia Franceschi, a lawyer who leads the protests against the mosque, told Reuters on Monday, January 22.

“Unfortunately, it is written in all the national newspapers that in many mosques they preach hatred and teach activities that are illegal in our country.” Islam Online

In Tuscan hills, mosque stirs deep fears

A severed pig’s head was found outside the mosque site in an apparent mafia-style intimidation effort a month ago, while construction that began with the mayor’s blessing is now accompanied by noisy protests.   If completed, Colle di Val d’Elsa’s mosque will become only the fourth major mosque in Italy.  Reuters Needless to mention that the mayor who imposed this abominable mosque against the will of the people is a “leftist”….

Italy: New mosque ‘attacked by vandals ‘ in Tuscany

Italy’s second biggest mosque being built in the picturesque region of central Tuscany has been attacked by vandals, a local imam has claimed. Construction of the mosque at Colle Val d’Elsa in the province of Siena is almost complete except for the mosque’s decorations, local imam Ezzedin El-Zir,… AKI

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US out, Iraq collapsing into chaos

But hey, it’s a victory, as far as Maliki is concerned! “Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki has taken to calling the withdrawal of American combat troops from Iraq’s cities by next Tuesday a ‘great victory,’ a repulsion of foreign occupiers he compares to the rebellion against British troops in 1920.” -  New York Times via JW

In any case, any “victory” the Americans won in Iraq was sure to be undone as soon as the troops were gone, and we are already seeing that. Sunni will go after Shi’ite and vice versa, the Iranians will press forward to create a Shi’ite client state, the non-Muslims will be victimized more than ever — Hugh Fitzgerald in particular has been saying for years that this would happen, and every days the news shows anew that he was right all along.

“Worst violence since US pullback hits Iraq,” by Christopher Torchia for AP,

041116_iraq_christians_hmed_8ahmedium                      Attacks on churches in Iraq continue: the jihad never stops. Archive Photo

Other Jihad News:


Atlas: In every country, on every continent, in cities and quiet towns and enclaves, no one is safe. It is everywhere. It’s what they do.


Don’t mention the warming war

Andrew Bolt – Monday, July 13, 09 

No more than you’d expect – or say of the ABC, too: No Dissent Allowed

Peter Sissons, the veteran newsreader who announced his retirement last month, … claims it is now ‘effectively BBC policy’ to stifle critics of the consensus view on global warming.

He says: ‘I believe I am one of a tiny number of BBC interviewers who have so much as raised the possibility that there is another side to the debate on climate change. The Corporation’s most famous interrogators invariably begin by accepting that “the science is settled”, when there are countless reputable scientists and climatologists producing work that says it isn’t.

‘But it is effectively BBC policy… that those views should not be heard.’

Indonesian Interfaith Derailment Watch

Indonesian priest kidnapped, severely beaten

Asia News IT

by Mathias Hariyadi

Fr Susetyo was taken from his home and beaten by unknown assailants. He is known for his activity in interreligious dialogue, frowned on by radical Muslims. At the hospital, he has been visited by the younger brother of former president Wahid.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Last night, Fr Benny Susetyo, secretary of the interreligious commission of the Indonesian bishops’ conference, was kidnapped and severely beaten. At least three people forcibly removed him from his home in Bintaro, in southern Jakarta, took away his cell phone, and beat him.

He is now recovering at Pondok Indah hospital in Jakarta, where he has been visited by other human rights activists, like Solahudin Wahid, a promoter of interreligious dialogue and the younger brother of former president Abdurrahman Wahid.

The police of Kebayoran Lama say that “we have not conducted any investigation, as there has not been any crime reported to us”. It is the first time in a long time that a Catholic priest has been kidnapped and beaten.

Fr Susetyo is also an active member of the Alliance for Nation and Religious Freedom, a group disliked by radical Muslims for its position on the problem of the Ahmadiyya (an Islamic minority group often persecuted by other Muslims).

Fr Ismartono, who is also active in religious dialogue, did not want to release any comment. He nonetheless noted that “the incident took place suddenly and very quickly. Benny had just regained consciousness when he learned he was at Pondok Indah”.