Jitters from Londonistan to Sydney as jihadists threaten to bomb churches…

As usual, nothing to do with Islam. Just a tiny minority of excremists giving the religion of peace a bad name. Nothing to see here, you racist bigot Islamophobes. Believe it or else……

Spreading the peace of Islam Jan 7 2011

4 Stories from Vlad Tepes

From The Australian:

THREATS of terror attacks on at least four Australian churches prompted police to protect thousands of Coptic Christians during their Christmas Eve services.

Terror treat to churches down under:

Bolt is wondering:

What happened to blaming Mossad instead?

You mean it isn’t Mossad that’s sneakily bombing the Copts?

AN international terrorist group has made threats against four Coptic churches in Sydney….

The Weekend Australian understands the four churches were among a list of more than 60 Coptic Orthodox churches worldwide that were targeted by the unnamed Islamic extremist group. NSW police contacted Coptic church leaders in Sydney last week to warn them of the threats, which came ahead of Coptic Christmas celebrations yesterday…

Father Gabriel Yassa, of Archangel & St Bishoy Church, at Mt Druitt, in Sydney’s west – one of the targeted churches – told The Weekend Australian that the nation’s Islamic leaders needed to speak out against the threats.

2 thoughts on “Jitters from Londonistan to Sydney as jihadists threaten to bomb churches…”

  1. And please name the idiots who say “It has nothing to do with Islam”.

    Yes, it is.
    The Copts have been persecuted for centuries by Islam. They were the first Christians being converted by St. Mark the apostle. They live qwuietly, they do no harm to anyone.

    Egyptian were the first to come up with the idea of one God, long before we or Islam followed this path. Egypt has so many Christian holy places and we know they will be destroyed when Islam get the chance just as they did with the Buddah carvings in Afghanistan. They just fired their cannons into it until it was no more.

    Please dont let this happen. As far as Islam goes, if you cant eat it or sex it, or destroy – it has no value.
    They are morons.

  2. Cathy,
    The destruction of Buddhist relicts in Afghanistan (not only Bamiyan) as well as religious symbols of other beliefs in A. and other countries simply proves how weak the muslim really is, and how the need for continual reinforcement of islamic belief through force is required for islam to even exist. In short, islam cannot exist on its own merits – it offers nothing. When the buddhist World Heritage monuments were destroyed by these muslim criminal the buddhist world said simply “If you wish to destroy the heritage of your country go ahead. We will not stop you, but you have not influenced our beliefs at all”. In response to some cartoons, the muslim world went on a rampage, destroyed buildings, threatened people, and murdered people – the sign of a true coward whose name is islam and by association mohammed.

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