Lakemba is a No-Go Zone For Lauren Southern


Tim Blair

Canadian Lauren Southern visits the Sydney Islamic enclave of Lakemba, where police warn her against going anywhere near the local mosque because her presence “may cause them to be offensive”, leading to “an imminent breach of the peace”:

It was, as that Sydney police officer put it, also “highly religious down there” in Alabama.

Now, Southern obviously faces nothing like the barriers confronted more than five decades ago by James Hood and Vivian Malone, but certain elements of their circumstances are shared – among them segregation, hostility to outsiders, limits to free movement and blaming potentially violent confrontation on the mere presence of unwelcome skin colours and political opinions.

Let Lauren Southern walk wherever she wants, as any free person should. If she is attacked, arrest her attackers. And then consider just how we’ve reached a point where those arrests might be necessary.

(By the way, please show some sympathy for that cop, who was plainly seeking a short-term solution to a much larger long-term problem. He’s managing a shocking situation caused by decades-old federal and state policies. Good luck to him.)

Southern was eventually allowed to walk past the mosque following this official warning:

“Alright, you walk past the mosque, you do not engage, you do not cause any problems. I’ve given you a warning that I fear you may cause an imminent breach of the peace. If you cause an imminent breach of the peace I may have to take lawful action. Do you understand that?

Those imminent breaches. Such a worry.

6 thoughts on “Lakemba is a No-Go Zone For Lauren Southern”

  1. Waleed Aly mocked warnings about Sudanese crime and complained he wasn’t invited to join an African gang.” [sic]

    • and why is islam criminal Waleed Aly (and not forgetting his converted to islam [and prior Australian citizen] now criminal wife and their islam born also criminal seeded) STILL freely walking around Australia !!!
    (islam criminal Waleed Aly asks to be let associate and participate with criminal African tribals in their crimes
    expel – expel – expel them ALL)

    • and why are the treasonous islamophile criminal EMPLOYERs of Waleed Aly also STILL freely walking around Australia !!!

    Because …
    explains logically the futility of complaining to our elected and appointed authorities … and gives The Solution !!!

    Lakemba (among others) …
    is NOW islam’s Conquered Australian Land

    as courageously demonstrated by Lauren Southern !!!

    (islam’s Conquered Australian Territory …
    Gifted to islam by OUR “authorities”
    who are “our elected”
    [actually infiltrated islamophiles/islams] politicians, appointed career bureaucrats and judiciary, tenured (w)academics with their herds of mind controlled idiot dolts who – on command – demonstrate and destroy by acts of Treason/Sedition/Subversion
    in order to aid and assist the infiltration of the socialist marxist islamophiles and islams with their criminally PLANNED invasion of muhammadans and diversification
    [aka kill whitey] by criminal African tribals) !!!

    1. Keeping in mind the greater picture …
      ✘ Larken Rose promotes Open Borders !
      (that lets criminal muhammadans IN) !!!

      ✔ Lauren Southern wisely promotes Closed Borders !
      (that intelligently keeps criminal muhammadans OUT) !!!

  2. Lakemba is a No-Go Zone For …
    • Lauren Southern !
    • every other non-islam !
    • every wrong type of criminal muhammadan !

    All Courtesy of Australia’s islamophile “authorities
    • The “elected” politicians !
    • The politically appointed bureaucrats !
    • The judiciary !
    • Tenured (w)academics !
    • The “educated” herds of mind controlled socialist marxist idiot dolt criminal thugs who demonstrate attack and destroy to benefit invader islams and diversifier criminal African tribals !

    All without the consent of Australia’s non-islam citizens !

  3. It’s official. The US is the last holdout against blasphemy laws. Can’t say islam sucks in Canada, Australia, and Western Europe (see Hungary, Poland for exceptions). While you won’t be arrested in the US, you will be harassed and ‘shamed.’ May lose your job too.

  4. All Australians, especially those so-called political leaders, should hang their collective heads in shame. It’s beyond disgusting that it is being left to a courageous young Canadian woman to face the reality of the cultural invasion of Australia. She can see very clearly what is happening. Why can’t our leaders? Thank you Lauren. We are humbled by your presence.

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