Weasel-words and Damage Control

293998-e9963760-fcf6-11e3-85eb-f305a31fe088 Islamic leader Ameer Ali, former president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said all Muslim groups, leaders and mosque preachers should be resoundingly denouncing the views of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

They will never do that, because the Hiz-butts are right on Islamic doctrine.

“But I don’t hear it yet. I don’t hear people coming out in sermons denouncing them. They need to do this and be at the forefront of demolishing these ideas,’’ he said.

“Indeed, most Muslims are horrified by what they are saying. So why aren’t the council of Imams stopping them? That’s surprising to me.’’

Ameer Ali is lying. He knows very well that the council of Imams knows very well that they have no leg to stand on when it comes to the pure Islam. Uthman Badar knows his Islam and makes no beef about it. Why aren’t we listening?

Wally Backs al Jizz

ABC host Waleed Aly, our leading Muslim apologist, typically turns the Greste case into an attack on the West and a whitewash of Al Jazeera’s darker side – its links to the Muslim Brotherhood and the preaching on its Arabic service of bigotry, extremism and anti-Egypt conspiracy theories involving Jews: 

Greste’s problem is simply that he works for al-Jazeera – which the Egyptian regime deems to be a mouthpiece for the Brotherhood. He has every reason to protest that he was merely reporting the news, but that necessarily means exposing some of the regime’s excesses and in Egypt that’s enough to make you a lying, terrorist supporter. And that’s exactly what the charges were: supporting the Brotherhood and spreading false news…. 

….why is Waleed Aly whitewashing al Jazeera?

Andrew Bolt is becoming seriously alarmed by Waleed Aly’s excuse-making and wilful blindness to Islamist extremism, as in blaming the Boston bombing on American Right-wingers, refusing to identify Boko Haram as Muslim and refusing to blame Boko Haram for kidnapping schoolgirls.

I’m not. Wally is a hardcore headbanger. He is a Muselmanic agitprop behind enemy lines. He is doing his Islamic duty. What  is it you can’t understand about that?

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  1. We are way ahead of you Lying Muslim Parasites. We dont believe a Damm Thing that comes out of your filthy Muslim mouths. Your Lying , Cheating, Stealing and Deception is becoming well known in the non Muslim Community. TO HELL WITH ISLAM. We will drive you and your filthy hoards out of AUSTRALIA, BY WHAT EVER MEANS WORKS.

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