Muslim Invaders Libel Australian Navy, Egged On by "Our" ABC

Anyone arriving without documentation from Indonesia (or any safe third country) should be assumed to be acting in bad faith and barred from applying for asylum.  The onus of proving otherwise should be on the applicant.  Applications should only be entertained from those arriving directly from a place of alleged persecution.WRITTEN BY DAVID FLINT ON .

The file photo shows an Iranian pasdaran, (revolutionary guard) who dumped his papers before reaching Australian soil.

Why are sections of the Australian media – and especially the ABC – giving any credence whatsoever to the libellous claim that Australian  sailors forced illegal immigrants to hold on to hot pipes, burning their hands?

Aren’t they forgetting  that so often our sailors risk their lives to save illegal immigrants – they are hardly going to torture them.

So where has this libel come from? To understand this we have to appreciate that the illegal immigrant pays to become  an accomplice of the criminal people smugglers.


The red-green rabble  feigns rage

Here’s how they portray the people who stopped the boats:


The illegal immigrants are all along told what to say by the criminal people smugglers. That’s part of the service which they buy.

Please be sure to sign CANdo’s petition demanding these changes to the Migration Act and government policy be made, share this campaign, and visit our “Resources” menu to consider how else you can make your voice effective.

They are paying not only to get here. It is also for advice  how to  best to circumvent – to break-  Australian law.

On the  instruction of  the criminal people smugglers the illegal immigrants  hide or destroy their passports. This is to corroborate the false stories they give to Australian officials.

It is obvious that the libel on our sailors has been concocted by the criminals and the corrupt officials in Indonesia who fear  the end of a very lucrative trade.

Evidence is now emerging that some of the illegal immigrants had burned their hands either trying to restart a faulty motor or to disable the vessel so that they could be rescued by the RAN.

Remember that this trade in illegal immigrants was only revived when the Rudd/Gillard government dismantled John Howard’s Pacific solution.

Why the Rudd/Gillard government did this is not clear. It was done by either out of naivety. Or it was a deliberate decision to increase the number of illegal immigrants in Australia, a sort of ”votes for boats”policy.

Don’t forget that they are  elements  on the left who want an open slather for illegal immigration.

This illegal trade needs not only the protection of corrupt officials in Indonesia. They also need to ensure that the Indonesian navy does not stop them.

And just remember what happens when the typical illegal immigrant arrives in  Indonesia by air. At their entry they produce their passports.

They certainly don’t enter as refugees. Presumably they enter as tourists.

But to get into Australia to take advantage of the very generous  social services and the right  to residence the Rudd/Gillard government was offering them, they have to establish that they are refugees.

This is something they blatantly are not.

It is difficult to claim to be a refugee when you are a tourist.

The illegal immigrant is therefore instructed to hide or destroy his or her passport as well as to give  answers to give to the Australian officials who will determine whether or not the illegal it is in fact a refugee.

There is the clue the ABC journalists seem to have missed.

If the illegal immigrant follows a script provided – properly orally – by the people smugglers, isn’t it likely this preposterous story about our sailors forcing the illegal immigrants to burn their hands was dreamt up by the same  people smugglers?

It wouldn’t be hard for a journalist to check on this before broadcasting  these outrageous allegations against our sailors.

Or is it that some in our media have a political agenda?

Are they determined that turning the boats back must fail?

5 thoughts on “Muslim Invaders Libel Australian Navy, Egged On by "Our" ABC”

  1. The library photo shows an Iranian pasdaran (revolutionary guard), who is a huge gym-developed male muslim who has been delivered to Australia as one of the Sleeper muslim militia.

    A Very Dangerous group of males – and there have been a large number of these imported huge gym-develped male muslim.
    These are some of the males whose task is to assault and murder Australian men while raping every (non-muslim?) female up to and including our grannies while they are plundering the Country – when muslim eventually think hey have the military advantage.

    Do the Assisters and Enablers, especially in the political tree and the ABC expect to be treated any differently because they practised Treason and Sedition against Australia – if they do – are they in for a REAL BIG death/rape (gender will not preclude either possibilities) surprise!!!

    Any muslim in Australia is a danger to Australia’s Total Security and should be corrected by Authorities as an extremely high priority action – muslim are currently LAUGHING at the non-muslim STUPID Australians – and why wouldn’t they be ? – it really is wake-up time!

  2. Only Australians decide who gets into their country. . .nobody else. If Third-World Rabble doesn’t like it, that’s too F***ing bad.

    Stand firm, Australia, and don’t let Aliens, internal as well external, suck up your beautiful country. You don’t owe anybody anything!

  3. You’ve got to ask yourself if the journos aren’t taking bribes from the people-smugglers, too. Any one of them who ever did a direct article on this topic, involving direct contact with these shady underworld figures, had an opportunity to both hear their side of the story, and to also then accept future bribes from them to spin it all their way!

  4. john
    Where is the evidence that this muslim is a member of the iranian revolutionary guard? It needs to be put out there so that it can be either removed from our shores or teminated.

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