Ramadan Sufferings….

A MUSLIM worker has spoken of his difficulty in working for Spain’s biggest fake vagina factory during Ramadan. …

The issue arose as Muslims are forbidden from having any sexual thoughts during Ramadan

HARD WORKER: Barry (El Pais)

A MUSLIM worker has spoken of his difficulty in working for Spain’s biggest fake vagina factory during Ramadan.

The issue arose as Muslims are forbidden from having any sexual thoughts during Ramadan.

The problem for Mamadou Barry, originally from Guinea, is that he is in charge of all the orders at the company Fleshlight, near Sevilla, which produces up to 2,500 artificial private parts per day.

“I normally try to go on holiday at that time,” he explained. “And if I can’t, I try to occupy my thoughts with other things to avoid thinking about it.”  His family, who live in Almeria, are already shocked about his line of work, particularly when he visited them last year with one of the devices.

“I put it on the table and my mother first thought it was a lantern,” he added.

Muslims fasting for Ramadan pose danger, says Danish minister

Integration Minister Inger Stoejberg has asserted that Muslims shouldn’t work during Ramadan because the month-long fasting period poses safety hazards in some professions and makes the practice “dangerous for us all.”

US liberal Islamophobia is rising – and more insidious than rightwing bigotry

Khaled A Beydoun wants you to ignore that Islam is a criminal enterprise:

A diverse and eclectic litany of prominent Islamophobes occupies the left. These liberal Islamophobes, like Bill Maher and Sam Harris, weaponize atheism as an ideology that not only discredits the spiritual dimensions of Islam but also demonizes it in line with longstanding orientalist, political terms. …

But Islam has no “spiritual dimensions”, it is profane. It has no spirituality at all….

“Islamophobes” like Bill Maher & Sam Harris conflate an immensely diverse religious population of 1.6 billion believers with a terrorist network, and liken a religion to a criminal enterprise.”


3 thoughts on “Ramadan Sufferings….”

  1. “Liberal values”:
    Fornication, adultery & buggery, without limit; without consequence. It culminates in the sacrament of abortion.
    Queer marriage, a corollary of the buggery value.
    Intoxication; booze and drugs without restrictions.
    Atheism; necessary for the sustenance of the other values ‘cuz they gotta be sure there is no deity to “damn them” in the next life for what they do in this one. Cam’t have scripture based morality interfering with those sacrosanct values!
    Tolerance; anything goes except, of course, religion & capitalism. Other cultures are superior to ours and must be admired, praised and protected.
    Racism; only “black lives” matter. Everyone else takes a back seat to the preferred race.

    “Isdamnic values”:
    Abstinence; Muslimas must be virgins until consummation of marriage. No promiscuity allowed!
    Adultery is forbidden under the death penalty.
    Buggery is valued, but not in this life. In Jannah, there are “ageless youth fresh as pearls” meaning they do not bleed when buggered. But Queers must be killed
    Sobriety; no alcohol or recreational drugs and you won’t get a buzz from the rivers of wine in Jannah.
    Monotheism; Allah is the god who must be believed on pain of death in this world and damnation in the next.
    Slavery; Blacks are only suited for slavery, see Muqaddimah pg 197. Allah created them to burn, see Mishkat ul-Misabih 3.117.
    Intolerance; no other religions allowed, only Islam. No other cultures allowed, only Arabic culture.

    In the issue of Isdamn being a criminal enterprise. Go to quranx, a com domain. Click the General Search tab and search for:
    “shadow of my spear” Read the two relevant tafsirs. You can see one sentence from that hadith in Bukhari vol. 4, pg. 108. You will not find it in the hadith databases ‘cuz it is a smoking gun that convicts Isdamn.
    “good of this world” take result #7.
    “spoils belong to” take the first and second results in reverse order.
    “abundant spoils” take all 3 results.

    Visit the archive, a dot org domain, search for Hedaya, volume 2, open it and read pages 144, 145 & 214.
    While in the archive open Ibn Sa’d, search within for Aylah. Read the letter to it’s rulers.

    The conclusion is obvious!

  2. The true shame of this report is not that poor Mamadou is struggling with impure thoughts during Ramadan as he toils away in a Spanish fake vagina factory, but that Spain, once a Catholic nation and victorious in the Reconquista would even have Muslims working on the Iberian Peninsula, much less in a fake vagina factory located there.

    I mention in passing that Steve Shubin the man responsible for the Fleshlight factory and its products is undoubtedly a Jew. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella threw this particular ilk and its productions out of Spain when Catholic Spain (the Visigoths) won the 700 year war of Reconquista against the Caliphate and forced the Muslims to leave the Iberian Peninsula of Europe – take their halal racket, the Jew banking scam, their Sharia and their sex traffick etc with them.

    As a secular society, Spain has now got it all back with interest.

  3. But i sure bet this c*** would be able to rape a kuffir bird if given the chance.

    Piss off ya rock ape

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