Apartheid Wall!?

Vlad Tepes

Greece starts building fence on Turkish border

I wonder what took them so long.

Greece on Monday started building a 10-km long fence on its border with Turkey to keep out thousands of irregular migrants seeking to cross into Europe. “This is a project which has practical and symbolic value,” citizen protection minister Christos Papoutsis told reporters. Its cost is estimated at €5.5 million.

Never mind the cost. Its peanuts compared to what the EUSSR is forcing its slaves to pay for the unwanted cultural enrichers from failed Islamic states.

Al Jizz supports the “workers”

Backlash coming:

 “There will be consequences which, for sure, will not be good.” 

On at least one occasion,Israeli warplanes have confronted Turkish ships.

Clear signals of resolve are welcome. As the European Union pushes Greece to drill for hydrocarbons to find new sources of income, it should also support Athens declaring its EEZ, reject AKP troublemaking vis-à-vis Kastelorizo, and clearly indicate the dire results for Turkey of any trouble-making toward an island now happily renowned for its diving and snorkeling. (Flashpoints, Daniel Pipes)