Obama's 'Special Muslim Envoy' Goes To Harvard

WASHINGTON : The Obama Regime’s first-ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities, Farah Pandith, is leaving her post, Secretary of State John Kerry announced Thursday.

You wonder how many “special muslim representatives” this white house needs. The way Kerry sings her praises  he sounds more like a bitch in heat than a sec of state. But as you know, Kerry is ‘da man’ who believes ‘Americans have a right to be stupid’, and he’s trying to prove it wherever he goes.
1390509277-6403“Farah’s legacy is an extraordinary record of thoughtfulness, balance, and sheer guts and determination.  Anyone who’s work with Farah will note her uncommon ability to bring people of different backgrounds together. I’ve seen that commitment firsthand in her pioneering work to reach out to countries with both Muslim majorities and minorities,” Kerry said. “It’s in her DNA as a first-generation immigrant who achieved historic firsts for America, from changing the way our Embassies engage with Muslim communities in Europe to getting a Quran placed in the White House Library.”

Srinagar-born Pandith, who was appointed to the post by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in  2009, is leaving to become a fellow at Harvard University. Pandith worked on the National Security Council in the George W. Bush administration.

“On so many issues, Farah Pandith has been a trailblazer and a visionary. She traveled to more than 80 countries (Shrillary has a similar travel record without anything to show for it)  and launched critically important youth programmes, including Generation Change, Viral Peace, and the Hours Against Hate campaign,” Kerry said.

Da’awa, nothing but da’awa.

“I am deeply grateful for Farah’s invaluable contributions as our Special Representative to Muslim Communities and wish her and her family well as she pursues an exciting new opportunity at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.” After Farah’s departure, her deputy, Adnan Kifayat, will serve as the acting Special Representative until a permanent replacement is named.

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  1. Quote to getting a Quran placed in the White House Library.”.

    That should get John Adams spinning in his grave.

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