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Killing doctors seems to be a sport in Pakistan. In Oz we haven’t seen much of it yet, and when it happens, ‘our’ hard left ABC doesn’t deem it newsworthy, especially not when Islamic savages are involved. It could wake some people up from their multicultural daze.
The intrepid Christina McIntosh  (New English Review) has taken it upon herself to fisk the much underreported attack on the brilliant Neurosurgeon Dr Michael Wong,  by  Kareem Al-Salami, a muselmanic cultural enricher.

The ABC does not seem to have seen fit to cover this story; certainly I didn’t come across it in their main online newsfeed.  It was covered by other outlets I had not had time to browse, the Herald-Sun and Nine News, and picked up by our regular commenter sheikyermami, to whom I accord the h/t.   The frenzied attack – which came within an inch of murdering the good doctor –  is being put down to the attacker’s being mentally ill, on medications, etc.; and yet one is left wondering quite why it is that attacks of this kind seem so very often to be carried out by persons who happen to be members of the Religion That Must Not Be Named.  The Israeli papers, for example, seem to report similar stabbings about once a month, and it is always a male mohammedan with a knife, attacking a Jew, from behind.

And so to the Herald-Sun, Rebekah Cavanagh and Emily Portelli reporting:

Neurosurgeon Dr Michael Wong stabbed in foyer of Western Hospital in Footscray.

“An award-winning brain surgeon was left fighting for his life after he was allegedly repeatedly stabbed in a frenzied attack at a Melbourne hospital yesterday.

“Dr Michael Wong, 43, last night remained in a serious but stable condition in intensive care following more than six hours of emergency surgery.

The highly-respected neurosurgeon suffered multiple stab wounds when he was attacked in the foyer at Western Hospital in Footscray [inner Melbourne suburb – CM] as he arrived for work about 8.30 am.

Attacked in broad daylight, in front of multiple witnesses. – CM

‘Horrified onlookers bravely rushed to his side and dragged his lifeless (sic: not, of course, actually “lifeless”, since we have already been told he underwent surgery and was in intensive care; perhaps the reporter meant to say “limp” – CM) body to the nearby emergency department.  Their quick-thinking actions are believed to have saved his life.

As Dr Wong was rushed into surgery, police negotiated with his alleged attacker, Kareem Al-Salami, 48, to drop his weapon as he allegedly waved it around at other people.

“Allegedly”. “Alleged”.  I assume there will be plenty of CCTV footage showing the attack and aftermath, this being in the middle of the foyer of a major hospital.  Not to mention mobile phone footage shot by members of the public…– CM

‘Officers pounced on him soon after and he was taken into custody where he was later charged with attempted murder.

‘It is not known what his motive was (no, when a crazed mohammedan jumps on someone and stabs them again and again, nobody can ever imagine a motive – CM), but a court heard he was on “a large amount of medication” and his lawyers expressed concerns for his mental state.

He may well be psychiatrically disturbed.  But at the same time, qua mohammedan, he has been primed from toddlerhood to regard infidels of every kind – and a “Michael Wong”, briliant Chinese-Australian doctor, is manifestly an Infidel of the first water – with contempt and hatred, and to regard them as the Enemy.  – CM

‘Insp Long said police were still investigating the cause of the incident.

“It just seems to be a direct confrontation between the victim and the suspect”, he said.

“Confrontation”?  They got into a fight??? The unarmed doctor, trundling in to start his shift,  “provoked” a murderous stabbing attack? – CM

“We’re not sure of the relationship between the two. We are still investigating that at this stage. We’re still investigating (the alleged attacker’s) reasoning for being at the hospital”.

‘Mr Al-Salami also faces charges of intentionally causing serious injury, intentionally causing serious injury in circumstances of gross violence, recklessly causing serious injury, and recklessly causing serious injury in circumstances of gross violence.

‘Western Health acting chief executive Russell Harrison said attacks of this kind on hospital staff were “significantly rare”.

If we keep on importing Mohammedans into Australia, attacks of this kind on hospital staff will cease to be rare.  I cannot provide links, but I have a strong impression that hospitals in certain parts of the UK, and France, and elsewhere that the Mohammedan colonies have become large and aggressive, have been beset by unpleasant incidents, featuring mohammedan patients, and their arrogant, violent kin. – CM

‘He commended staff and the public, who quickly dragged the injured surgeon to safety.

Skilled neurosurgeons are not found on every bush, and do not come cheap.  I fervently hope that the good doctor will make a complete recovery, and be able to continue his good work.  As for the would-be murderer, I don’t see why we need to keep him in Australia; he shouldn’t have been imported at all, in the first place.  – CM

“The staff have done a remarkable job, and the individuals who helped out.”, he said. “We are very proud of the way staff have responded.”

‘Security procedures at the hospital are now under review, he said.

