Frightbats of Islamisation

‘She puts herself on the line and cops a lot of crap from racist bigots and Strayan d***heads.’

Say what?

Feminist Clementine Ford starts petition for Yassmin Abdel-Magied
Feminist Clementine Ford launches petition defending ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied against ‘d***heads’ calling for her sacking over ‘disgusting’ Anzac Day post
  • Feminist Clementine Ford has started petition in for Yassmin Abdel-Magied
  • The Muslim ABC presenter is under fire for offensive Anzac Day Facebook post
  • Two petitions with 29,000 signatures are demanding she be sacked as ABC host
  • Ms Ford has started her own petition saying Ms Abdel-Magied deserves a pony  (Source)

As usual, Tim Blair is right on the money:

“I have no doubt,” writes Fairfax’s Clementine Ford, “that there are people in this country who would quite happily line up to watch women like Abdel-Magied dragged into the street to be stripped, whipped and stoned to death.”

Sadly, Clementine is right. Just as certainly, there are people in this country who would quite happily line up to watch women like Ford dragged into the street to be stripped, whipped and stoned to death.

Australia has way too many female-hating fundamentalist Muslims.

 Andrew Bolt takes a look at the Islamo-props & their fellow travellers:

ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied is under attack for using Anzac Day to imply Australians were mean to Muslims.

She’s apologised, but her defenders – including shrieking Clementine Ford and former ABC host Richard Ackland – aren’t helping by sneering at Anzac Day themselves. Nor is halal king Mohamed Elmouelhy by going on attack Jews.


Lest. We. Forget. (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine.

Clementine Ford, columnist in the Guardian Australia:

Anzac Day (that special day on the Australian calendar where our citizens manage to combine the solemn observance of a nation’s sacrifice with getting rat-arsed at the pub and pissing in doorways)

Richard Ackland, former ABC presenter in The Age::

This brand of synthetic outrage is now part of the Anzac Day ritual. Self-appointed protectors of Australian values are on duty, ready to pounce on anyone who posts an opinion that expresses anything short of the most cloying sentimentality about our diggers.

Two years ago, it was Scott McIntyre’s turn. The SBS sports reporter issued a series of tweets, one of which said: “Remembering the summary execution, widespread rape and theft committed by those ‘brave’ Anzacs in Egypt, Palestine and Japan.”…

Implicit in the attack on Abdel-Magied is the defence of Australia’s asylum seeker policies which mandate that people, for who we have a duty of care, are stranded indefinitely on wretched Pacific islands, enveloped in a cone of secrecy. It’s deemed especially unforgivable to ventilate this mistreatment on Anzac Day.

Lest we forget.

Mohamed Elmouelhy, president of Halal Certification Authority:

Yassmin Abdel Magied did nothing wrong, we should, while we are remembering the dead of this country, also remember the deaths caused by this country and its allies.

And, of course, anyone taking exception to a trashing of Anzac Day must be a racist, because only racists would want to honor those who died in the defence of this nation and its values, right?


Conservative politicians have sought to make an example of her, presumably because there’s no better way to shore up support for your party than by reassuring Australia’s most virulent racists that you’re on their side when it comes to the migrants.


With Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s last post on Anzac Day the vigilantes won the trifecta. She’s a Muslim, she has dark skin and she works for the ABC… If you like explosions of boring, ugly and misinformed posturing then the regular Anzac Day bash-a-thon is for you.


What sort of Christians are you if you do not feel for the suffering of others, have you forgotten compassion, have the white Australians sank so low that they can only feel compassion for their dead but not the dead of others, so much for wishing for your neighbour what you wish for yourself.It is a sad day when a Muslim woman reminds Christians of their religion. Yassmin Abdel Megied should be given a medal.

Wow. The hatred. The projection.

But Elmouelhy is not finished. Anzac Day is also the day we should remember the alleged sins of the Jews:

While I am not enamoured of the President of Syria, he is not the only killer around. Syria is the latest country that other interests converge in, America, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Hizbullah, Turkey, IS, the Peshmerga, the PKK, etc, on one hand it is to protect Israel and on the other it is for Iran to further its messianic type influence and Russia not to be left out of the Middle East pie…

Take Palestine, again the people there, both Muslim and Christian have lived in peace sine the Crusaders were defeated til the European Jews decided to plant themselves there in the late 40’s of the last century with the pretence that the Grand Realtor in the sky gave it to their ancestors thousands of years ago and that it is theirs forever and a day, they dispossessed the native inhabitants, torture them, imprison them and there children, treat them like animals who have no soul. It is where apartheid is practised with impunity.

