Malacca to amend laws to prosecute homosexuals

Woah; I thought we were “beyond tolerance?”

Didn’t our former High Court judge,  the homosexual activist Michael Kirby just tell us that   “toleration is a very condescending emotion and toleration’s over as far as I’m concerned…?”

Well, looks like the Malay’s didn’t get the message yet:

“In Malaysia, homosexuals are punishable under Section 377 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonement, a fine and whipping,” lawyer R Uma Devi said in a statement issued by Dotcom Solicitors.

The Star via ROP

ALOR GAJAH: Malacca will amend its state Islamic enactment to prosecute gays and lesbians by applying the same type of Syariah legal mechanism used against deviant Muslim sects.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said homosexuals and lesbians could be tried at the Syariah Court once the enactment was gazetted as Syariah law.

“We will revise the current enactment to specifically deal with homosexuals and lesbians in the state, including groups that promote such uncanny sex,” he said here yesterday.

Other offerings from Malaysia:

Mohd Ali, who is also Malacca Islamic Religious Department chairman, said the enactment had to be revised as there was no specific law at present to prosecute such groups.

“We will suggest the enactment to also cover bisexuals and transsexuals,” he said, adding that action could also be taken against any non-governmental organisation promoting and supporting such sexual practices.

“We don’t want such unsavoury culture creeping in and damaging the moral fabric of our society,” Mohd Ali said.

Separately, he called on Sisters in Islam to drop the word “Islam” from its name as he claimed the NGO had been frequently issuing contradicting and confusing statements on Islam.

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  1. Mohammedan run Malaysia is the Pakistan of S.E.Asia with all the Islamic Terrorist support, safe haven providing , nurturing and violence that that entails.

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