“Not all Muslims are from Islam”


Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph

Proud Islamanians support their nation
Proud Islamanians support their nation
Here’s what we’re up against:

According to various people, Islam is not just a religion. It’s also a race.

And now, as these young Australian scholars report, Islam has become a country:

3 thoughts on ““Not all Muslims are from Islam””

  1. This is an interesting comment from the young Australians.

    The word they are looking for, I think, is nation. Any country which population becomes subjected to Islam becomes Dar al-Islam. The entire Christian East of the Nova Roma empire fell to Islam and these nations and people disappeared from the Roman map and became Dar al-Islam. They retained their identities as a people only in terms of Islam.

    So Islam would be attempting to envision itself not as multi-cultural or diverse in terms of multi-racial identity, but as multinational in terms of one religion and one culture.

    This is actually a caricature of Christianity. Many nations – but one faith, one Church, one baptism. This was how the baptised nations of Europe (when they were baptised as nations) formed the Christendoms which was originally Nova Roma until Constantinople fell. Then it was the Holy Roman Empire in the West

  2. Like the vermin he is, wannabe Caliph Obama tried to make it a “race” in the US by redefining it in the Census.

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