Hijab Tugging Tale Turns Out To Be Bull

Muslim Woman Made Up Story About Being Attacked By Trump Supporter

Lafayette Police said the 18-year-old told investigators she made up the story about being attacked and robbed just hours after the presidential election.


As stage-managed protests against Trump grow increasingly violent and the mainstream media is filled with reports of supposed attacks upon Muslims by Trump supporters, we see in this incident how the Left-propaganda media shores up its narrative. News of this faked hate crime, as you can see from the graphic, traveled all around the world. Will the report that it was faked do so as well? Of course not.

The victimhood mentality is an economic industry in itself:

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Will Likely Increase. Here’s How Not To Be A Bystander
But unfortunately, we don’t have much time to collect ourselves. Trump’s hateful rhetoric is already being carried out by his supporters — there are reports of the KKK openly celebrating in North Carolina this morning, and swastikas filled the chat box on the livestream of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. The fear is palpable on social media from people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and especially Muslim women grappling with the question of whether it is safe to continue wearing their hijabs. (Blah blah blah…)
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3 thoughts on “Hijab Tugging Tale Turns Out To Be Bull”

  1. This tantruming from the boo-hoo’s. These ‘toddlers’ have never progressed to adulthood and high emotional intelligence because they have been indulged to the point of ruin.

  2. “Remember, kids! There’s No Wrong Answers! Whee!”

    As one “maquignon” recently put it elsewhere:

    “You can’t tell an entire generation of kids that everyone is just as deserving as everyone else and you get a trophy just for showing up. You can’t tell them that if anyone succeeds that it is at the expense of someone else. You can’t tell them that they have a right to everything and a responsibility for nothing. You can’t tell them that they have to think and behave the same as everyone else – that you can’t be an individual. You can’t tell them that they do not have the right to think for themselves and that they must conform to prevailing thoughts and actions. You can’t tell them that anything that offends them must be eradicated. You can’t tell them that everyone deserves the same rewards even if you contribute much less than anyone else. You can’t tell them that they not only have the right to equal opportunity, but you also have the right to equal results. You can’t tell them that the end justifies the means. You can’t tell them that there are infinite resources and everything will be ok if the rich will only pay their “fair share.” You can’t tell them that they can borrow money forever and they will never have to pay up. You can’t tell them that it is ok for government officials to lie, cheat, steal and abuse their political power as long as they promise enough free stuff. You can’t tell them that you can run a scam and enrich yourself to the tune of over a hundred million dollars as long as you throw a few crumbs and say “well we give some money to aids victims.” You can’t do all this and expect to get anything but lazy, selfish, worthless human beings who think that the world owes them a living.”

    1. uh, that borrowing money & never paying it back thing, —that started with My generation. My grand kids will inherit a mess.

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