Islamophobia ‘hasn’t killed anyone’

Abbott comes out making some sense:

Former prime minister Tony Abbott says we must avoid any spirit of defeatism in the face of Islamic extremism.

“….there is this notion that Islamophobia is almost as big a problem as Islamist terrorism, well Islamophobia hasn’t killed anyone.”

“Islamist terrorism has now killed tens of thousands of people that’s why it’s absolutely critical that there’s the strongest possible response at every level.”


Terrorists: “This is for Allah.”

CNN: “We don’t know their motives.”

(Via Tim Blair.)

ABC TV 7pm bulletin last night: no mention of the terrorists being heard to say “This is for Allah”, despite that having been reported on other outlets at least six hours earlier.

Today on the ABC, presenter Jon Faine seeks out a Muslim academic who’ll blame white racists.

Naturally he does not challenge the deadly victim narrative of Shakira Hussein, researcher with the National Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies, University of Melbourne:

“The Left wants us to believe that terrorism is the result of unemployment. Since when did humans blow themselves up for not having a job?”–Adelaide Shia imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi

Imam Mal Turncoat:

….on Monday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said latest terror attacks were evidence of a “blasphemous corruption” of Islam.

“In London, in Manchester, in Kabul, in Jakarta and Baghdad … This is the work of cowardly craitsed criminals. Now, this is a corruption, a disease, within Islam. It is a global phenomena and it has to be dealt with globally,” he said.

Last not least:

While ASIO head Duncan Lewis said terrorism in Australia was very frequently inspired by an extreme version of Sunni Islam, one of the 12 terror plots disrupted in Australia was linked to right-wing extremism.

We would love to know more about that one. I smell a rat.

8 thoughts on “Islamophobia ‘hasn’t killed anyone’”

  1. The real sad thing with these attacks is that nothing will be done about it. If something was to be done it would of happened already. The best idea as a travaller to Britain would be to wear a jubah and prayer cap. Growing a beared is a good idea, as is learning some basic Arabic Islamic sayings to say if you are attacked. Might leave you alone.

  2. “In London, in Manchester, in Kabul, in Jakarta and Baghdad … This is the work of cowardly craitsed criminals. Now, this is a corruption, a disease, within Islam. It is a global phenomena and it has to be dealt with globally,” … So Turncoat, there is a global disease, only affecting muslims. Why so many places? Why so many Muslims? I would like to know where Turncoat gets his knowledge and counsel about Islam. Fire them all.

  3. A ‘blasphemous corruption of Islam.” So funny – I haven’t laughed like this in ages.

    1. I haven’t laughed that hard since Abdul jihadi said ‘Islam is the most feminist religion’!

  4. Even those who are at real risk from Islam fall for the same foolish argument about “real” Islam and supposedly “extreme” Islam. I read a bitterly sarcastic article by a gay, slandering a journalist who happened to question the UK’s approach to Islam. I can imagine this man being thrown off a skyscraper, muttering that Islam is a religion of peace as he falls to his death. Men are notorious for not reading instructions. It seems that a lot of women (e.g. Ms Merkel, Ms May) are no better. Hint: The instructions for how to behave like a Muslim are in the Koran. Hint #2. ISIL and all its ilk follow the Koran. Muslims who fail to condemn violence are just following the book.

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