White Flight, Sharia & Migration in the name of allah

“I’m terrified”: Katie Hopkins visits America’s largest mosque, in Dearborn, Michigan

– The Rebel

Muslims secretly admire the jihadists whose personal commitment to establishing sharia under a caliph is glorified by Islam.

Rotherham Child Groomer Claims Victim is ‘Anti-Muslim’…

Put some pork on your fork!

Muslim prisoners fed pork during Ramadan.

A federal judge granted a restraining order Thursday forcing prison guards in Alaska to stop giving Muslim inmates pork as they break their fasts during Ramadan,  rights campaigners  Hamas/CAIR said. 

Canada’s Beach Jihad

Robert Spencer


NSW Labor leader Luke Foley is right. Mass immigration is causing “white flight” in some Sydney suburbs, and shutting him up doesn’t change a reality most politicians are too scared to face. My editorial from The Bolt Report.

Where we gonna run to?

Thanks to unelected communist apparatchiks in the EUSSR, George Soros & the UN, Europe is being overrun by unassimilable, illiterate savages from Africa, 

The Hungarian government appears to be the only government that considers whether the citizens it was elected to serve would support the declaration (African mass-migration). Other European governments appear to think that asking their electorates what they think about African migration into Europe is irrelevant. Indeed, the Rabat Process, including the latest conference in Marrakesh, has gone largely unreported in the European press and is not the subject of debate, because most Europeans will have never heard of it.

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  1. STOP tolerating “The Intolerable” (marxism and islam)
    STOP tolerating “The Intolerant” (marxists and islams)
    (if you remain tolerant – you are suicidal) !!!

    Firstly …
    Remove the marxist islamophiles from their infiltrated “authority” positions and Permanently “incarcerate these Traitors/Seditioners/Subversives separately from normal prison populations !
    … these traitors are aiding assisting and abetting the islam invaders
    … these traitors are aiding assisting and abetting the criminal African tribals diversifiers

    Remove any islams incumbent in “authority” positions and Permanently “incarcerate these invaders separately from normal prison populations !
    (just good common sense)

    Finally …
    • STOP immigration of invader islams and diversifier criminal African tribals into the West
    • REVERSE the residency of the invader islams and diversifier criminal African tribals in the West
    (this includes Western “converts” to islam) !!!

  2. True/Untrue …

    Jewish Defector Benjamin Freedman [classified in Wikipedia as a Holocaust denier], Speaks on the Great Perils Associated with Zionism …

    Now, what are the facts about the Jews?

    The Jews — I call them Jews to you, because they are known as Jews. I don’t call them Jews. I refer to them as so-called Jews, because I know what they are. If Jesus was a Jew, there isn’t a Jew in the world today, and if those people are Jews, certainly our Lord and Savior was not one of them, and I can prove that.

    Now what happened? The eastern European Jews, who form 92 per cent of the world’s population of those people who call themselves Jews, were originally Khazars.

    They were a warlike tribe that lived deep in the heart of Asia. And they were so warlike that even the Asiatics drove them out of Asia into eastern Europe — and to reduce this so you don’t get too confused about the history of Eastern Europe — they set up this big Khazar kingdom: 800,000 square miles. Only, there was no Russia, there were no other countries, and the Khazar kingdom was the biggest country in all Europe — so big and so powerful that when the other monarchs wanted to go to war, the Khazars would lend them 40,000 soldiers. That’s how big and powerful they were.

    Now, they were phallic worshippers, which is filthy. I don’t want to go into the details of that now. It was their religion the way it was the religion of many other Pagans or Barbarians elsewhere in the world.

    Now, the [Khazar] king became so disgusted with the degeneracy of his kingdom that he decided to adopt a so-called monotheistic faith — either Christianity, Islam — the Moslem faith — or what is known today as Judaism — really Talmudism. So, like spinning a top and calling out “eeny, meeny, miney, moe,” he picked out so-called Judaism. And that became the state religion.

