“German Islam”, “Islamism” & other absurdities…

“We need a German Islam”

These people seem to be suffering from an inbred learning disability. Since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have carried out 33,762 jihad attacks in the name of allah. But to connect the dots would collapse their multiculti fantasies like the twin towers, and we can’t have that….

German interior ministry: “This may not please Ankara,” but we need a “German Islam”

Good luck with that. Look how well a similar call is working out in France. There will never be a German Islam or a French Islam, but there may well be an Islamic Germany and an Islamic France. And no, Ankara will not be pleased, and will soon be back around with new threats and demands. And Merkel will probably give in to all of them.

Similar afflicted is Nigel Farage, who’s psychobabble has become unbearable:


Nigel Farange to Pauline Hanson on her proposed ban onMuslim immigrants: don’t. You’ll lose. From The Bolt Report.

If the video doesn’t play, watch it here.

The absurdity of Farage’s lecture should be self-evident. No one wants to go to “war against an entire religion”. Islam is at war with us. “Islamism” doesn’t exist. “Islamism” is a Moonbat fantasy  that helps da’awa gigolos in their mischievous  “interfaith” efforts. We are not, and have not been, vetting Mohammedans before or after they settled among us, which they perceive to be behind enemy lines. You don’t have to be “hard-right” to see that this is a religious war which we can’t afford to lose. Farage’s “moderate Muslims” exist only in his own fantasy. We’ll never get Mohammedans to side with us, the kuffar, against their own. Finally, it is not “our hatred & hostility against an entire religion”, but Mohammedans being raised with hatred & hostility against us, the infidels. Farage has gone off the deep end.

3 thoughts on ““German Islam”, “Islamism” & other absurdities…”

  1. “The absurdity of Farage’s lecture….”

    I agree but what is the solution?

    Is Farage not correct in saying that Pauline Hanson should not call for a ban on Muslim migration? That is, pick your fights.

    and yes, vetting is always a difficult process.

    “Finally, it is not “our hatred & hostility against an entire religion”, but Mohammedans being raised with hatred & hostility against us, the infidels.”

    This should be emphasised by everyone in the West, and by all infidels.

  2. i.e: “Don’t try to ban an entire criminal global murder-gang’s holy-mobster gang members – you’ll lose!”

    WTF happened to Nigel Farage, anyway? He used to make sense!

    Did someone inject his brain with radioactive Putinium or something?!

  3. Islam sees all nations and countries at best as arbitrary lines in the sand and at worst as man-made false idols to eventually be destroyed and replaced with their one-world global muslim Ummah, ruled over by their theocratic caliphate government!

    So there will NEVER be a “German ” or “French” islam!

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