KRudd's Halal Butchers

Following Shrillaries craziest ideas:

“The U.S. government will provide halal food and equipment such as radios and body armor to the “disorganized and ill-equipped rebel forces…”to the tune of 25 million dollars  (to Al Qaeda’s killers)

Who the hell did KRudd help in Libya?

Several ghastly videos suggest that the Libyan rebels being helped by the US, Britain, France and NATO – at the urgent insistence of Kevin Rudd, among others – are guilty of the most appalling atrocities, including decapitations to cries of “Allahu Akbar”.

Did Hussein Obama and his allies, or Kevin Rudd, ever work out just who these rebels were before lending them a NATO airforce in their civil war against Gaddafi?

KRudd has a record of acting stupidly:

“Charities save money…”

But not yours. You are paying for Australia’s generosity to Muslim invaders.

Two questions about Victoria’s public dental service:

– Why do all members of one race get free dental care, when members of all other races must show special need or other qualification? Isn’t this racist?

– Why do asylum seekers get free care, when pensioners who have paid taxes all their lives must pay $24 each visit? Isn’t this unfair?

More along this same strange line, from last year:

VICTORIANS will subsidise train and tram fares for asylum seekers from next month.

The State Government plans to extend Category “A” concession fares to include those who have or are applying for bridging visas and who receive humanitarian assistance… The discount scheme will cost taxpayers up to $100,000.

Transport Minister Martin Pakula yesterday defended the new concessions, saying charities would save money. (Andrew Bolt:   If all teeth are white, why are only Aborigines and boat people treated free?)

But still, the Muslim invaders are not happy:

5 thoughts on “KRudd's Halal Butchers”

  1. Kaw, I already wrote to Immigration minister Chris bowen about the pro bias towards ONE minority group, MUSLIMS, and got back a standard multicult letter of how wonderfully most muslims are fitting into the fabric of our society… WHO IS THIS MAN KIDDING!!

  2. aussiegirl,
    can you scan the reply and email it to Sheik – we can then all pull the arguments presented to pieces (it is written by a public service idiot) and both post reply to Bowen and to the press.

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