Victorians fleeing from African gang violence

Melbourne family to FLEE to Queensland to escape African crime gangs

We’re sick of feeling ­unsafe’: Melbourne family to FLEE to Brisbane after being targeted by African crime wave in repetitive break-ins and car thefts
  • Family in Melbourne is moving to Queensland to escape the African crime wave
  • Beaton family-of-five is fleeing the state after being victims of repetitive crime
  • They have experienced multiple burglaries and car break-ins in the past year
  • ‘We’re just sick of feeling ­unsafe,’ mother Danielle Beaton told The Australian

The spate of African crime has divided public opinion on the severity of the issue.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton recently made comments about Melbourne people being too afraid to go out for dinner, a claim which was stubbornly refuted by residents.

Most recently, a Melbourne woman was struck across the face and forced to wait in terror as up to 14 men of African appearance ransacked her house during a vicious home invasion.

African youth violence the outcome of failed diversity policies


Labor accuses the federal Liberal government of playing politics with African crime in Vic­toria. But Labor has played politics with ethnicity for decades. The result is a booming industry that trades in a culture of complaint and blame-shifting. The industry is funded by the taxpaying public but breeds hostility towards Australians. Its beneficiaries enjoy access to special funding and affirmative ­action while claiming to be oppressed. Its leaders cry racism but can rationalise racist violence when the aggressors are black and the victims are white.

It takes a long time for ideologues to concede error. One would have thought a mob of African males invading a home and punching a woman in the face might make multiculturalists repent. Perhaps a mob of African males attacking teens on the street might stir Melbourne’s green-left to unmitigated sympathy ­— for the victims.

Imagine a white mob shouting “get blacks” before terrorising a black neighbourhood. The establishment would work overtime to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice in Victoria’s right-on courts. Public media would be on the case, investi­gating white supremacy and damning ­racism. But in fact it was a black mob shouting “get whites” in a working-class suburb, so it’s all quiet on the PC front.

Victorian Supreme Court judge Lex Lasry seemingly made light of concerns about youth gang violence in a tweet: “Breaking: there are citizens out to dinner in Mansfield tonight and they’re not worried.”

The following night at least 10 men of ­African appearance reportedly invaded a home and terrorised a 59-year-old woman by punching her in the face and threatening to kill her. That’s 10 men ganging up on one woman. But she’s white and they’re black so — whateva.

The same night a black mob allegedly ­attacked teenagers. In one attack they set upon a boy walking along the street about 9.30pm. They took a baseball bat to the boy’s legs and assaulted him. Justice Lasry, fearlessly dining out in Mansfield, might spare a thought for the terrorised people in working-class suburbs bearing the brunt of malformed multicultural policy.

Illustration: Eric Lobbecke
Illustration: Eric Lobbecke

As part of the federal inquiry into migration settlement outcomes, the Liberal government wished to amend the Migration Act to permit mandatory cancellation of visas for violent offenders aged between 16 and 18. Labor rejected this, justifying the dissent by appeal to the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, which objects to “any attempts to apply provisions under section 501 to juveniles”.

It also rejected the recommendation that anyone over 18 convicted of violent offences such as assault, sexual offences or the possession of child pornography have their visas cancelled under section 501 of the Migration Act. The Labor Party rejected two further recommendations to strengthen counter-terrorism. In short, if you’re a violent minor, rapist, child pornographer or budding terrorist of immigrant descent, Labor has your back. Not even Dante could conjure up a ­circle of hell that foul.

We have endured a protracted season of denial about the relationship between particular ethnic groups and criminal activity. However, in its submission to the federal ­inquiry, Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency revealed that since 2014 there has been a 28 per cent increase in unique offenders who were born in Sudan. In 2014, the Australian Bureau of Statistics illustrated that people born in Sudan had the highest imprisonment rate, followed by persons born in Samoa.

Rebecca Urban reported in The Weekend Australian that Sudanese youth offend at a rate about four times the national average. Sudanese-born people are not 1 per cent of Victoria’s population, yet youth born there are responsible for 13.9 per cent of aggravated robberies and 7.4 per cent of home invasions.

Rather than stopping gangs punching women, police and children, PC elites are busy discussing terminology. They’re concerned about the term “gang”. Apparently it’s causing the yoof to invade homes, beat up women and children. We are advised to use the term “networked offending”. The PC elites can’t concede their multicultural program is a failed social experiment because it means defunding a big state industry.

Victoria’s Labor government increased funding for multicultural affairs from $46.8 million to $51.1m. The budget for multiculturalism includes $21.8m for language services and $2m for migrant workers’ rights. An additional $19m was allocated to the government’s multicultural policy statement. Funding for Aboriginal policy was increased from $33.5m to $56.2m in the same budget.

In submissions to the migrant settlement outcomes inquiry, groups such as the South Sudanese Community Association in Vic­toria and the Islamic Council of Victoria ­requested more funding for programs. The SSCAV expressed concern that “a number of young people of South Sudanese origin have engaged in serious criminal activities”. However, there was little analysis of the cause of the violence in the Sudanese community ­beyond the trauma of fleeing civil war in Sudan. Instead, negative behaviour was ­attributed broadly to the Australian media, police, teachers and “racial hostility and discrimination in sections of the Aus­tralian community”.

Australians have spent billions on the multicultural industry over decades. With unprecedented debt, stagnating wages, high taxes and soaring basic living costs, we ­can no longer afford to fund these big state social experiments.

Israel orders African migrants to leave

The UN refugee agency says the plan to deport thousands violates international and Israeli laws.

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  1. Labor rejected the sensible solution of deportation – purely and simply because it would harm the number Labor votes. This is not a political issue so much as one that goes to the heart of the health and safety of Australians.

  2. Yasmin Abdel-Magied is mocking the Australian victims of this violence. Yes, the former “Australian” of the year and much pampered government pet Muslim is getting a kick out of this in her latest tweets.

  3. • “We’re sick of feeling ­unsafe’: Melbourne family to FLEE to Brisbane after being targeted by African crime wave in repetitive break-ins and car thefts” [sic]
    … The same criminal islamophile cultural marxists are in charge Australia wide
    … so no benefit moving anywhere !
    … stop the invasion from where ever you are !
    … the assisted invasion by our criminal islamophile cultural marxist “authorities” of islams and the criminal African tribals is unbalanced while it progresses !

    • “African youth violence the outcome of failed diversity policies” [sic]
    The criminal islamophile cultural marxists plan of diversity (aka kill whitey) is working as planned
    … Australia Wide !!!
    … as with the rest of the West’s current crop of criminal islamophile cultural marxist “authorities” !!!

    Understand this
    … None of this would be happening if our “authorities” did not want it to happen
    you have now been told !
    you have now been warned !

    Understand this
    … “our” criminal islamophile cultural marxist politicians
    … “their” bureaucrats
    … “those” (w)academics and
    … that idiotic lot of PC’d suicidal self-hating dolts
    … are not looking after our best interests !
    treason sedition and subversion is their aim !!!

    How they imagine they will survive their own treachery is anyone’s guess !

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