Trumpophobia Turns Into Murderous Rage

Obama legacy:

N*99as starting to bash white people for voting Trump

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In other news:
CAIR-linked Hamas top dog: Trump “deluded”

One can often judge a man by the kind of enemies he attracts. Did Hamas ever call Obama or Hillary Clinton “deluded”?


“Hamas calls Trump ‘deluded’ for his Middle East outlook,” by Yasser Okbi and Maariv Hashvua, Jerusalem Post, November 10, 2016:

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal on Thursday said that US President-elect Donald Trump is “deluded” if he thinks he can ignore Palestinian issues during his presidency.

Al-Qaeda: Trump victory reveals Americans’ “racism toward Muslims”

What race are Muslims again? I forget. Do converts to Islam automatically change race, or is there paperwork?

As for this story in general, the mainstream media, exposed and discredited, is running today with the line that Islamic jihadis are happy that Trump won, because it will help them convince Muslims that the U.S. is at war with Islam, which will make jihad recruitment easier. The subtext is that if we had just elected Hillary, she would continue with the programs of denial of the jihad ideology and outreach to Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups that is supposed to show Muslims they’re welcome in the U.S. and need not join the jihad. What those who say this don’t tell you is that the jihad imperative is not predicated on the behavior of the Infidels: the Qur’an mandates warfare against and subjugation of Infidels, regardless of how nice they are to the Muslims.


“Islamist extremists celebrate Trump’s election win,” by Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post, November 9, 2016:

…Shortly after Trump was declared the victor, a number of prominent Salafist ideologues linked to jihadist outfits in the Middle East took to social media to cheer the prospect of a Trump presidency.

5 thoughts on “Trumpophobia Turns Into Murderous Rage”

  1. WTF! When did America cease to be a DEMOCRACY?
    These cry baby left-wing nut jobs are just afraid that the “Welfare State” is about to end.
    The age of entitlement is going to end and they might just have to go out and job! Correction, they do have full time jobs either as Students, paid Soros operatives or mindless lemmings looking for that first cliff to jump off!

  2. The snowflakes aren’t melting because Trump won. They are melting because their sanctimony, grandiosity, narcissism and self loathing lost.

    Train daily in martial arts and firearms combat.

  3. Note in the video that the Negroes really don’t know how to fight. Now, obviously, the older Whitey doesn’t know anything, but with martial arts training almost anyone could put these two savages on the concrete. It’s all in the training, kids. Walking around in a daze, not knowing what to do, confused, fearful, hoping the police will protect you just isn’t going to cut the mustard in today’s world.

  4. Lastly, note also that the Negroes, as moslems, fight in packs and gangs. You must be able to put the alpha Negro/moslem on the concrete first and very swiftly. When you do that the others will lose their courage. I’m not saying they’ll stop, but the moment you put the big dawg down, the rest will be much more uncertain, will lose any concentration they had and will be easier to handle.

    Even we Conservative and Christian whiteys have been living in the leftist delusion for decades that the world is a safe place. It isn’t and never was.

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