Islamophobia is killing the free world

Dumbing down is taking a terrible toll. “Islamophobia”, an imaginary disease, is  now being whipped up into a  toxic  cool aid cocktail of  imaginary “white supremacy”.

These deep thinking leftoids  seem to believe that “white” is the opposite of “Muslim”…”

Islamophobia is killing the free world.

On this the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Council on American-Islamic Relations may agree, but I don’t mean the statement in quite the same sense in which they would understand it.

Scan over some recent Jihad Watch headlines:

Minnesota: Christian center fires man for helping stage “Exposing Sharia” event

Why did the Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch fire Gary Froiland? Because he helped organize an event called “Exposing Sharia.” Now, Sharia denies the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience, mandates the death penalty for leaving Islam, devalues women’s testimony and inheritance rights, calls for the beating of women from whom men “fear disobedience,” institutionalizes discrimination against non-Muslims, and stipulates that non-Muslim lives are not worth as much as Muslim lives. For opposing that, Gary Froiland was fired by a Christian organization. Why? The Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch no doubt feared charges of “Islamophobia.”

AP: “In aftermath of bike path killings, mosques near NYC face hostility again”

Why does the establishment media constantly focus on Muslims as victims in the wake of jihad massacres? From mainstream coverage, one might get the idea that Muslims were run over in Manhattan by a “right-wing extremist,” rather than a Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” running down Infidels. Why this inversion? Because the establishment media is committed to the false idea that Muslims are harassed and persecuted and discriminated against in the U.S., and so warrant special protection. The establishment media is more worried about “Islamophobia” than it is about jihad mass murder.

Toronto imam who prayed for killing of Jews again caught praying for deaths of non-Muslims

Instead of exposing and challenging Islamic antisemitism, the Toronto Star ran a lengthy defense of Toronto imam Ayman Elkasrawy. Now he has called for the killing of non-Muslims. Will the Star defend him again? It wouldn’t be any surprise if it did. Why? Because the Star, too, is more worried about “Islamophobia” than about Islamic violence and antisemitism.

UK: Labour leader launches “Islamophobia awareness month” with “extremist” Muslim group

Why is Jeremy Corbyn partnering with a group that promotes jihad and Jew-hatred? Because he, too, doesn’t think Islamic jihad massacres and antisemitism are as much of a threat as “Islamophobia.” Does he stop for a moment to ponder the fact that he is enabling more jihad massacres in the UK? Probably not.

Spain: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” breaks into school, says he’ll slaughter children “like lambs”and New York Daily News: Don’t “fear” when you hear “Allahu akbar” on an airplane or in a shopping mall

While Muslims worldwide scream “Allahu akbar” as they murder, or in this case, terrify non-Muslims, the establishment media works hard to assure us that “Allahu akbar” is a beautiful phrase and nothing to be concerned about? Why? Because they’re more concerned with stamping out “Islamophobia” than with stamping out jihad mass murder.

UK: Social worker accused of failing to protect Muslim rape gang victims is allowed to keep her job

Why did British officials turn a blind eye as Muslim rape gangs victimized tens of thousands of British girls? Why is it that even now those who are responsible are not being held accountable? Here again: fear of “Islamophobia” charges.

Germany: Muslim who plotted jihad massacre was given asylum without any vetting at all

Why has Angela Merkel inundated Germany with Muslim migrants, among whom are an unknowable number of jihad mass murderers? To show that Germany is not “Islamophobic.”

Those headlines are just from the last two days. Look through the Jihad Watch archives and you will find thousands, tens of thousands, of examples of how our freedoms are being infringed and our lives endangered, all because those who have sworn to protect us are afraid of appearing “Islamophobic.”

How has this happened? Find out in my new book Confessions of an Islamophobe. Preorder it here now. If free societies are going to survive, they’re going to have to confront and reject the concept of “Islamophobia.” Does that mean allowing innocent Muslims to be victimized? Of course not. Get the whole truth in Confessions of an Islamophobe, before “Islamophobia” destroys the free world altogether.

One thought on “Islamophobia is killing the free world”

  1. These days, “politically-correct virtue-signalling” (blazing hypocrisy) is killing the free world.

    Virtue-signalling one’s pious PITY of all self-determined criminals as “fellow victims” doesn’t usually cost one anything, (although it sure costs the real victims of the criminals one thereby defends) as opposed to the risk of personal and professional harm that comes with exhibits of righteous ANGER against criminals in the hope of ending their crimes.

    But in the end, which strategy is effective at solving problems and ending crimes – pitying and coddling criminals and so enabling them to commit even more crimes, or getting angry and opposing them?

    The answer is obvious, but the motto of criminal negligents everywhere is:

    “There’s No Money In Solutions (so Please Give Generously, AGAIN!)”

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