Islam. Nothing else matters

French magazine Charlie Hebdo portrays hijabi student ‘as a monkey’

French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo – which has previously sparked controversy over its anti-Islam cartoons– who’s whole crew was assassinated by fanatical Koranimals – released a vile cartoon in light of the hate, in which it depicted the 19-year-old as a monkey. … but frankly, I don’t give a shiite.

Turkey to build schools for Moro Muslims in Philippines
Turkey to build schools for Moro Muslims in Philippines

Construction to take place in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region where Moro Muslims live

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) will build five schoolbuildings and three health facilities in the Philippines, it said on Thursday.

According to a statement, the construction will take place in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of the country, where the Moro Muslims live.

Qatar’s Islamic Affairs Minister: Ramadan is the Month of Jihad…

Website Run By “Moderate” Qatar Min of Islamic Affairs Proudly Acknowledges, & Cites Koran 9:111 Extolling Jihad Murder/Martyrdom”Per Islam’s prophet Muhammad 

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 Hamas Chief Boasts of ‘Almost Daily’ Coordination with Iran-Backed Hezbollah

Freed Palestinian prisoner Palestinian Yehiye Sinwar, a founder of Hamas' military wing, talks during a rally in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, Friday, Oct. 21, 2011. Sinwar, a founder of Hamas' military wing, served almost 25 years of four life sentences he was given for his role in the abduction …
AP/Hatem Moussa
TEL AVIV – Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar this week bragged on TV about the heavy funding and training the terror group has received from Iran and said that the group is in touch with Iranian proxy Hezbollah “on an almost daily basis.”

According to a translation posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Sinwar told Lebanon’s pro-Hezbollah al-Mayadeen TV channel on Monday:

Our resistance in the Gaza strip has greatly developed its capabilities, first and foremost thanks to Allah, but also with the help of the righteous freemen of our nation — first and foremost the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has provided the Al-Qassam brigades and the other factions of the resistance a lot of money, equipment and expertise even before the Israeli aggression, but especially after it. It has provided us a lot of resources which allowed for great development of our capabilities.

Sinwar described Hamas’ relations with Iran as “excellent.” He also specified the Gaza-ruling terror group’s “very strong, powerful and warm” relationship with elite Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani and “the other brothers in the IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps] leadership.”

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  1. Tommy Robinson describes what it is like for native Britons to live under a two-tier system whereby the police/socialworkers/civilauthorities/press/hospitals etc give a pass to Islam gangs and their crime and target native Britons with oppression and harassment.

    Tommy Robinson – main speech at Oxford Union.

  2. TR was just arrested convicted sentenced and jailed in less than one hour!

    It usually took longer than that in even the old Soviet Union and ‘modern’ Iran to convict political enemies of the state!

    And TR is officially a ‘journalist’ these days, too!

    So where’s the global outrage from his alleged ‘peers!’?

  3. As Bruce Bawer noted, here:

    Q: In the European Appeasement Olympics, Who Wins?

    A: It is Britain that is falling fastest to Islam. It is Britain, our mother country, home of the Magna Carta, that is most firmly betraying its own history and values. It has already banned Robert Spencer, a serious and cogent American critic of Islam, from its shores, even as it lets in the looniest of sharia preachers. More recently, three other critics of Islam – American Brittany Pettibone, Austrian Martin Sellner, and Canadian Lauren Southern – were turned away by British border authorities.

    Now, Tommy Robinson has been arrested again.

    On Friday, while livestreaming on Facebook from outside a court in Leeds, where yet another trial of Muslim child rapists was underway, he was taken into custody by a phalanx of police officers. The charge? “Breaching the peace.” In fact, anyone who watches the video of his arrest can see quite clearly that he was only doing what any reporter for the BBC would have done – standing in front of a courtroom, talking into a microphone, and being filmed by a camera. The difference is that the BBC and other mainstream media are determined to give as little coverage as possible to the mass Muslim rape of infidel girls. As for the police, they knew about these “grooming gangs” for many years (as did armies of social workers) but did nothing for fear of being labeled racist or sparking Islamic uprisings. These same cops arrested Tommy Robinson on Friday not because he did anything wrong, but because he was drawing attention to Muslim crimes that they would rather see ignored – and drawing attention, too, by extension, to their own genuinely criminal failure to defend innocent children from what was essentially jihadist torture.

    It gets worse. Within hours, according to some sources, Robinson was tried and sentenced to thirteen months in prison. To send him to a British prison, where a very high percentage of inmates are likely to be Muslim, is to condemn him to a life of brutal harassment and, very possibly, a violent death.

    Even in Islam-appeasing Britain, this seems inconceivable.

    It sounds like Soviet or Nazi “justice,” not like British jurisprudence.

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