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Fearful Australian Muslims

  Today’s “nothing to do with Islam” offerings:

New Australian Laws Target Forced Marriage, Slavery (muslims feel marginalized …)

Islamic groups worry that the legislation could be a subtle way to denigrate and marginalize the Muslim community.  Islamic leaders in Australia stress that this type of coercion is not in accordance with Islam   (Mullah finds more denigrated and marginalized muslim slavers and unilateral marriers at VoA

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Christians Should “Convert, Pay Tribute, or Leave,” Says Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate?  (JW)

How did he get such a crazy idea? He’s currently trying to convince everyone — especially Copts and women — that he’s a “moderate,” to get their votes.

Mohammed Morsi is also a trufer who wants a “scientific conference” to determine the real culprits of 9/11 (couldn’t be done by muslims; they’re too dumb for that. But it was a great victory for Islam, don’tcha know….)

Shock Horror!

Muselmanic Flatliners:

Sectarian war in Syria has nothing to do with religion at all. (The Drum)

  • For generations Sunni & Shiites have lived harmoniously side by side
  • The international (infidel) community must sort it out….

(Tahmina Ansari is a journalist. She is an executive member of Affinity Intercultural Foundation and president of the Macquarie University Affinity Club.)

Taking the Islam out of 9/11:

“The post-9/11 atmosphere has created a lot of fear and hysteria about Muslim institutions.”

USA Today blames infidels for not liking Islam enough; kafirs need to be educated about Islam:

 Othman Atta  “Some opponents said the mosque would teach violence and impose Islamic law…”

who’d ever heard of something like that?