“We’re very sorry this has happened to the individual”, he said.  “He was turning up for work.  He was coming to do a day’s work. He’d literally parked his car and was coming through the entrance.  We’re working with staff here to make sure he makes a full recovery.”

Dr Wong is a neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.  He is also head of neurosurgery at the Western Hospital, specialising in the care of patients with intracranial problems, spinal problems, and peripheral nerves disorder.  He has a special interest in minimally invasive spinal surgery.  

‘His colleagues last night reacted in disbelief after hearing news of the attack, pledging their support for him to make a full recovery.

‘Dr Wong also conducts his private pracrtice at Epworth Eastern, where the hospital’s acting executive director Malcolm Wells said he was a highly-respected member of the surgical team. “The Epworth community was shocked and saddened to hear of the attack and sends heartfelt wishes of support to Dr Wong and his family and colleagues”, Mr Wells said.

‘Dr Wong has also undertaken extensive research, including work into a novel therapy for malignant brain tumour. His efforts were awarded the prestigious Peter Leech prize for the best scientific research by the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia in 2007.

And all this could have been destroyed in a few seconds by a “disturbed” individual who may not only have been disturbed in the purely medical sense, but is also, assuredly, provided, by Islam, with a crazed and crazymaking mental grid that frames any and all Infidels as the Enemy, as “the worst of beasts”,  Shaitan, the incarnation of evil. – CM

‘In Melbourne Magistrates’ Court yeterday, defence counsel Rainer Martini said Mr Al-Salami, of Sunshine, was on a large amount of medication and needed to be seen by a forensic nurse.

‘I have concerns about his mental state…concerns about what he might do to himself”, Mr Martini told magistrate Duncan Reynolds.

‘A balding and greying Mr Al-Salami wrapped his hands around the front and back of his neck, as if strangling himself, and closed his eyes during the brief filing hearing at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, this afternoon.

‘His lawyers said the man spoke “very broken English” and was assisted by an Arabic interpreter during the police interview, but not while speaking with his lawyer.

This man is 48 years old.  He speaks almost no English.   Was this man born here (if so, why is Arabic his first and essentially his only language?) and if not, how long has he been here, and what precisely is his residency or citizenship status?  – CM

‘Mr Martini said he believed Mr Al-Salami understood he would be remanded in custody until his next court appearance, on May 13.  He said police had concerns, but Mr Al-Salami was determined to be fit to be interviewed..”.

And a bit more from Channel Nine News.

‘Alleged Vic Hospital Attacker “unstable”.

‘A man charged with the attempted murder of a neurosurgeon at a Melbourne hospital is in an unstable mental state, a court has heard.

‘Kareem Al-Salami, 48, is accused of repeatedly stabbing the doctor in the foyer of the Western Hospital in Footscray when he arrived for work on Tuesday.

‘The victim, 43-year-old Michael Wong, is in a serious condition but his injuries are not considered to be life-threatening.

That sounds rather more hopeful than in the initial report, above. – CM

‘Al-Salami, of North Sunshine, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday afternoon charged with attempted murder and two counts each of intentionally causing serious injury and recklessly causing serious injury.

“I have concerns about his mental state…concerns about what he might do to himself”, his lawyer Rainer Martini told Magistrate Duncan Reynolds.

I am more concerned about what he may do to others. – CM

‘Mr Martini said Al-Salami was using several medications and a nurse would need to visit him in custody.

The nurse had better have a substantial escort. – CM

‘He said his client spoke little English and while no Arabic interpreter was available, he said he was satisfied he was aware of the severity of the charge.

‘The court also heard police feared Al-Salami was unfit to be interviewed, but he was determined to go ahead with the interview.

‘Al-Salami will next face court for a committal mention in May.

‘Police have praised visitors and hospital staff who helped drag Dr Wong away from his attacker.

‘Inspector Tony Long said visitors and medical staff in the foyer acted very bravely in helping the victim.  “They have been able to drag him away and he was taken to the emergency department”, he told reporters at the scene.

‘Western Hospital acting CEO Russell Harrison said at this stage the alleged offender was not believed to have been a patient at the hospital.

‘The attack prompted the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation to call on the Victorian government to tighten security in the state’s public hospitals.

If we stopped importing mohammedans, many of our security issues would become far less pressing. – CM


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  1. The muslim attacker was not unstable – it was merely behaving in the time-honored mohammed way!!!

  2. Islam, like Liberalism is a mental disorder by a people who amazingly as a collective group suffer from arrested develop and low IQs.

    Seriously, there are multiple areas of academic and PhD research in that knowledge.

  3. As some one who once worked in operating theatres , I know of and greatly admire the tremendous skill and stamina of neurosurgeons. We never know when we might need one.. This is disgusting.

  4. Muslim behaving badly – AGAIN. Nearly 1,400 years of inbreeding has created an ideology whose adherents are mentally deficient and more prone to violence. A good doctor stabbed by a crazed Muslim….hopefully the Islamic filth will be deported after serving his sentence.

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