Google Censors "Black Mob" Reports; Reporting "White Mobs" is Cool….



WASHINGTON – The world’s most powerful Internet search engine has accused WND of using “hate speech” and has threatened to block ads on the news site over its use of the term “black mobs” in news stories and columns reporting on a two-year epidemic of racial attacks in the U.S.

“White Thuggery” is okay, ‘black thuggery”= verboten:

Salon Writer: ‘White Thuggery Marches On, Mowing Down Black Folks’ -Time for Violent Response?

The evidence is overwhelming:

Brooklyn mall in black mob bull’s-eye

Kansas City blues: Violent black mobs

‘Racist’ video fuels black-mob ‘stereotype’

Black mobs terrorize Victoria’s Secret shoppers

‘Few fights’ bring cops running to school riot

White girl: ‘I’m tired of being looked at like prey’

Black attackers leave trail of beatings, vandalism

Killer’s family to victim’s kin: ‘We hate you’

Preacher blames city’s black violence on slavery

Blacks want suspect description censored

Victim hears ‘get white boy’ before attack

Cops, media: ‘Knockout’ injuries ‘minor’

Knockout Game fueled by ‘Holder effect’?

Caught on camera: Black mob ransacks, robs store

Black mob breaks man’s jaw, fractures face

Hollywood star rushes to aid ‘Knockout’ victim

1-2 punch: Grandpas no match for Knockout perps

Media ignored this ‘top story’ of 2013 until now

Obama ripped for prosecuting Knockout perp

Muslims outraged by Knockout, but there’s a catch

Crime crackdown compared to slave roundup

Hundreds of black ‘young folks’ battle cops

Lawmaker hits back at ‘twisted’ ‘Knockout’ gamers

Black mob violence blamed on collective ‘mental illness’

Deadly truth behind ‘Knockout Game’

Knockout Game victim: It’s not real

Newsrooms start acknowledging black-on-white violence

Knockout Game leaves victim stunned twice

New mayor inspires ‘leftist revolution’ in NYC

‘Lefty’ librarian beaten to pulp in Knockout Game

Karate rabbi’s answer to ‘Knockout Game’

Exposing racist violence in America

Fed-up lawmakers want stiff penalties for ‘Knockout Game’

Obama, Oprah, media to blame for black mobs

‘Knockout’ on senior citizen working in garden

Philly mayor gets tough on black mobs

Knock this out: Media’s absurd claim on black mobs

How WND readers exposed Knockout Game

‘White Girl’ author gives Hannity ‘knockout’ scoop

Whistleblower: Black-mob violence flooding Philadelphia

Fox launches full-frontal assault on black mobs

Surprise! Media finally wake up to Knockout Game

Now black mobs plague nightclubs coast to coast

Cops: Black mob kidnaps, rapes teen girls

Police deny series of trail attacks ‘a pattern’

Newspapers directed: Cover up black violence

Mob violence strikes another black university

Extra! Extra! These hoodlums are not black

Allen West: America ‘on verge of race war?’

Black mob pounces on young white couple

‘South Park’ just ‘wrong’ about Zimmerman

Another black-mob attack? Look who’s not talking …

Take a stroll, wake up in hospital thanks to black mob

Combat soldiers no match for black mob …

Pack of black youth terrorize city

Indictment: Shooting victims picked by race

Black-on-white beatings leave more dead

Black-mob violence destroys U.S. landmark

Navy shooter complained of ‘white racism’

It’s happened! An all-white riot

Black websites silent on race-based violence

What do Sandusky, Sheboygan have in common?

Media silence: Another white man shoots black teen

‘Riotous’ black mobs ‘out of control’

Black mob murders man in surprising place

Breakthrough: Cops identify race of suspects

Shhh! Teen mob that raped 2 women … was black

Police not interested in brutal beating on tape

Black mob pounces on woman: ‘Shut up white [bleep!]’

About that violent gang, the ‘Obama Boyz’

Intended Knockout Game victim shoots back

Black mob-in-training bullies white girl, 3

Black mob on rampage fractures cop’s skull

Black teen, 16, who beat WWII vet to death arrested

Police: Teens kill baseball player ‘for fun’

Downtown Memphis? Safe, of course

Black mob looting: ‘This is the city of Detroit’

Black mobs erupt in Ivy League region

Dad: Son ‘sorry’ for beating white boy on bus

Man in coma after black mob of 50 pummels him

Black-on-black murders epidemic in this city

Black mob targets off-duty police

Vicious: Blacks pummel white child on bus

Even media can no longer ignore black violence

Black man in hoodie stabs white girl 11 times

Black mob leaves waiter with broken jaw

Race violence alarms, before Zimmerman verdict

Black mobs go ‘bang’ on July 4th

Kaboom! Now black mobs kill 4th of July

Family picnic turns to horror thanks to black mob

Mall maul nothing much, authorities report

Black mob strikes Ohio mother

Bike trail builds reputation for mob attacks

Woman sics dogs on reporter

Knockout Game victim’s eye kicked out of socket

Happy holiday! Let the violence begin

Beach week fun: Kevlar vests and weapons

FBI called into hate crime targeting whites

Police blamed for black crime spree

From the Peoples Cube:

Government Controlled Media: It’s a Win-Win for Everybody!

Komissar Blogunov

How sad it is that we share this nation with a minority of narrow-minded bigots who just can’t bring themselves to see the good of government controlled media!

The real threat is from those angry white males who believe in outdated notions of a “free press” and “free speech” which are sooo 200 years ago. By the way, these are the same people who want to deny women access to birth control and force children into internment camps where they will be brainwashed into creationists.

But thankfully those days of limited government are over. Today we live in an Enlightened Era where a news network cuts away from a congresswoman driveling on about NSA monitoring of our daily lives to the latest on Justin Bieber. Some in an uninformed public would think the NSA story was more important while utterly failing to see the importance and cultural relevance of the Bieber story.

This is where the government comes to our rescue. With media monitors stationed in every newsroom in America, the government can assure that people are freely receiving the news they need to hear and thus “freedom” of the press is assured throughout Dear Leader’s lifetime presidency.

We will get daily updates on how he has increased our sugar rations, and we can feel good about the government taking away all the stresses and uncertainties of individual decision making. It’s a win-win, if you ask me. C’mon! What’s not to like?

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4 thoughts on “Google Censors "Black Mob" Reports; Reporting "White Mobs" is Cool….”

  1. Thank you, Sheik for publishing your report on the true extent of “black mob” violence on whites – the public needs to know the truth.

    US Justice Department black/white crime statistics are damning with over 85% of inter-racial crimes perpetrated by blacks.

    In Australia, over the past few weeks 6 Sudanese raped a Maori girl in Sydney. Over 200 Africans rioted in Melbourne during new year’s eve celebrations and a few days ago, a white teenager was stabbed and bashed by a gang of black thugs.

    Australia should stop Muslim and black African immigration immediately.

  2. Here in the UK the only racial crimes printed or ”allowed” news time is when the victim is black,paki or muzzie there is no such thing as a white victim of racial crime here.Even the countless cases of grooming gangs wasn’t deemed racial even when the evidence clearly showed it was,crime stats are brushed under the carpet as it would ,as before,show blacks are responsible for a vast majority of violent and gang crime.

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