Turkey to EU: We'll send you the whole Orient if you don't submit to our demands!


Turkey: We Demand RESPECK!

Turkey to EU: No visa-free, no clampdown on migrants

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS (H/T Peperud) Turkey is happy to sign a migrant readmission deal with the EU, but expects the Union to start talks on visa-free travel if it wants to see a clampdown on people sneaking into Greece, a senior diplomat has said.

Noting that the EU has lifted visa requirements for “remote countries,” such as Paraguay and Uruguay, and started visa-free talks with Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, but not Turkey, Ankara’s chief negotiator on EU accession, Egemen Bagis, said: “It’s time to put an end to this nonsense.”

Speaking at a gathering of EU officials and diplomats at the European Policy Centre think-tank in Brussels on Thursday morning (27 January), Mr Bagis lambasted the EU for calling on Ankara to stem irregular migration from Africa and Asia while giving it nothing on visas.

A demand for jiziya/tribute:

“We’re willing to help the EU, but it’s also a matter of taxation,” he said, referring Turkish tax income used to fund the anti-migrant operations. “When our citizens are insulted on a daily basis in the consulates of EU states [when they apply for visas], one may ask the question as to why we should help the EU with their problems, when we are treated this way. Turkey is not an emirate, public opinion does matter. We need to see some good will from the side of the EU.”

Mr Bagis questioned the value of a Greek plan to build a 12km-long anti-migrant wall on its massive sea and land border with Turkey. “Greece can do whatever it wants on its territory, but there’s also a whole Aegean Sea to take care of,” he said.

He added that the EU is focusing too much on border security instead of tackling the top cause of irregular migration in source countries: poverty. “When people are desperate and hopeless in their own country, they will do anything to get out. If we stop them, they will go to Ukraine and Belarus. In the end, they will find a way to get into the EU,” he said.

Mr Bagis noted that 70,000 people were detained in 2010 trying to get into the Union.

The EU and Turkey on Thursday agreed a common text on readmission of irregular migrants – a pre-condition for starting visa-free talks in future. “We’ll sign the readmission agreement without having free travel into the EU first, but at least the European Commission should be given a mandate to start visa-free regime talks with Turkey,” he noted.

The Turkish diplomat described his country as a “hub of peace, a hub of energy, a hub of power.”

“When France was busy deporting Roma, we were organising a big conference and our Prime Minister publicly apologised for having ignored their problems for so long. We now have housing and education programs being put in place for them,” he said.

He added that objections by some EU countries to Turkey’s influence-building in the Middle East and Russia are hypocritical: “We’re increasing trade relations with Iran, but France is increasing them even more. We do businesss with Russia, but so does Italy.”

He also repeated Turkey’s mantra that France, Germany, Greece and Cyprus are unfairly blocking EU accession talks.

With Turkish soldiers occupying the northern part of the divided island of Cyprus in a decades-long stand-off, Mr Bagis accused Cypriots of ill-will, citing the example of a Turkish basketball team which was bullied by Greek Cypriot supporters after a game in Cyprus. “This is not the mentality to reach a solution with,” he said.

What Brussels thinks

EU officials privately see the Bagis rhetoric as a negotiating tactic. “Whenever you negotiate with the Turks, you get the feeling that they are trying to get one over on you,” one commission contact said.

For her part, EU home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom favours a swift visa-free deal. (Of course. None of these clueless poptarts in the EU are up to what’s needed to deal with Mohammedans. Spineless critters)

Nobody dares to stand up to the Muselman:

Earlier this month, she wrote in her blog: “The road to visa liberalisation is tough and filled with clear requirements and criterias, but other countries have succeeded and I see no reason why Turkey shouldn’t be able to. It would also give us an important push forward in our co-operation.”

In her official reaction to Thursday’s readmission agreement, she said its upcoming signature, expected in February, will “open up new perspective” for visa-free talks.

In an insight into EU politicking on Turkey, a freshly leaked US cable shows the level of frustration with Cyprus among pro-Turkish EU countries. It is dated 2004, but remains relevant due to Cyprus’ ongoing blockade of the Turkish accession process.

