Australian Muslim ‘You are allowed freedom of speech, within the limits [that we muslims] set’

Muhammad Abdur-Rashid:

You will see that the Muslim world has just started. Islam is coming to the world, insallah, Islam will spread on the whole world. And the democracy will be defeated, and so was Communism defeated, and all the other isms and schisms will be defeated, and the word of Allah will be supreme, inshallah. And Muslims are going to do that. And as Allah says in sura 3, verse 110. 

Steven Ciobo: Kick self-described terrorist Zaky Mallah out of Australia


HE thinks prominent Australian women need to be gang raped on national television. (We don’t need this lower life form in Australia)
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1 Corinthians 6:9-12
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers,

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17 thoughts on “Australian Muslim ‘You are allowed freedom of speech, within the limits [that we muslims] set’”

  1. Our founders wisely seized and held fast to freedom of expression, enshrining it in the constitution with the first amendment because without it, we’d be “led dumb like sheep to the slaugher” in the words of President George Washington.

    We hate the accursed doctrine that declares us fair game under open season; that we must be killed ‘cuz we do not worship your demon. So our blood and treasure are halal for you to take? So we have no human rights until we become damned slaves of Satan? Go to Hell and be damned, slave of Satan!!! Get out of Dar ul-Harb before we rise up and elect leaders who will throw you out!

    The blessing of God be upon Old Harry, who showed the world how to deal with aggressive, arrogant AssWholes a year before my birth!! God, give us leaders who will emulate Old Harry and erase the war cult from the face of the earth!!

    Allahu Skatta!! Damnation, porcine piss and every putrescent & prurient substance be upon the burning embers of Moe, the false prophet of malignant malarkey!! !!!

    You think yer the best, as you lead us to islam in chains? We are the best and you’ll be vaporized if we ever elect a sane patriot.

  2. In Article heading …
    Kick him out says Ciobo.
    A Question Steven – Why haven’t ALL the islams already been “Kicked Out”

    Hon Steven Ciobo MP
    • Member for Moncrieff, Queensland
    • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs
    • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Trade and
    • Aligned with – Liberal Party of Australia
    • Member of – House of Representatives APH …
    They (ALL islams) hate this great country and they hate our way of life. If they (ALL islams) don’t like it here, they (ALL islams) should leave. It’s that simple.

    No Steven Ciobo …
    1. The welfare benefits for invading islams is to good and
    2. The islams are NOT migrants seeking protection – they are an invasion force sent by islam and will NEVER intergrate.

    The Australian government – as is its duty (of care) to the Australian population should NEVER have allowed islams into Australia in the first place …
    and in the second place the islams should have already been removed as quickly as is functionally possible.

    BUT Steven Ciobo ALL the islams are STILL in Australia – WHY !
    … even though you lot keep claiming ignorance of islam !
    To refresh …The Aim of islam towards the world
    1. Convert everyone to islam
    2. Subjugate everyone who will not convert
    3. Kill everyone who will not submit to islam
    … now tell me you didn’t ALREADY know that !

    You and your (also elected) associates WILL have to answer for (and are also guilty of) the crimes of the islams you have permitted to enter and to stay in Australia
    – sooner than you possibly imagine !!
    Either the -islam Appeaser Hunters- or the islams WILL get the practioners of Treason and Sedition against Australia
    – the islams are guilty of this by default !
    – the islam appeasers by choice !

    ALL islam Appeasers AND islams
    (including the dead/buried islams -and the ground cleansed)
    MUST be “removed” from Australia !
    (this ALSO includes the Employers of islams who claim these (VPMD) islam Deserve to be Respected

    NO islam “Deserve Respect
    SO – Twittle and Twattle OFF !!!
    and take islam Appeaser Bunny Abbott with you !!!
    – although he did Stop the boats !
    – but the islams keep comming !
    – AND the islams keep staying !

    1. Agreed john. Why were the mozzies let in in the first place, and why have they not been purged from our nation already? The day can’t come soon enough.

    2. islams are STILL here (in Australia) because …
      originally it could have been because of …
      – ignorance? (unaware?, unknowing?) … even
      – nescience? (ignorance?) … OR even
      – naivety? (having or showing a lack of experience)
      (of the world – HARDLY!))

      These previous “Allowers” were Politicians, Politicals, Local Governemnt Councillors
      – just like the current versions of Traitors n Seditioners.

