ABC worries KRudd is sending Muslim boat people to a Christian country

Oh yes. Hypocrites. Every single one of them:

ABC worries KRudd is sending Muslim boat people to a Christian country

Andrew Bolt

ABC Pacific correspondent Sean Dorney warns of possible “culture shock” if refugees are resettled in Papua New Guinea: 

Many of these people found to be genuine refugees will have little in common with Papua New Guineans.

PNG is overwhelmingly Christian.

Tim Blair:

Imagine similar concerns ever being raised by the ABC about refugees settling in Australia.


The Age’s Michael Gordon is a bit down on PNG:

The sugar has been taken off the table, and replaced with arsenic.

KRudd’s boat deal. The questions

– What is the cost? It is ominous that Rudd has not said what he’s paying PNG.

– How will it be paid for? The carbon tax “cut” is being paid for by a tax change that has already put scores of people out of work and threatens the jobs of hundreds more.

– Was dressing this toughness up by increasing the refugee intake to 27,000 smart? Only two years ago our refugee intake was half that, and still judged generous. Refugees tend to struggle to find work. Are we building a problem for the future?

– When the facilities at PNG be ready to receive all these boat people? Last year we were promised 600 people would be sent to Manus Island. There are just 200 people there in accommodation so bad that children were brought back to Australia.

– Will PNG take all boat people, as Rudd claimed, or some, as the PNG Prime Minister hinted?

– Will exempting, for now, women and children actually encourage people smugglers to stuff boats with them?

– Will PNG uphold their end of the deal? The PNG Opposition is against it. The deal will be reviewed in just one year. Will the cost then rise?

– Will PNG uphold their end of the deal in ways we can live with?

Right now the most important question I want answered is: what will this cost?

And politically the question still is: should we really praise Rudd for spending billions to fix a boat people catastrophe of his own making? Why did it take Labor five years to fix a disaster created when Rudd scrapped the tough border laws, opening the doors to over 46,000 boat people, and luring more than 1000 people to their deaths?

That question about Rudd’s role is like the biggest question about his deal: how much has Rudd’s blundering cost?

Rudd’s boat deal: and now the bleeding hearts… much more here

How much does this cost?

Aussie Islam dollar

KEVIN Rudd will today announce a deal with Papua New Guinea to increase the capacity of the Manus Island detention centre to house up to 3000 people, as part of Labor’s efforts to crack down on people-smuggling.

Manus is already supposed to take 600, but has fewer than half that:

PNG PM flies in with KRudd aid: 3000 places. UPDATE: No, 2400

There are currently 215 asylum seekers housed on Manus’ Lombrum naval base.

The man who closed the Pacific Solution will now preside over the biggest version of it.
But meanwhile:

CUSTOMS and West Australian police are on the hunt for an asylum-seeker boat close to the Pilbara coast after it passed an oil and gas floating platform overnight.


Actually, not another 3000 but 2400:

There is currently capacity for 600, but the PM will announce this to be expanded to 3000, and Manus to be the primary regional centre for the whole of the Pacific.


No word yet on what Rudd has paid for these extra places:

Manus Island MP Ronnie Knight said he was informed of the plan by PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on Friday morning…

7 thoughts on “ABC worries KRudd is sending Muslim boat people to a Christian country”

  1. PNG will be fools to take these people – and they have experience (first hand) on how badly muslims have behaved in West Papua. We also KNOW what the muslim Indonsians are doing to the natives in the region – after all our SAS has been watching for sometime and reporting to the morons in Canberra.

  2. The grateful asylum seekers have burnt down the Nauru centre, and will be forced to sleep in tents until we can build them some new quarters to burn down.

  3. Ah, Kevin ‘Kumbaya’ Rudd – this is a good move.
    Everyone benefits.

    Kevin gets his votes.

    Australia will no longer have to put up with dealing with the needs of so many uninvited guests.

    Sarah Hansen Young and Mr Rimtool will no longer be fretting about the long refugee assessent processes that the poor dears have to tolerate when they turn up in Australia waters.

    In fact they will be rejoicing that the poor Iranians no longer have to put up with living within and being corrupted by a corrupt, wasteful western society.

    Sarah will also be so glad that the Iranians get to experience multiculturalism first hand as they are bound to demonstrate how well muslims can live harmoniously with a new race of people who have a completely different religion than their own.

    But most importantly, thousands of Iranians , who were never, ever economic refugees will be ever so grateful to be allowed to live in their new tropical home. They will no doubt express this gratitude by integrating so well with their new societies, as all muslims do.

    So many examples we see all around the world – especially in Europe.

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