    He sent down to the Talmudic schools of Pumbedita and Sura and brought up thousands of these rabbis with their teachings, and opened up synagogues and schools in his kingdom of 800,000 people — 800,000 thousand square miles — and maybe ten to twenty million people; and they became what we call Jews. There wasn’t one of them that had an ancestor that ever put a toe in the Holy Land, not only in Old Testament history, but back to the beginning of time. Not one of them! And yet they come to the Christians and they ask us to support their armed insurrection in Palestine by saying:

    “Well, you want to certainly help repatriate God’s chosen people to their Promised Land, their ancestral homeland, It’s your Christian duty. We gave you one of our boys as your Lord and Savior. You now go to church on Sunday, and kneel and you worship a Jew, and we’re Jews.”

    Well, they were pagan Khazars who were converted just the same as the Irish [were converted]. And it’s just as ridiculous to call them “people of the Holy Land,” as it would be. . . there are 54 million Chinese Moslems. Fifty four million! And, Mohammed only died in 620 A.D., so in that time, 54 million Chinese have accepted Islam as their religious belief.

    Now imagine, in China, 2,000 miles away from Arabia, where the city of Mecca is located, where Mohammed was born. . . imagine if the 54 million Chinese called themselves ‘Arabs’. Imagine! Why, you’d say they’re lunatics. Anyone who believes that those 54 million Chinese are Arabs must be crazy. All they did was adopt as a religious faith; a belief that had its origin in Mecca, in Arabia.

    The same as the Irish. When the Irish became Christians, nobody dumped them in the ocean and imported from the Holy Land a new crop of inhabitants that were Christians. They weren’t different people. They were the same people, but they had accepted Christianity as a religious faith.

    Now, these Pagans, these Asiatics, these Turko-Finns. . . they were a Mongoloid race who were forced out of Asia into eastern Europe. They likewise, because their king took the faith — Talmudic faith — they had no choice. Just the same as in Spain: If the king was Catholic, everybody had to be a Catholic. If not, you had to get out of Spain. So everybody — they lived on the land just like the trees and the bushes; a human being belonged to the land under their feudal system — so they [Khazars] all became what we call today, Jews!

    Now imagine how silly it was for the Christians. . . for the great Christian countries of the world to say, “We’re going to use our power, our prestige to repatriate God’s chosen people to their ancestral homeland, their Promised Land.”

    Now, could there be a bigger lie than that? Could there be a bigger lie than that?

    And because they control the newspapers, the magazines, the radio, the television, the book publishing business, they have the ministers in the pulpit, they have the politicians on the soap boxes talking the same language . . . so naturally you’d believe black is white if you heard it often enough. You wouldn’t call black black anymore — you’d start to call black white. And nobody could blame you.

    Now, that is one of the great lies. . . that is the foundation of all the misery that has befallen the world. Because after two wars fought in Europe — World War I and World War II — if it wasn’t possible for them to live in peace and harmony with the people in Europe, like their brethren are living in the United States, what were the two wars fought for? Did they have to — like you flush the toilet — because they couldn’t get along, did they have to say, “Well, we’re going back to our homeland and you Christians can help us”?

    I can’t understand yet how the Christians in Europe could have been that dumb because every theologian, every history teacher, knew the things that I’m telling you. But, they naturally bribed them, shut them up with money, stuffed their mouths with money, and now. . . I don’t care whether you know all this or not. It doesn’t make any difference to me whether you know all these facts or not, but it does make a difference to me. I’ve got, in my family, boys that will have to be in the next war, and I don’t want them to go and fight and die… like they died in Korea. Like they died in Japan. Like they’ve died all over the world. For what?

    To help crooks hold on to what they stole from innocent people who had been in peaceful possession of that land, those farms, those homes for hundreds and maybe thousands of years? Is that why the United States must go to war? Because the Democratic Party wants New York State — the electoral vote? Illinois, the electoral vote? And Pennsylvania, the electoral vote?… which are controlled by the Zionists and their co-religionists?. . . the balance of power?