That vilification of Israeli Jews is seriously worrying, and that as well as Elmouelhy’s attack on Australia’s war record are relevant in my opinion when considering that Elmouelhy won a settlement from Kirralie Smith, now with the Australian Conservatives, after suing her over two videos she presented:

Ms Smith, who was a senate candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance at the last federal election, is the face of the anti-halal campaign “Halal Choices”.

Mr El-Mouelhy alleged the videos – both of which named him – portrayed him as “part of a conspiracy to destroy Western civilisation from within”.

Which is the truth in his own words. (SY)

ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied is under attack for using Anzac Day to imply Australians were mean to Muslims.
El-Mouelhy (who never misses an opportunity to promote himself in the media) sued Kirralee Smith and alleged her videos portrayed him as “part of a conspiracy to destroy Western civilisation from within”. Yet he states on Facebook that it his hope that his Halal (scam) will result in the Islamisation of Australia. What? He sued Kirralie for saying what he himself said?
More from Rita Panahi:
Imagine if the Left were held to the same standard that they demand from everybody else

Yassmin Abdel-Magied has again said something spectacularly stupid.

This time there are calls far and wide for Abdel-Magied to be sacked from her taxpayer-funded role with the ABC after she insulted the memory of the Anzacs by imploring Australians to think about Palestine and Nauru instead of fallen soldiers.

It’s one thing to go on the ABC and proclaim Islam is “the most feminist religion,” but quite another to insult a day that means so much to so many Australians and is synonymous with the values that this nation holds dear.

Read full piece here.

The ABC may be standing by their girl but it looks like Shell quietly rid itself of its Yassmin problem according to the AFR’s Bryce Corbett:

As self-styled social activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied was busy making herself one of the most hated people in Australia on Anzac Day, one group of people watching on wide-eyed from the sidelines and breathing a massive sigh of relief were the good folk at Shell.

Turns out the Brisbane-based mechanical engineering graduate – and happy beneficiary of taxpayer-funded jollies around our Middle Eastern embassies – was forced to resign from Shell earlier this year when her application to have her leave without pay extended was politely declined.

Word is that while Shell was happy for her to take an initial 12 months leave-without-pay to work at the ABC (read: develop Brand Yassmin), company policy meant it had to refuse her request to extend it. A decision which many execs in the company are now looking at as a blessing in disguise.

“Rolled-gold liability” was one of the choice phrases said to be doing the rounds of Shell’s C-suite when the question of how to solve a problem like Yassmin reared its artfully-scarfed head. But not anymore.​

Meanwhile, the usual dullards in the media seem determined to confuse criticism with censorship.

Last I checked Ms Abdel-Magied wasn’t facing action from the Australian Human Rights Commission under Section 18C nor is she prevented from airing her asinine notions with the world.


‘White Christians have no compassion’ says Muslim businessman in support of besieged ABC presenter

The hide & the hubris of this Islamo-bastard is unreal:

Muslim halal businessman Mohamed Elmouelhy has come to the defence of ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied, writing he is outraged at how much Australians show compassion for their dead but lack it for others.–AU.NEWS.YAHOO.COM

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  1. John Cleese could not have written a better script. This is a comedy show, right? White Christians have no compassion! Yeah, this country is swamped with immigrants that no one asked for and often it is the Christian charities that help them resettle. Governments create the problem then walk away. They say there is no problem so they do nothing. The Salvo’s, Anglicare and others end up cleaning up the mess.

  2. I see the multicoloured clown is taking pictures with her mouth shut now. Those humongous lips give it away. Wish someone would use her mouth as a suction cup.

    I’d like to call Ford a hasbeen, but she’s a neverbeen. She has never been a virgin because her face is f***ed.

  3. … islamic immigration will flourish and I will go to my grave knowing that Australia will one day be an islamic country, it is [absolutely not] inevitable
    [islam criminal Mohamed Elmouelhy … sic]
    (your impossible dream … Elmouelhy) !!!

    the islam criminal Mohamed Elmouelhy’s flourishing immigration direction WILL NOT be in the direction he fantasises …
    as the purge of islam (“allah’s” curse) IS ABSOLUTELY inevitable !!!

    Destroy the unwanted islam (“allah’s curse) dream …
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    (Return Australia … to be islam appeaser, islam and Criminal African tribal FREE)

    Tolerance of even the smallest element of islam (“allah’s” curse) is Cowardice !!!
    Tolerance of even the smallest element of the Apex Gang is NOT ACCEPTABLE !!!
    (Not one Sudanese …[anywhere … and your public wrestling matches do not compensate]… has assisted in the apprehension of the members of this African Tribal criminal gang … so … ALL OF YOU … go back to where you came from … real quick !!!)
    It’s called guilt by association in any civilised society !!!

    The Plainly Correct Facts !!!

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