Canuckistan: PM Trudeau actively supporting Islamic terrorism

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By ordering RCMP to delete Muslim migrant files, Trudeau is “actively supporting terrorism”

Now we’re learning that 5,000 records about Islamic illegal immigrants crossing into Canada have been deleted.

Trudeau is deliberately erasing any intel we have about these illegal migrants and Islamic radicalism.

Because he’s on the other side.

He couldn’t be more on the side of ISIS if he dressed up in Muslim abaya and literally said the shehada, the Muslim prayer that is the sharia condition to covert to Islam.

Oh — what’s that? He actually did that?

Yes, but it’s Islamophobic to mention it…

Canada’s PM apologises to LGBTQ community
After Importing Thousands Of Refugees, Canadians Now Say Muslim Immigrants Have ‘Fundamentally Different Values’

After welcoming almost 12,000 refugees to their region, three-quarters of Canadians living in the province of Ontario now say that Muslim immigrants hold fundamentally different values and a majority believe mainstream Islam promotes violence, according to a new survey to be released this week.

Three-quarters of Ontarians wish their country would focus on taking care of its own citizens instead of devoting resources to foreign refugees.

A majority of Ontarians — 53 percent —

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Canadian prosecutors have appealed a judge’s ruling acquitting a Palestinian Muslim of sexually assaulting his own wife, because of cultural beliefs that the wife should consent any time he wanted, the Ottawa Citizen reports. (via BCF)

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  1. Turdeau SHOULD RE-apologize to the LGBTQ community – for all the tortures, gang-rapes and murders his newly-imported and government-sanctioned muslim brothers are about to inflict on them!

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