    In New York City there are 400,000 members of the liberal party, all Zionists and their co-religionists. And New York State went for Kennedy by 400,000 votes. Now, I don’t blame Mr. Kennedy. I’m fond of Mr. Kennedy. I think he’s a great man. I think he can really pull us out of this trouble if we get the facts to him. And I believe he knows a great deal more than his appointments indicate he knows. He’s playing with the enemy. Like when you go fishing, you’ve got to play with the fish. Let ’em out and pull ’em in. Let ’em out and pull ’em in. But knowing Mr. Kennedy’s father, and how well informed he is on this whole subject, and how close Kennedy is to his father, I don’t think Mr. Kennedy is totally in the dark.

    But I do think that it is the duty of every mother, every loyal Christian , every person that regards the defense of this country as a sacred right, that they communicate — not with their congressman, not with their senator, but with President Kennedy. And tell him, “I do not think you should send my boy, or our boys, wearing the uniform of the United States of America, and under the flag that you see here, our red, white and blue, to fight there to help keep in the hands of these that which they have stolen”. I think everyone should not alone write once, but keep writing and get your friends to write.

    Now, I could go on endlessly, and tell you these things to support what I have just asked you to do. But I don’t think it’s necessary to do that. You’re above the average group in intelligence and I don’t think it’s necessary to impress this any more.

    But. . . I want to tell you one more thing. You talk about… “Oh, the Jews. Why the Jews? Christianity. Why, we got Christianity from the Jews and the Jews gave us Jesus, and the Jews gave us our religion”. But do you know that on the day of atonement that you think is so sacred to them, that on that day… and I was one of them! This is not hearsay. I’m not here to be a rabble-rouser. I’m here to give you facts.

    When, on the Day of Atonement, you walk into a synagogue, the very first prayer that you recite, you stand — and it’s the only prayer for which you stand — and you repeat three times a short prayer. The Kol Nidre. In that prayer, you enter into an agreement with God Almighty that any oath, vow, or pledge that you may make during the next twelve months — any oath, vow or pledge that you may take during the next twelve months shall be null and void.

    The oath shall not be an oath; the vow shall not be a vow; the pledge shall not be a pledge. They shall have no force and effect, and so forth and so on.

    And further than that, the Talmud teaches: “Don’t forget — whenever you take an oath, vow, and pledge — remember the Kol Nidre prayer that you recited on the Day of Atonement, and that exempts you from fulfilling that”.

    How much can you depend on their loyalty? You can depend upon their loyalty as much as the Germans depended upon it in 1916.” [sic]

  3. Migration of unassimilable populations en masse to Western nations is a deliberate policy of the Political Elites in all Western nations – a commitment of all major parties.

    This goes hand in with policies crafted to do down the demographic of the host nation. “We made it hard for Britons to get work” is how Lord Mandelson put it.

    Lord Mandelson’s public statement is the best and most concise statement to date on the Migrant Agenda both in Britain and here in Australia.


    “Immigrants? We sent out search parties to get them to come..and made it hard for Britons to get work”…

  4. And with White Flight comes ‘no go’ zones. Exactly as in the rape capital of the world: Sweden.

    Sweden is a case in point. The ‘cover story’ from the Swedish government is that the police do not have the resources. The real story is that Swedish police are helpless – unless of course, Swedes (ethnic Swedes) break the law or sound off on Facebook. Oh there should be (Allah forbid) a demonstration of nationalist opposition to open borders and uncontrolled migration.

  5. Sweden needs a patriotic viking dictator who is willing to augment the police with the army to evict the Mohammedan gangsters from their lands.

  6. have some of the commentenrs in here gone quite, quite mad? Why are they trying to blame the Jihad on the Jews? Or trying to pretend that 14 million Jews – who do NOT act like ‘the blob’ – as being a more dangerous thing than 1.5 BILLION brainwashed Mohammedan mobsters? And why do they use the word ‘Zionist’ as if it were synonymous with “Demonically-Evil Enemy?? Because funny thing is, that’s what the MUSLIMS do.

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