“How do you kill an Australian?”

New Khaled Sharrouf video shows terrorist’s son with knife and suicide vest threatening  kafirs


A NEW video filmed by Australian Islamic State terrorist Khaled Sharrouf showing his youngest son wearing a suicide vest and threatening to murder Australians has been intercepted by counter-terrorism ­officials.

Law enforcement agencies have confirmed they are investigating the video, which features Sharrouf’s youngest son Humzeh holding a Glock pistol and an automatic ­machine gun and making threats.

The video was shot recently and shows the eight-year-old being asked questions by his father off camera, including “How do you kill a non-Muslim?” and “How do you kill an Australian?”

Khaled Sharrouf displays an ISIS flag. Picture: Facebook

Humzeh, the youngest of ­Sharrouf’s five children, then obliges his father by demonstrating how he would carry out each killing. He also makes a number of statements glorifying ­Islamic State.

A NSW Police Force spokesman yesterday confirmed police across multiple agencies were investigating the video.

“The NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) is aware of a video emanating from the Middle East ­depicting a minor making threats in the name of ISIS.

“The JCTT is ­investigating the video. However, there is no specific threat,” the spokesman said.

The video is of ­interest to law enforcement officials because it strongly suggests Sharrouf has custody of at least some or all of his children, who family members have been trying to extract from the war-torn region.

The question of whether to allow the children to come home — along with any other Australian children stuck in the region — remains a thorny issue for national security agencies and social services, who would be tasked with trying to ­deradicalise the children.

Police ‘contain’ plot in anti-terror raids.

The Sharrouf children left Australia with their mother Tara Nettleton in 2013, but she died of medical complications associated with appendicitis, raising questions about who was looking after them and whether they could return to Australia.

Sharrouf was thought to have been killed in an airstrike several months before Tara died, but this turned out to be false because of a phone call he made to a Sydney underworld figure.

Sharrouf’s Australian citizenship was cancelled earlier this year.

The Sunday Telegraph revealed last year that Sharrouf threatened the man from Syria over a Supreme Court matter involving the NSW Crime Commission, which was trying to seize Sharrouf’s old house in southwestern Sydney.

Tara’s mother Karen Nettleton did not return requests for comment. She travelled to the Middle East last year to try to bring the children but this ultimately proved unsuccessful.

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