Relax, infidel: the ‘tiny minority of excremists’ has just become a ‘significant minority’

A “significant minority?” Really?  How is that different from the tiny minority of excremists that have flooded our cities?

NYC terror: Levin highlights extremism inside US Muslim community


Radical Islam

Jamie Kennedy | Wikimedia Commons


LevinTV host Mark Levin opened up his radio show Tuesday evening reacting to the vehicular terrorist attack that was carried out in New York City just a short while before air time.

Levin voiced frustration with the incredibly backward political environment that constantly attacks individuals for merely verbalizing facts — the fact that the Muslim community in America has a significant minority of radicals that seek to damage the United States from within, for example.

“We’re not allowed to mention the religion that this person [in New York] belonged to. We’re not allowed to mention that we have radicals within our midsts,” Levin said.

But this mass-murder suspect self-identified as an Islamic extremist, Levin noted, pointing to his repeated shouting of the Islamic “Allahu akbar” war cry before being taken into custody.

“The Great One” also took the opportunity to share important findings from the Pew Research Center with regard to religious extremism in the U.S.

“[T]he vast majority [of American Muslims] are patriotic Americans, but there is a significant minority who are not — who actually believe that violence is an acceptable form of conduct, under certain circumstances,” he explained.

Wishful thinking.

Levin argued that politicians and policymakers should turn to the “law-abiding, patriotic Americans” in the Muslim communities and call on them to address the radicalization issues within their communities.

If Levin would study the doctrine he would do himself and all of us a great favor. There are no ““law-abiding, patriotic Americans” in the Muslim communities, because Mohammedans cannot be loyal to an infidel nation state. The Qur’an forbids it.