      (if the “Sheik” link is Not Found) …
      Acts of Treason and Sedition Against Australia include … and … the consideration that islam HAS declared war on Australia
      • Being “Friendly” to any islam !!!
      • Being “Friendly” to any “Appeaser” of islam !!!
      • Employing any islam !!!
      • Working for any islam !!!
      • Renting property to any islam !!!
      • Selling property to any islam !!!
      • Selling ANYTHING to any islam !!!
      • Buying ANYTHING from any islam !!!
      • Patronising any islams business !!!
      • Appeasement of ANY Demand by any islam !!!
      • Allowing continued islam immigration to Australia !!!
      • Allowing ANY already resident islams to remain in Australia !!!

      A Final Cover to include ANY MISSING Act of Treason and/or Sedition . . . .
      • Assisting islam in ANY way !!!
      • Enabling islam in ANY way !!!
      • Appeasing islam in ANY way !!!

      Beware if Guilty of any of the above
      A previous legal decision can be partialy reversed
      The Security Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Act 2002 [The Act]
      – and you could have a previous Legal Penalty Applied to you !!!
      The Act moved the offence of treason from the Crimes Act 1914 into the Criminal Code,
      • replaced the death penalty with life imprisonment; and
      • removed gender specific references to the sovereign.

      # lifeimprisonmentfortreason

      The act Defines Treason as . . . .
      4.3 The Act moved the offence of treason from the Crimes Act 1914 into the Criminal Code, replaced the death penalty with life imprisonment; and removed gender specific references to the sovereign.

      4.4 Under section 80.1 a person commits treason if he or she:
      • Causes the death or harm, resulting in death, imprisons or restrains the Sovereign, the heir apparent of the Sovereign, the consort of the Sovereign, the Governor-General or Prime Minister;
      • Levies war, or does an act preparatory to levying war against the Commonwealth;
      • Itentionally assists, by any means whatsoever, an enemy, at war with the Commonwealth;
      • Intentionally assists, by ‘any means whatever’, another country or organisation that is ‘engaged in armed hostilities’ against the Australian Defence Force (ADF);
      • Instigates a person who is not an Australian citizen to make an armed invasion of the Commonwealth or a Territory of the Commonwealth; or
      • Forms an intention to do any of the above acts and manifests that intention by an overt act.

      (Australia’s “Authorities” interaction with islams ongoing invasion of Australia – by default – incriminate EVERY Australian Politician along with every naive Australian Citizen !!!)

      Australia’s “Authorities” are also guilty of Murder by Association of their own Citizens (islams are NEVER Australian Citizens) through Assisting Enabling AND Appeasement of the islam ongoing invasion of Australia – think Lindt Seige !!!

  3. Send Zacky to ISIL! Incidentally, free speech means free speech, and if muslims are too childish and weak to hear words that critic their poisonous belief system they are free not to listen, to change their behavior, or to leave. DO NOT EVER TRY AND SILENCE OTHERS YOU PATHETIC MUSLIM SCUM.

  4. Hello there……..its me again……..Don Laird

    Behold the handiwork of Barack Hussein Obama.

    You, the reader, and I both know what the world should know and that difficulty posed by the cowardice of our elected representatives should not pose an obstacle.

    Barack Obama is a pathetic homosexual communist and his tired one-liners are a thin veneer to his treason and sedition. He is an injurious obscenity, and this walking, talking obscenity is only shadowed by this mongrel’s hatred of the United States of America.

    To wit,

    Obama is the bastard son of a self-loathing white-guilt ridden whore; Stanley Ann Dunham,

    Stanley Ann Dunham was an unabashed whore and this is reflected in a wide array of photographs documenting her willingness, nay, her enthusiasm for being pimped out by her African communist owners to every drunk and communist who needed a hole to spend himself. This shameless life-support system for an anus and a vagina is what spawned “Bathhouse Barry”.

    As such, Obama cannot be certain of his real father and consequently is the bastard son of an indeterminate number of sires owing to his whore mother being enthusiastically mounted by every available African communist on two continents. Obama truly is a creation of Multiculturalism.

    He is a devout communist with utterly no business experience who was schooled in the hatred of the United States by such communist luminaries as Frank Marshall Davis and the ultra racist Africa preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.

