“We have had the first Australian born of Lebanese descent from Queensland blow himself up as a suicide bomber in Syria”

 Good riddance.

Among his fellow head choppers, he was known as “Abu Asma al-Australi”:

City's Muslims deny bomber link

A screen grab from the web shows the alleged Australian suicide bomber (face pixellated). Source:Supplied

Australia’s first suicide bomber believed to be 27-year-old Brisbane man named on social media as ‘Abu Asma al-Australi’


COUNTER-TERRORISM authorities believe an Australian who became the country’s first suicide bomber after he blew himself up in a truck in Syria last week was a 27-year-old Brisbane man already under investigation by the Australian Federal Police.

Authorities are understood to be investigating the circumstances surrounding the bombing, which occurred at the Deir al-Zour military airport in Syria’s east.

The bomber was named on social media sites as “Abu Asma al-Australi”, an alias authorities believe could refer to a Brisbane man named Ahmed.

The Australian has not published his surname for legal reasons.

Ahmed is understood to have a wife, at least one brother, and possibly a child.

The usual suspects circle the wagons, nobody knew him:

THE Logan Muslim community has closed ranks and denied one of their own was the Australian suicide bomber who killed 35 soldiers in Syria.

Australia’s first suicide bomber is believed to be a 27-year-old Logan man who was Australian-born and of Lebanese descent.

The Australian Federal Police yesterday refused to comment on the man or whether they were monitoring social media accounts connected to him.

It is understood the AFP were monitoring the man before the attack, dubbed by a Syrian online media outlet as, “Martyrdom Operation in Deir al Zor”.

Yesterday the AFP briefed the Queensland Police Service, which was not involved in the counter-terrorism investigation.

A number of Australian and overseas social media reported the incident.

One site said that on September 11, an Australian man drove an explosives-filled truck to a checkpoint near the Deir Al Zour military airport.

The website reports say the checkpoint was manned by 35 soldiers from the Assad regime.

On September 13, a Brisbane man said on Twitter: “We have had the first Australian born of Lebanese descent from Queensland blow himself up as a suicide bomber in Syria”.

It has been reported that the man sent his wife home before carrying out the attack.

New federal Attorney-General George Brandis, QC, did not comment.

Griffith University Associate Professor Mohamad Abdalla denied the man, who has been identified to The Courier-Mail, was involved.

He said he knew members of the man’s family, who told him they had made contact with the man, believed to be alive and in Turkey, this week.

– Renee Viellaris, Kris Crane and Kate McKenna

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  1. Good riddance. But I hope we do not let the others of his ilk back into Australia after their holiday trips to Syria. I also hope that the Abbott government who will introduce legislation to compensate victims of terror in foreign lands will control very tightly and prevent these kind of “people” from getting their dirty hands on the dough because I suspect they would be the first ones shouting: victim victim victim.

  2. Good riddance to the ratbag muslim terrorist!

    As pointed out by Rita, we need to detain and deport its fellow islamist scum trying to return to Oz – and then we need to do some serious pest removal!

  3. Another terrorist scum gone.


    Ban the turds from re-entering Australia.

    It’s a win win for Australia.

  4. The world is that much better without this POS being in it.

    Good Riddence, indeed!

    The Australian government should check all of the bank accounts belonging to this man, his wife and kid. If there is a very large amount that is new with 30 days of his death and up to five years after, the money should be confiscated and given to victims of terrorist crime.

  5. Good Riddance! Absolutely! Any Australian citizen who joins in jihadism should have his citizenship status cancelled and should NEVER be allowed back into this wonderful country.

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