Resistance in Greece!

The Natives Revolt Against A Mohammedan Prayer Demo in a Public Square

Greeks attacked the “Eid al-Adha”-Fest with raw eggs and played loud music to drown the howling of the imam. If you have more on this please sent it in! (Thanks to PI)

Greece is the only European country that does not have an official mosque since the eviction of the Muselmanic occupiers in 1821:

12 thoughts on “Resistance in Greece!”

  1. Looks like the “backlash” the muslims and their enablers have feared for a decade is coming to pass on a number of fronts.

  2. Awesome! We need to have more articles and information regarding resistance.
    The thing is th0ugh, in the US, the people playing the loud music to resist the prayer crap, would be the ones arrested for disrupting the peace.

  3. Excellent!
    Great for the Greeks to not by in to the politically correct lies and being able to put up a resistance.
    The rest of the West should take lessons.

  4. It is fitting that Greece the home of democracy hits the bastards back and hits them hard. Re read again what the Turks did to the Greeks in successive genocides against them. I have often wondered at the patience of the Greeks and I stand firmly beside them in ousting this filth from their land. Who were the first to help Turkey in the catastrophic earthquakes to hit Istanbul in the late 90’s? Their neighbours the Greeks – that’s who.

  5. Great news from Greece. And America better wake up and take lessons from them. Whatever they did worked.

  6. Well as they say, “when in Rome, do as the Romans” – in this case Athens.

    No one’s forcing them to stay. they are totally free to leave.

    Maybe the answer is to force them to leave instead?

    greg_o I totally agree with you awesome – that was really great, but alas! it doesn’t seem like it will be the case for much longer – plans to build them barracks, I mean a mosque, are being fast-tracked:

    What a disappointment. Mullah, hopefully there will be a HUGE backlash over that 1st mosque.

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