    Obama is a hater of true masculinity; true men unmarred with the filth of sexual perversion and cowardice are a goad to this conniving weakling. Known as “Bathhouse Barry” from his younger days he is little more than a sexual deviant in a suit.

    He and his vulgar wife of convenience are despisers of symbols of national pride, taking sneering pride in their public displays of contempt for the American flag, the national anthem and a host of other American icons.

    He has used the authority of his office to cover both his treason and criminality and that of virtually the entirety of his administration. From Eric Holder to Janet Napolitano the arrogance with which this White House administration commits crimes and then has those same crimes wiped from view by Obama’s infinite list of Executive Orders is boundless.

    He counts his closest friends among treasonous convicted domestic terrorists, Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, both of whom are devout communists and rabid haters of the United States of America. Both Dohrn and Ayers were leaders in the 1960’s American communist terrorist group “The Weather Underground, a group responsible for almost 1900 acts of terrorism and violence that ranged from bombings, to arson and murder.

    Obama has filled the highest office of the United States with the Muslim; those fanatical followers of a 7th century lunatic who have sworn to destroy the United States and do every single non-Muslim American grievous harm. From Huma Abedin to Mohamed Elibiary the list of the treasonous and seditious Muslims that stalk the White House halls is long indeed.

    He has ravaged the institutions and agencies of American intelligence, the military and all federal law enforcement agencies leaving them completely unable to make the slightest reference to nor even speak the name of the threat that both the United States of America and the free Western world faces at the hands of the Muslim and its Islam.

    He has taken every measure to demonize and vilify decent American patriots whose love of country is seen as injuriously obscene by this homosexual vulgarity who trespasses on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    He has at every turn taken every opportunity to put the United States of America, the greatest republic in the history of Mankind, on her knees with her enemies daggers at her throat.

    Under Obama’s stewardship the United States of America has become a laughing stock, a pathetic punchline, a shadow of its former self that is quietly being handed its hat on the world stage by its former enemies, enemies who snicker and giggle at the once greatest republic in the history of Mankind and now, the equivalent of a sodomized and spineless prison-bitch that shuffles along with its pants round its knees, sucking its thumb.

    He is the very personification of America’s anathema.

    The time has long since past to purge human garbage and his administration from the White House.

    Citizens need to roll up their sleeves, they need to come together with supportive elements of the United States Armed Forces and drag treason personified from the White House in chains and stand them on trial to face charges of high treason and sedition, and then, have the courage to carry out the sentence passed by a qualified court of legal authority and jurisdiction.

    I am sure once this administration has been incarcerated and the judicial process is underway, I am sure there will be no shortage of cowardly politicians who will come tip-toeing out of the shadows to support braver men and women, to support their betters.

    Only one question remains; When?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Don Laird the racist bigot turd strikes again! For over seven years now, Republicans have fueled the racism of their base by claiming that our first African American president was neither patriotic nor Christian. On the other hand, a group of what some call “blackademics” have claimed that he wasn’t “black enough.”

      So I would like to point out to both groups that President Obama articulated his patriotism at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Selma march and gave voice to his Christian beliefs in his eulogy at one of the original Black churches in this country after its minister was gunned down in an act of racial hatred. And you are the living proof!

      Of course nothing in our Constitution requires that a president be a Christian. But it just so happens that our current one is. The attempts to paint him as “other” (usually Muslim) are efforts to elicit fear. In his eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, President Obama put his Christian faith – and the African American church – at the center of his message about grace.

      Let’s be honest, It’s ALL because he is black and you are a racist!

      Obama is not a Muslim. Just a spineless appeaser.
      Obama is not a Homosexual. Just a spineless appeaser.
      Obama is not a Communist. Just a spineless appeaser.
      Obama is not a Traitor. Just a spineless appeaser.
      Obama is not a Evil Man. Just a spineless appeaser.

      It’s no mystery here that I’ve been critical of many of Obama’s policies, however, I have spoken out when he has been unfairly characterized or treated by the right-wing media or absurd wing-nuts (some of whom post on this blog) in a variety of ways which contradict each other, and NONE of which Obama is: Liberal, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, A Muslim, anti-American, not American, gay, traitor, Usurper, an Enemy of America, a Racist, a Narcissist, a Liar, and on and on. In an alphabet of lies from the right I posted, I’ve said this fact once, I’ll say it again. The only reason the party of hypocritical louts choose to call Barack Obama a Marxist, Communist, Muslim is for the sole purpose that they cannot call him what they really want to call him, and that is NIGGER!

      Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

      1. @Questionman.

        How utterly typical.

        Try dealing with the facts.

        Try dealing with reality.

        Try dealing, point by point, with the realities I detailed above.

        Try to speak to truth of Barack Obama and his treasonous occupation of the Oval Office with a coherent fact based argument.

        The reality is that you can’t. The reality is that Barack Obama is everything I have written and more.

        I have omitted his treasonous policies on undocumented immigration.

        I have omitted Obama’s shredding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

        I have omitted Obama’s repeated interference in the affairs of the individual states like Arizona and Florida.

        I have omitted his cultivation and diligent support of the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood in both America and around the world.

        I have omitted Obama’s promotion of the agenda of Islam in every facet of American life from its bureaucracy to the law enforcement agencies, the military and the judiciary.

        All of this is fact and as clear as day and speaking in a thunderous roar, to the willfully and politically expedient deaf, like you

        The reality is that not even Barack Obamas credentials relating to his education are verifiable, you know it and I know it.

        And all of this is typical of the Leftist/Liberal Marxist race baiting race pimps like you who seek to utterly destroy the United States domestically and internationally. You and the current White House administration have all but succeeded as we see from America’s current state.

        The fact is that Dohrn, Ayers, Obama and all his handlers, when running for the Presidency, knew what you and I and millions of Americans know full well………Barack was elected out of White Guilt and the seething racist hatred of America as displayed by race pimps like Louis Farrakahn, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

        All of “you” knew full well that once Obama hit the White House he would be able to virtually get away with murder and any attempt to hold him to account for his treason and or his crimes through either impeachment or arrest and trial would be screamed down as racism.

        And Obama has done just that. Based on the colour of his skin he has destroyed a nation and literally gotten away with murder and the only reason he is alive and free today to continue his campaign of racism, hatred, treason and criminality against the United States of America is the colour of his skin……..he knows it……America knows it……I know it……and you know it.

        Now run along you little race hustling communist and play your little game of racist political shuck-and-jive before an audience who suffers from total amnesia and self-loathing White Guilt………they’re the only ones who’ll buy your racist treasonous garbage.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

      2. Sir, you are a brainwashed fool – and just so that you understand – concerns about islam have nothing to do with race. Obama has not done a good job and it is actually quite racist to refrain from commenting on his performance because of the color of his skin! You brought racism on board – no one here is interested – particularly when people like you use racism to stiffle comment on uncomfortable subjects. Don’t waste our time again.


    Hello there……its me again……..Don Laird…

    Do we really think this conflict with the Muslim and its Islam will be won with civilized debate and spirited discourse?


    Here is an Op-Ed from Ynet News……..and it asks the difficult questions.

    The time is long overdue to deal harshly, very very harshly, very harshly and in a manner that speaks of a sense of unmistakable permanence and finality with the Muslim and its Islam.

    To deal with ALL MUSLIMS in this manner for as we have seen the “Good Muslim” is conspicuous only by its duplicitous and gutless silence…….the reality is that the “Good Muslim” is a vicious lie, a myth and bad joke designed to avert attention, designed to distract and dissuade.

    The time has come to change the rules of the game.










    To do anything less is suicide.

    Or will you remain quivering, will you remain indecisive, will you remain uncertain and afraid………will you wait for your own private “Tunisia” to butcher your loved ones before your very eyes and all while you search for your voice and your spine?

    Food for thought

    Catalyst for action.

    Regards Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Dammit, Don, that oped is camelshit! “its not muslims, its Islamism”. Its Islam, Stupid!!! Muslims must be removed and excluded from Dar ul-Harb. The West must be Islamrein! The world must be Islamrein!!

      They swerve close to the truth but turn away in fear ‘cuz they can not confront the fact that Islam must be made extinct because it is permanent war. They lack the intelectual capacity to realize that exterminating Islam is not the moral equivalent of the Shoah. Muslims are not innocent Jews, they are Orcs; the closest thing to zombies and vampires. They are convinced that they must conquer us to gain admission to Allah’s celestial bordello and avoid the fire.

