“New York City Women”– (don’t mention Islam!)


We also have a “Philadelphia mom.” The enemedia goes into overdrive to obscure the reality: Pamela Geller

How much longer can Islamic leaders keep saying this has nothing to do with their faith?  (Andrew Bolt)

Court drawing of Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui in federal court after being arrested in an alleged conspiracy to wage a "terrorist attack"  in Brooklyn

Islamic leaders must urgently reform their faith – or admit that this is a consequence of it: 

Two New York City women have been arrested and accused of planning to carry out a “terrorist attack” in the United States, according to a federal criminal complaint made public on Thursday.

Noelle Velentzas, 28, and Asia Siddiqui, 31, plotted to hit police, government or military targets based on their “violent jihadist beliefs,” according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn.

It said Velentzas and Siddiqui were conspiring “to prepare an explosive device to be detonated in a terrorist attack in the United States.”

The complaint said Velentzas had praised al Qaeda’s Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and said she and Siddiqui were “citizens of the Islamic State.”…

When they were arrested, agents found bomb-building materials including propane gas tanks, soldering tools, pipes, a pressure cooker and fertilizer, authorities said.

The women also voiced support for beheadings of Western journalists and others by militants in control of territory in Syria and Iraq, the complaint said…

Separately on Thursday, Muhanad Mahmoud Al Farekh, a U.S. citizen accused of training with al Qaeda in Pakistan, appeared in Brooklyn federal court on charges he had conspired to provide personnel to be used by Islamist militants in support of efforts to kill U.S. citizens and members of the U.S. military abroad.


Instead of reform we get this, from Victoria’s biggest Islamic school:

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne has asked the principal of al-Taqwa College to explain why he told students that Islamic State was a Western plot.

The move comes as a former teacher at the school said principal Omar Hallak also told students that Israel did not exist and Jews were horrible people.

Don’t mention Islam

Strangely, no mention in the Lateline report and interview of the words “Islam” and “Muslim” in discussing the slaughter of more than 140 Kenyan students, almost all Christian, by the Islamist al Shabab.

About that attack:

New details emerged Friday about how a handful of fighters from the Shabab militant group, with just a few light weapons, managed to kill nearly 150 students in Kenya’s worst terrorist attack since the 1998 bombing of the United States Embassy in Nairobi.

Survivors said many students had fallen for the militants’ trick, voluntarily leaving their dorm rooms and obeying commands to lie down in neat rows, only to be shot in the back of the head…

The Shabab tried to justify the attack on Thursday by saying this part of Kenya was “a Muslim land under colony.” A Shabab spokesman called the university part of Kenya’s “plan to spread their Christianity and infidelity.”


Why does ABC host Tony Jones still treat Robert Fisk as his oracle – and the ABC’s preferred guru – on the Middle East? This time Fisk is soft-soaping Iran.

Obama Releases Statement on Kenya College Massacre Without Mentioning Islam, Christians,…
The Islamic extremists devout Muslims who slaughtered 147 people at a college in Kenya as they shouted “God is great” appeared to have planned extensively, even targeting a…  THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM