From Iran to Denmark

Islamic cleric:

A few days ago, they went after the Bahai, (again). Now they’re going after the Christians. I guess they must be running out of homosexuals to hang.  And out of women to stone:

Iran Rounds Up 70 Christians Since Christmas in Latest Crackdown (Undhimmi via TROP)

The Islamic Obsession with the Imaginary “Zionist Jihad”

Iran learns to love the bomb….

Iran’s PressTV, an official organ of the Islamic Republic, claimed in an unsigned editorial that “the fresh plot by terrorists to target churches is an organized Zionist scenario aimed at creating a rift between Muslims and Christians.”  Spencer: The Islamic Fantasy Zionist Jihad

Denmark: Iranian-born leader of small Christian church attacked for displaying cross

That’s right: Denmark. “Odense: Iranian priest attacked for displaying cross,” a translation via from the original article in Danish at Kristeligt Dagblad, January 12 (thanks to JW):

The Iranian-born head of the Church of Love, Massoud Fouroozandeh, fled with his family from the Odense district of Vollsmose to a little a secret location in a small town, after the two of the family’s cars were smashed since they had a cross hanging inside.

The Iranian-born head of the Church of Love, Massoud Fouroozandeh, fled with his family from the Odense district of Vollsmose to a little a secret location in a small town, after the two of the family’s cars were smashed since they had a cross hanging inside.

“I was told by young people in Vollsmose that I shouldn’t drive around the area with the cross hanging in the car. Afterward our car was completely smashed up and burned and the seats slashed. Since then the side-windows of our new car were smashed three times,” he says.

After the vandalism, Massoud Fouroozandeh and his wife didn’t dare let their children play in the playground in Vollsmose.

“They don’t go with a headscarf, and 99% of the other children do that, so they attracted a lot of attention, and it wasn’t safe to send them out to play. Therefore we moved far away from Vollsmose,” he says.

Massoud Fouroozandeh is one of several non-Danish Christians who’ve been subjected to threats and attacks in Denmark. An Albanian member of the Church of Love was recently beaten by his countrymen, because he went around wearing a cross on his neck, and considered being baptized. And as Kristeligt Dagblad wrote in the past, a Christian Iraqi family go [sic] phone calls for two weeks telling them to convert to Islam. Massoud Fouroozandeh says that religious threats have long been known among converts.

“I don’t usually flee from problems. So it’s annoying that you need to move. But now it’s not just about me, but also about the children. There was too much pressure. I went around the whole time thinking ‘what can happen next?’,” says Massoud Fouroozandeh.

He continues to be a priest at the Church of Love, where most of the congregants are Afghans and Iranians. Since the church was established in 1997 he baptized about 500 people. Most were Muslims who converted to Christianity.

“Our message is love and reconciliation. Not everybody can understand that, but it absolutely shouldn’t change our mission to preach the Christian message,” he says.

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  1. Yet the muslims claim to be oh-so tolerant. Are not Christians (and Jews) the s0-called people of the book that muslims often point to as proof of their tolerance? Do not muslims claim to be a friend of Jesus?

    Well, here’s something you probably don’t know about the muslim version of Jesus. In islam, Jesus returns but not to defend against the anti-christ. In islam the role of Jesus is to return to earth and destroy all the crosses and churches and set the record straight in favor of islam for all time.

    Seems the muslims are trying (and largely succeeding) to get a head start.

    For more information on the islamic version of Jesus, pick up a copy of Joel Richardson’s book, The Islamic Antichrist. In essence this book compares the end time eschatology of Christianity to the end time eschatology of islam. How Christians view the end times and the role of Jesus in that final event is quite different than how islam sees the end time events. You’ll learn about the 12th imam and the true role of Jesus in islamic teaching.

    And it’s exactly the knowledge you need to refute muslim claims that we believe in the same God. Our Jesus is not the same as their Jesus.

  2. Iran: Islamic supremacists firebomb Baha’i businesses, demand that Baha’is not befriend Muslims or teach their faith — or else

    If the Baha’is comply with the Muslim demands, the Muslims “guarantee not to wage any attack on your life and properties.”

    This is echoing Muhammad: “I have been commanded to fight against people so long as they do not declare that there is no god but Allah, and he who professed it was guaranteed the protection of his property and life on my behalf except for the right affairs rest with Allah.” (Sahih Muslim 30) Jihad Watch

    More on this story. “Arsonists threaten reprisals if Baha’is befriend Muslims,” from the Baha’i World News Service, January 16

    Islamic supremacist pseudo-moderate Reza Aslan claims Ahmadinejad is a liberal reformer

    The petulant adolescent darling of the Leftist media, Reza Aslan, is a Board member of the National Iranian American Council, a group that genuine Iranian pro-democracy forces regard as an apologetic vehicle for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Thus it was no surprise that in an earlier piece about the trouble Iran’s Thug-In-Chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is facing at home, he offered not one critical word about Ahmadinejad’s genocidal antisemitism, or the regime’s persecution of non-Muslims. Instead, he praised certain domestic policies of Ahmadinejad. Yes, and Hitler built the autobahn.

    And now he tries to fool Atlantic readers into taking Iran’s Thug-In-Chief for a reformer. Atlantic readers are eminently foolable, to be sure, but this latest exercise in mask-dropping by this shill for the Islamic Republic should be too much even for them.

    “Do We Have Ahmadinejad All Wrong?,” by Reza Aslan in The Atlantic, January 13: Jihad Watch

    Iran takes OPEC presidency, says $100 per barrel a good price for oil

    Economic Jihad. As I have said many times, it should have been job one on September 12, 2001, or even before that, to establish a Manhattan Project setting the best minds of this generation on the search for affordable, reliable and plentiful alternative energy sources. “Iran says $100 a barrel is appropriate price for oil,” from AFP, January 16 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

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