      See to it that yer MP reads “Islam 101 For Politicians” and shares it with his colleagues. See to it that yer preacher reads “Islam 101 For Clergy” and shares it with his colleagues. Raise truth: pound the facts; drive them home until they become common knowledge.

      1. @Dajjal…….

        Yes it is Dajjal but here’s the silver lining, its discussion about the Muslim and its Islam and its a turning point, a turning point at which around the world the topic of mosque deconstruction, selective to mass deportation and the criminalization of Islam is now on the lips of virtually every politician in the Western world.

        That has been the end game all along Dajjal, the end game all along, to rid ourselves of the Muslim.

        We are getting closer every single day. We need a few more Tunisia’s, we need a few more London 7-7’s and a few more Boston Bombings, in other words we only need a few more months of Muslims being Muslims and I have confidence that they will not disappoint us………they have been true to form for 1400 years and they won’t fail us now.

        Keep the faith Dajjal.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

        1. I am unable to share your optimism, Don. I have yet to see or hear any significant politician, with the exception of the Prez. of the Chex, condeming and wishing to exclude Islam. Most of them continue to cover Islam with a broad mantle of deception.

          If 9/11 and the Boston Bombing would not swing public opinion, no incremental attack will. Pols. & media do not associate cause and effect, always shielding Islam from well deserved blame.

          Joe six pack has no clue that Allah imputes any act of terrorism to the terrorist’s account as a righteous good deed, and nobody but us will tell him. He ain’t listening.

          Put down that beer, Joe; pick up a Koran and read Surah At-Taubah 9.120, then read 9.123 and get a clue. “Fight those of the disbelievers nearest you”… .

          Send this link to your Congressman or MP, and your MEP if you have one: . ICERD, ICCPR & CPPCG must be enforced against Islam; get it doen!

    2. It should (by now) be know what the Solution to Humanities muhammadan Problem is ….
      • STOP Tolerating the Intolerant and Intolerable Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful muhammadan non-humans.
      • STOP Tolerating The Politicians and Politicals who are Assisting and Enabling islam to invade Civilised Societies .
      • STOP Tolerating The Politicians and Politicals Treasonous and Seditious acts against Civilised Societies.

      The only solution to Humanities muhammadan Problem ….
      1. Incarcerate all Civilised Societies islam Appeasing …
      • Politicians and
      • Politicals
      • Local Government Councillors
      • The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Twits and Twats
      All are Criminals who are Assisting/Enabling (VPMD) islam and are Traitors/Seditionists against Humanity .
      2. Stop ALL muhammadan immigration to Civilised Societies.
      3. Expel ALL muhammadans (and their dead ancestors) -(after Sterilisation)- from Civilised Societies .
      4. “Expel” ALL unwilling to go muhammadans.
      5. Bulldoze ALL islam’s “Mostgrotesque” Mosques.
      6. Expel ALL -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis” from Civilised Societies.
      7. “Expel” ALL unwilling to go -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis”.
      (Nah! – just “Expel” the Appeasing lot !!!)

      I look forward to the “Near-Time” when these migrated islam invaders suddenly realise just what irrevocable danger they have placed themselves in !!
      Fun! FUn! FUN!

      Make it that no place on earth is safe/available for islam’s Submitters to FART @ HEAVEN

      1. Well and truly explicated, John Daniel . Unfortunately, the political will to expel and exclude ‘slimes from Dar ul-harb does not exist and ‘slimes are developing ICBMs with which to deliver nuclear warheads over our borders.

        Brig. S.K. Malik unwittingly gave us the key to victory in page 60 of his WakiPaki strategy manual: “The Quranic Concept Of War”. We must destroy their Iman.

        Someone must prevail upon Mel Gibson or some other wealthy and courageous movie maker to produce and distribute one of the three existing screenplays based on the Sira. That is the first step to rubbing ‘slime’s snouts in the reality of Allah, Moe and their perpetual war cult.

  6. So, there is a troll that came to visit and couldn’t come up with an original argument.

    How unoriginal.

    Oh, the shame to be a cheap knock off of some else’s ideas…a worthless dime a dozen impersonator. Ouch.

    Goodness, who knew we were right wing?

    It is always amusing when the progeny of the left who have advocated for slavery, segregation, elitism, godlessness, treason, internment and mass murder like to pretend they are something better historically.

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