The dispatch cites senior Dutch officials as saying that Cyprus uses Turkey as a “card” in internal EU politics and urges the US to put the squeeze on Nicosia.

“What does Cyprus have these days, besides the Turkey card?” the Dutch officials – Rob Swartbol, Pieter de Gooijer and Hannie Pollmann-Zaal – told the US ambassador in The Hague. “Pollman hoped that powers outside the EU will pressure [then then Greek president] Popadopolous to support Turkish accession, using whatever psychological, political, or other means that might  work.”

Dreadful. What a dreadful state of affairs.

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  1. I believe the muslim friendly EU will eventually cave in to the demands of the Turkish bullies. When it does , it will signify the surrender of Europe. Prepare your countries for many non-muslim immigrants who may not be made of the right stuff (lazy, cowards)or they wouldn’t have to emigrate in the first place. The one good thing about them will be that do not follow islam even though they do not defend against it.

  2. sorry should read ,,,,,,”prepare your democratic countries (USA, Canada & Australia) for many non-muslim…..”

  3. Turkey can take a running jump as far as I am concerned. The continued occupation of a once free Cyprus, and the land in Cyprus that has been stolen by Turks; the continued denial from Turkey about the horrible and atrocious massacre of Armenian Christians – are two BIG black marks against Europe or the EU having anything to do with letting those liars into the EU.
    Bulgaria will NOT allow any Turks to enter through its borders, whether Turkey is in the EU or not or whether the EU allows Visa-free travel ot not – because Bulgaria remembers the atrocities that the Turks did in Bulgaria over the last few hundred years. Bulgarians hate Turkey and the Turks – they call them filthy, lying Gypsies (Roma).

  4. @georgeofthejungle: it was not the Turks but a-third country’s migrants that negotiated in the treaty. (you need to study some) Currently, Turkey is a part of Custom Union and Common Market. (you need to study some more ) So, migration of Turks is discussed as a matter of movement of labour and services. (you really need to study hard) Actually, we are a part of these European ‘Common Market’ since 1995, that was even before Bulgaria’s nomination for EU membership .. . I do not know what you were doing in that time.
    By the way, Bulgaria is in EU, because it is a small point on the map. I dont even remember even if european nations debated about Bulgaria’s accession. I mean, noone cared about this unimportant EU annexation of Bulgaria.
    By the way, no nation deserves discrimination and hate. Each person has the same dignity and honour, whether Bulgarian, Turkish, Roma, Muslim, Atheist, or Christian. DO LEARN SOME EUROPEAN VALUES BEFORE TALKING ABOUT the EU. or, what you re talkins is just shit and dust to me.
    ps: you need glasses. believe me, you will look abit wiser,if not stupid.

    1. Dear eauseren,

      Thank you for your informed comment.

      “Turkey is a part of Custom Union and Common Market.”

      Please tell us more. We have never heard of either organization. We were not aware that third world country migrants have the political clout to negotiate treaties.

      “migration of Turks is discussed as a matter of movement of labour and services.”

      Extreme folly has put the EU past the point of no return. Europe needs highly educated people for a high tech future. As it is, we have an oversupply of Mohammedan welfare scroungers, who supply very little in the way of labour and services, who have become a huge liability. They need to be repatriated, not encouraged to multiply and produce more of the same rot.

      “By the way, no nation deserves discrimination and hate. Each person has the same dignity and honour, whether Bulgarian, Turkish, Roma, Muslim, Atheist, or Christian”

      Interesting. Coming from a Mohammedan who strictly divides the world in dar al Islam and dar al harb. We are not aware of any Islamic nation that treats non Muslims equally or respects them. Those who know about Islam know that those who worship Muhammad suck the hatred in with the mothers milk. Also interesting to note that you don’t mention Israel or Jews. They are obviously not deserving of your dignity and honor, or are they?

  5. @georgeofthejungle do you really think when turkey joins the EU, Turks will come for your garbage Bulgaria? hahaha thats funny. Even Bulgarians are leaving Bulgaria.

  6. Not even single Turkish citizen will settle in Bulgaria, You can be sure. Turks are not willing to see sh1t holes.

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