Nasty little Qatar

Chris Kenny:

The liberal Left in the Western world are the “useful idiots” of the Islamist extremists headchoppers, encouraging us to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil…

From Al Arabiya:

Germany’s development aid minister, Gerd Mueller, on Wednesday accused Qatar of financing the militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

e8252bec-71de-429e-9a27-02995a807ec9_16x9_600x338 Not sure our authorities have properly understood Islam and a particular subculture of the Lebanese community:

(Andrew Bolt)

A psychiatrist and judge cautiously believed Sharrouf would abandon his radical beliefs upon his release from prison in 2009 but he is now one of Australia’s most wanted terrorists, along with Mohamed Elomar, whose jailed uncle Mohamed Ali Elomar was Sharrouf’s Pendennis co-accused.

I don’t think our immigration authorities understood what they were letting in, either:

Nine Sydney men were arrested in 2005 under Operation Pendennis, the largest counter-terrorism investigation undertaken in Australia, which uncovered jihadist cells in Melbourne and Sydney amassing guns, ammunition and bomb-making equipment to use in terrorist attacks on home soil…

Mohamed Elomar, whose jailed uncle Mohamed Ali Elomar was Sharrouf’s Pendennis co-accused…

Elomar senior was close with his nephews, brothers Ahmed and Mohamed, who protested their uncle’s innocence during the landmark Pendennis trials…

Ahmed bashed a police officer during the 2012 Hyde Park riot and Mohamed recently posed with severed heads on the Syrian battlefield, saying “love it keep them heads rolling”…

Close relatives of the Sydney cell’s ringleader [Lebanese-born] Khaled Cheikho and his nephew Moustafa Cheikho, who are both in a high-risk prison unit, continue to pose a security threat to Australia, authorities believe.

Khaled Cheikho’s wife, Rahmah Wisudo, lives in Jordan with their son and was named in a 2010 US embassy cable as one of 11 Australians to be placed on a no-fly list due to “demonstrated links” with al-Qaeda…

Aussie headchopper update:

It is believed Sharrouf and Elomar would engage in lengthy discussions about religion, while simultaneously mixing with some of Sydney’s most dangerous criminals.  (Just don’t mention the religion that must not be mentioned ….)

Would it surprise you?

United Arab Emirates (UAE) blames Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan for creation of Islamic State (ISIS)


 Dangerous Lunatics:

Hugh Fitzgerald

Better known for his palpable want of sympathy for Israel, Sir Menzies Campbell, of the Liberal Democratic Party, thinks that Turkey’s cooperation against ISIS, if it is obtained, should be rewarded by hastening Turkish admission to the EU and its full integration, as if such were possible, into that European Union. In other words, he cannot grasp the meaning, and menace, of Islam, cannot recognize that conquest through demography, resulting slowly and steadily in a transformation of Europe, its laws and customs and morals, is not to be encouraged but resisted. He recognizes the threat of ISIS, but cannot recognize anything short of that. That’s why he doesn’t understand the Jihad against Israel, presented to the West as a “struggle for national liberation” by the recently-invented “Palestinian people.” And it’s why he thinks it would be swell if Turkey became part of the EU.

He’s a Representative Man, and he, and others of that ilk (no,they don’t have to be Campbells, any name will do), who have been in power, and allowed Muslims into the countries of Western Europe in such large numbers, have a lot to answer for. But they want to make sure they never have to, by pretending there is no problem, they have nothing to regret.

His remarks, from an article in The Guardian, here:

Meanwhile, senior UK politicians called for greater pressure to be exerted on Turkey via the European Union and Nato – of which Turkey is a member. Former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said that Turkey had a “vital role to play in preventing the free passage of jihadists travelling to … join Islamic State”.

Campbell, a member of the House of Commons intelligence and security committee, said there should be a “full-scale diplomatic initiative” to draw Turkey closer towards the EU, and moves to offer it a faster route towards membership in return for its full cooperation in the fight against Isis.

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  1. Not sure our authorities have properly understood Islam and a particular subculture of the Lebanese community:WHAT! – Now they are claiming what – “ignorance” All they had to do was read the fucking qur’an (in chronological order) or (do it the easy way) and read from the list of Abrogations in the Qur’an to know and understand “What theeir job involved” – an any number of people continueally told this. In any court of law in Australia “Ignorance of the Law” is never accepted as defence. Qur’an (Read in Chronological Order) …. • List of Abrogations ….
    Our “Authorities” not understand what they were doing regarding islam are classified as incompetent and requires incarceration for the crimes of 1. Assisting and Enabling islam and 2. Treason and Sedition against Australia and its citizens. Australia’s “Authorities” should all be incarcerated for these crimes – without exception. Then the Malevolent Muhammadans(male/female/child) Problem should be fixed by expulsion or “expuslion” of all these criminal Muhammadans and the total destruction of all Mosques and all islamic literature. Being “natural” born is no exception if you are a Muhammadan.

  2. To clarify this “ongoing misunderstanding” of islam by “Our Authorities” ….
    …. a number of Australians continually informed “Our Authorities” the truth about islam and its Muhammadans(male/female/child) and always resulting in all entreaties to stop Muhammadan immigration and for Muhammadan expulsion or “expulsion” being continually rejected by “Our Authorities” and the informing messengers put in Their “Place” by these hubristic “Our Authorities“. This “Place” was Usually indicated by a “tolerating” letter or other communication that explained in a dismissive tone to the informant how they were very incorrect in their information and went on and explained in great length and detail ( form letters) just how beneficial the
    Muhammadan(male/female/child) was for the informant and Australia blah blah blah. “Our Authorities” are guilty of the crimes of Assisting and Enabling islam and Treason and Sedition against Australia and its citizens – and all these criminal acts by “Our Authorities” are fully documented and filed by these very criminals themselves.

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