On the sunni side of the street


Former Labor Minister Gary Johns: “The ABC’s great mistake is that it paints a particular future. Take two long-running examples: its promotion of an idealised Islam in pursuit of multiculturalism, and its obsession with renewables as a response to climate change.” Read it all.

On the sunni side of the street

Back in 2014 Tim Blair spent an enlightening day or so in the intensely Islamic Sydney suburb of Lakemba, a pleasant enough place if you ignore all the Jew hatred, freedom sacks and raging calls to jihad. It also led to the publication of one or two pieces taking angry issue with (his) polite coverage.

Shiite sheikh ABUSED in Sydneys Muslim heartland Lakemba

Imam Tawhidi says Islam must be reformed and saved from extremists and terrorists. Result: he gets abuse in the streets of Lakemba and he and the film cred are forced to hurried leave. Watch.

Counter-terror cops raided relative of Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf’s home

Counter-terrorism police raided the home of a relative of notoriousIslamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf over fears of an Anzac Day attack.

It followed the emergence of a fresh video of the Sydney terrorist urging his youngest son Humzah, eight, who is armed with a knife, to kill Australians and non-Muslims.

A spokeswoman for the Minister for Justice and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Counter-Terrorism Michael Kennan confirmed their office was aware of police operations in NSW on Anzac Day related to terrorist activity.

Khaled Sharrouf and boys believed to be his sons in front of the Islamic State flag.
Khaled Sharrouf leaving Bankstown court in 2011.

The menacing video believed to have been made in Syria was exposed in The Sunday Telegraph at the weekend. It is not known when it was made.

State and federal police targeted the relative after becoming aware of a conversation between him and Sharrouf involving the video.

READ MORE: Khaled Sharrouf video shows terrorist’s son with knife and suicide vest

“The NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) conducted a search of a house in Peakhurst on Tuesday April 25th under the auspices of a Firearms Prohibition Order,” a NSW Police Force spokesman confirmed.

The man’s house was raided early on Anzac Day but no guns or weapons were found.

Sharrouf, who in 2013 used his brother’s passport to flee to Syria and join IS, was thought to have die in a coalition air strike that killed his friend, the former Sydney boxer and fellow jihadi Mohamed Elomar.

Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton has described Sharrouf as a “threat to the safety of this country” despite his citizenship being cancelled.

Sharrouf has used his children as jihadi props in the past, infamously posting photographs of his then-seven-year-old son Abdullah holding the severed heads of Syrian soldiers in 2014.

In other news:


Armando Iannucci on Q&A finds a new excuse for the comedians who refuse to mock Islam: “I think there is always a danger that if you are tempting to write about a faith that is not yours then you get it wrong.”

Does “get it wrong” actually mean “get you killed”?


The questioner on Q&A got it pretty right:

In Islam, it is generally considered extremely disrespectful to show images of their prophet Mohammad, or Allah.With present increasing tensions, many satirists, comedians and the general media are essentially afraid of talking about anything related to Islam – let alone criticising or satirising Islam in fear of retaliation or vengeance attacks. When it comes to other religions such as Christianity however, it is openly mocked, satirised and criticised in many forms of the media. Is Australia’s freedom of speech at risk as a result?

Dumb question. Reality is we are already living under sharia.


And Katy Perry discovers that mocking Trump is fine, not matter how vicious you are, but tell a joke about Barack Obama and you’re in strife.


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  1. Islam achieved its aim with the killing of the Hedbo cartoonists. Islam is off limits. Since governments are incapable even of seeing that there is a problem, we can’t expect them to protect those who even unwittingly offend Muslims. One ray of hope is the internet. For now, it is possible to find anti Muslim humour and cartoons. It is not that hard to shut down the internet though.

    Free speech is finished. A movie was pulled because the feminists didn’t like it. It was sold out but then the movie theatre sold out. The movie is “Red Pill”. I’ve not seen it but the reviews say that it has to do with the issues that men suffer from. Feminists will only be happy when there are no men. The clash when Islam takes over will be something else. I back Islam to win that one.

  2. islam appeaser(s) (“allah’s” sewerage) … ie
    To the non-islam world … and
    Useful idiots (aka slaves) to the islam world !!!

    Then we have …
    islam (“allah’s” curse)
    islams (“allah’s” vermin)

    Nothing Like A Good Purge … of everything islam !!!

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