Melbourne: Police charge (Musel-)man with alleged New Year’s Eve terror plot

“Somali father declares his son to be very innocent”

“The man — who was born in Australia to Somalian parents — had shown evidence of growing radicalisation…..”

Ali Khalif Shire Ali was remanded in custody.

So why isn’t the police all over his mosque & why aren’t his coreligionists arrested & deported?


The arrested man has now been named and charged.

Victoria Police address Federation Square terror plot

A Melbourne man arrested in counter-terrorism raids was allegedly trying to get a gun and kill “as many people as he could” during New Year’s Eve celebrations at Federation Square.

The 20-year-old Muslim man from Werribee in Melbourne’s western suburbs was arrested at 3pm yesterday after a secret operation by the police Special Operations Group.

He is still being interviewed, but police expect to charge him shortly with engaging in an act in preparation for a terrorist attack and collecting documents to facilitate an attack.

He allegedly displayed sympathies for the Islamic State terrorist organisation.

The man was arrested after a long period of surveillance codenamed Operation San Jose in a combined effort by Victoria Police, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

New Year’s Eve revellers at Federation Square in 2013.
New Year’s Eve revellers at Federation Square in 2013.

Victoria Police deputy commissioner Shane Patton said the man — who was born in Australia to Somalian parents — had shown evidence of growing radicalisation, becoming “energised” when overseas terrorist attacks occurred.

“The male is one of our high-risk persons of interest we have been monitoring for a very lengthy period of time,” Mr Patton said.

“The allegations are that he was planning to commit a terrorist act and that he attempted to obtain a gun to do so.

“What we will be alleging is he was intending to use a firearm to shoot and kill as many people as he could in the Federation Square area on New Year’s Eve.’’

Mr Patton said the man had not accessed a gun at any stage, but had face-to-face meetings as he tried to obtain an automatic weapon.

Mr Patton would not reveal if these meetings were with an undercover police officer, but said he had been on the police radar since early this year.

“The arrest means that this threat has been removed,” he said, urging Victorians to continue with their plans for the Christmas/New Year season.

Victoria Police arrest a man in a counter terrorism operation in Melbourne

“We’re quite confident that there is no risk or no threat to the Victorian community now that we have removed him from society.”

He said police would allege the man had obtained an al-Qa’ida document instructing how to use a firearm, though he showed allegiance to Islamic State.

Mr Patton said the man had connections to other extremists, but declined to say if these people were in custody.

The man’s home — where he lives with his parents and siblings — is still being searched, with police also investigating if his work with computers at an address in Footscray was related to his alleged terrorist plans.

Anyone with information on any potential wrongdoing should phone the National Security Hotline on 1800 1234 00.

2 thoughts on “Melbourne: Police charge (Musel-)man with alleged New Year’s Eve terror plot”

  1. “We’re quite confident that there is no risk or no threat to the Victorian community now that we have removed him from society.”

    So long as there are Muslims inside Australia’s gates there will be jihad inside the gates. This is not the first plot of this kind to be – fortunately – foiled; and it will most assuredly NOT be the last.

    I propose we STOP playing ‘whack-a-mole’. The Muslim ummah, the allah gang, the mohammedan mob, is the sheltering and nurturing sea within which the jihadis swim and from which, ceaselessly and naturally and inevitably, they emerge, just as surely as sugar-crystals or salt-crystals form within a saturated solution. Got Muslims? Got Jihad.

    Only way not to have jihad plots – like this murderous muslim bloke was hatching – inside the gates, is not to have a ‘Muslim community’ inside the gates in the first place.

    If Mr Patton *really* wants to reduce the threat to non-Muslim persons in Victoria, he must urge a HALT – like, yesterday- to ALL entry of identifiable Muslims (notably, persons carrying the passports of overwhelmingly-Muslim OIC-member nations, such as Somalia) into Australia. NO passport-holders from any majority-Islamic OIC -member country should be let into Australia. Ever. Only exception: persons who are *proven* to be members of the horribly-persecuted indigenous non-islamic minority groups in those OIC-member countries. Example? Copts, from Egypt (who would have to be thoroughly investigated, vouched for and sponsored by the Coptic emigre community here; and as an extra precaution, full citizenship should not be granted quickly; and any Muslim who was discovered to have pretended to be what they ain’t, in order to get in, should be given the boot the instant the imposture was detected).
    Further measure? – deport ALL non-citizen muslims. No excuses, no exceptions permitted. Every last one of ’em. Because as this man’s case shows, the educated and job-holding children of ‘nice’ ‘quiet’, ‘hard-working’ Muslims can Go Jihad, murderously, mass-murderously.
    Further measure: any Aussie-passport-holding Muslims known to have left to join Islamic State, etc, have their Aussie citizenship annulled, so as to prevent them from returning. Stateless in Syria, Stateless in Iraq… I don’t give a damn. The mohammedan cult doesn’t respect ‘states’ anyway, or boundaries, or borders, or morals. Let them have Islam, in the dar al Islam. Let them have a gutful.
    Further measure: every ‘citizen’ Muslim on a ‘watch list’ gets interned. Pending a change in the laws to permit removal of citizenship and expulsion from the country.

  2. Personally, if it were up to me, every identifiable Muslim in the country – easy to find most of them, just watch all the mosques for a few months then follow the ‘worshippers’ home – would be expelled, sans citizenship if they had it, back to wherever they said they were from. Aussie-background converts would get Exile For the Term of Your Natural Life.
    But right now, I’m not sure that that proposal – remove the threat by removing the *source* / vector of the threat – is practicable: but the measures I have listed, in order, in my *previous* posting, are measures – notably, the demand that Muslim immigration (and Muslim entry as tourists, or as ‘students’, or ‘businessmen’, too) be stopped, at once – that I think we *should* be discussing, now, in public, with anyone who will listen.

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