CNN Fake News Purveyors, Caught in the Act

CNN Caught Staging Fake News to Show Muslim Support After London Attacks

Shameless. Brazen. Here you can see CNN’s Becky Anderson manufacture a Muslim fake news clip where CNN handlers provide all the tools, including the protest placards.

While ISIS supporters are celebrating the attacks, MSM propagandists have been hard at work pushing the “religion of peace” narrative – trotting out hijabbed women and a child to hold signs expressing Muslim outrage at the terrorist attacks.

This doesn’t appear to have been an ‘organic’ protest against terrorism… Instead, it looks very much like CNN staged their outrage.

Same group. Multiple locations. Any more screen shots? Spot the pink trousers. Were this group for hire?

Theresa May calls on internet companies to eradicate ‘safe spaces’ for extremism in wake of London Bridge terror… 

May spoke about “perversion of Islam” and “perversion of truth”.

Showing the world that Britain does not submit, PM T has issued a press release. (This is NOT satire).

“Global warming will kill us all”– but letting Islamic savages murder our children keeps us safe?

Theresa May’s brilliant solution to Islamic terrorism: Change the terrorists’ minds, so they see our way of life is better. (You know that’s not going to happen.)

If we convert or pay jizya, problem solved.


 Stop ISIS fighters returning to Britain? No, that would be too sensible. Crack down on the internet. Punish everybody. It’s more inclusive.



Arrest. Incarcerate. Deport. Repeat

Ramadan edition of ISIS magazine – Rumiyah: “target them with edged weapons, firearms, vehicle ramming, in clubs & restaurants and bars.”

Some left wing politicians & media seem more outraged by a tweet than by the fact Islamist terrorists killed 7 people in London.

CNN Is Literally ISIS:

Reza Aslan, Muslim CNN Host Calls Trump “Piece Of Shit” Over Travel Ban To Keep Out ISIS

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  1. Cracking down on the internet. I think she means cracking down on Islam critical websites. Just wait and see if I’m right.

  2. In order to understand the current political climate, especially in the UK, I recommend reading Robert Spencer to get an understanding of Islam and George Orwell to get an understanding of the UK establishment. This is the nation that produced Shakespeare, Churchill, Elizabeth 1, began the end of legal slavery, started some of the greatest social works of history, defeated Nazi Germany and at one time had a global empire. All tipped down the drain by those who are supposed to lead the nation to the benefit of the people. The best thing my parents ever did for me was to emigrate. I did not appreciate it so much at the time, but I do now.

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