Israel demands return of Zionist vulture 007

Will the Manchurian moonbat intervene? Will Hussein Obama bow deeply to their king to get this innocent Israeli 007 released?

Saudi Arabia ‘nabbed Israeli-tagged vulture for being Mossad spy’ (Pamela Geller)

Please help spread the word to free Mossad Agent R65. He’s being held by the brilliant Saudi Intelligence Service. It seems that Israeli sharks are better trained at avoiding capture. R65 has a wife at home near Ashdod with 6 chicks and about a dozen eggs in the nest. His family needs him.

Israeli Scientist To Saudi Arabia: Can We Have Our Vulture Back?

An Israeli scientist is calling for Saudi Arabia to return a tagged vulture that Saudi officials reportedly arrested this week on suspicion of being a Mossad spy. (Source)

8 thoughts on “Israel demands return of Zionist vulture 007”

  1. During the Mahdi uprising in the Sudan, an Austrian adventurer whose name I forget was captured by the warlord who pulled the strings there in those days. As the warlord wallowed in the status associated with possessing a European prisoner whom he could humiliate on a regular basis, and as the Austrian had language skills, he managed to stay alive for some years, although always on a knife-edge. His most tricky moment occurred when a dead stork was found in the desert with a tagged leg. Asked to explain what this sinister and ungodly infidel phenomenon might be, the Austrian was relieved to be able to reassure his captors that the tag had no military purpose, it merely served the pursuit of knowledge. Sadly, to the Mussulman mind, this explanation was incomprehensible. Why on earth would anyone want to know where birds fly? The poor man lost the trust of his captors, was deprived of his privileges, put in a cell and treated badly. Ultimately he escaped and returned home to Austria.

    So, in those deserts, not a lot has changed in all this time.

  2. I am 100% behind Israel, but I gotta say that if it is true that Israel is using Vultures to spy on members of the Religion of Peace then I might have to reconsider my position.

    Mossad trained Earth Worms, Cockroaches, Mosquito’s,Killer Whales,Sea Anemenies, Octopie, Ink wells,A4 Printing paper,Sharks,Crabs,Sea Shells,Burqa’s Feminine Hygiene products,Vibrators,Paper Clips… the list goes on and on and I can live with that, but Vultures????

    Thats like saying Muslims train their Women and Children to strap explosives to their bodies and go on mass homicide missions in Iraq Pakistan.

  3. Never Forget: that volcano eruption was Israel’s God of Abraham, Isaac and Jaobs’s fault.

    Just don’t mess with the Mossad

  4. * It’s an incident straight out of Get Smart.

    The bird bomb. The only way to disarm it is to pluck it!

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