Delingpole: Britain Says ‘Yes’ to Jihadists, ‘No’ to Free Speech

This letter shames Britain.

It’s illiterate (“Your boyfriend have in his possession” and “insight” where it means “incite”), it’s at once pompously officious and sloppily amateurish, and it’s written by someone who clearly has no grasp of basic details like when and when not to use capital letters (“London Hyde park” and “the Leaflets”).

Yet on this barely educated jobsworth’s say-so, author and activist Brittany Pettibone has – with her boyfriend, Austrian Identarian Martin Sellner, and, subsequently, Canadian citizen journalist Lauren Southern – been declared persona non grata in the U.K.

Clearly, this jobsworth was only obeying the orders of someone well above his pay grade. Presumably, responsibility for this decision goes right to the top – at least as far as Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

If so, Amber Rudd has some serious questions to answer.

The obvious one concerns double-standards:

Yes. Good question.

Current U.K. immigration policy appears to work like this:

It’s apparently okay to let an estimated 425 ISIS terrorists back into the country after their jaunts to the killing zones of Iraq and Syria.

But it’s apparently not okay to let in three campaigners whose only crime is to speak out on behalf of the silent majority, which has had just about enough of all this cultural enrichment and who would like their governments to do more to protect them from it:

And isn’t there something deeply sinister about that phrase claiming that Pettibone, Southern, and Co. “bear a serious threat to the fundamental interests of society”?

Not so long ago, it used to be considered “fundamental” to the “interests of society” that Britain was a country which defended freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. That’s why, for example, we have this place mentioned in the letter called Speakers’ Corner, where anyone can go to have their say, however “right” or “wrong” their opinions.

No more, apparently. Let history note that this happened on the watch of a Conservative government.


We must defend free speech against those who would use intimidation and violence to shut that down; you know who you are.

As I said earlier, a friend attended the Generation Identity rally at Hyde Park on the subject of “threats to Free Speech in the modern world.” He told me that the rally was not allowed, as originally anticipated, to gather at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park as they had placards and they are forbidden in the immediate vicinity. They therefore gathered just outside the park, opposite to Marble Arch.

There were about 100 attending in support of free speech; about 20 members of antifa turned up to oppose people who supported free speech. The priorities of the left have got very skewed these last 40 years.

Martin Sellner from Austria and Brittany Pettibone  from the US, who expected to speak, were turned round at the airport on the orders of the Home Office. Those who did speak spoke well and concisely. A statement from Martin Sellner was read. One speaker told of the incident earlier this week when Antifa stormed a meeting of the Libertarian Society at Kings College of the University of London and prevented a debate between Sargon of Akkad aka Carl Benjamin and Yaron Brook, director of the Ayn Rand Institute. Another speaker paid tribute to the sacrifices of our ancestors in two world wars in hope that they were making a better world for the generations to come after them. The speeches can be watched here, on a video uploaded to Facebook …Read More…

The banning of free speech activists Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone from the UK is just the latest of many, many examples of how the British government bans foes of jihad terror while admitting its proponents.

Pamela Geller and I are banned from entering the country for the crime of telling the truth about Islam and jihad. According to Breitbart, “Sellner, who described the detention centre as looking akin to a typical American prison, said he was told by authorities that his speaking at Hyde Park could cause violence and disrupt community cohesion.” That’s just what they claimed about Pamela Geller and me: that our visit could cause violence and disrupt community cohesion. But we, of course, have never advocated or approved of any violence. The UK Home Office meant that our visit could cause violence from Muslims. They were bowing to jihadist intimidation.

Meanwhile, Britain has a steadily lengthening record of admitting jihad preachers without a moment of hesitation.

Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri’s preaching of hatred and jihad violence was so hardline that he was banned from preaching in Pakistan, but the UK Home Office welcomed him into Britain.

The UK Home Office also admitted Shaykh Hamza Sodagar into the country, despite the fact that he has said: “If there’s homosexual men, the punishment is one of five things. One – the easiest one maybe – chop their head off, that’s the easiest. Second – burn them to death. Third – throw ’em off a cliff. Fourth – tear down a wall on them so they die under that. Fifth – a combination of the above.”

Theresa May’s relentlessly appeasement-minded government also admitted two jihad preachers who had praised the murderer of a foe of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. One of them was welcomed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Nor does the UK admit only preachers of jihad terror. It admits jihad terrorists as well, even when it knows they are jihad terrorists. The Muslim migrant teen who bombed the London Tube told border officials that he was trained by ISIS, but was admitted anyway.

Meanwhile, the UK banned three bishops from areas of Iraq and Syria where Christians are persecuted from entering the country.

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  1. “And isn’t there something deeply sinister about that phrase claiming that Pettibone, Southern, and Co. “bear a serious threat to the fundamental intests of society”

    The deeply sinister bit is when you realise that by ‘society’ – they mean the wheel-heeled, well-connected and well-insulated upper echelons of brit /EU social strata..

    1. I think by ‘society’ they mean a submissive society under Islam, which is exactly where they are already.

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