UK: Police enforcing Islamic blasphemy laws

This is Australia:

3 years ago 12 people lost their lives over a cartoon, the world came together in the belief nobody should die because of their Art work. Today, Mark Knight has deleted his social media accounts due to countless number of death threats over his caricature cartoon of Serena.

Police Won’t Investigate Death Threats Because Victim Criticized Islam

Its becoming increasingly clear that British police is getting their marching orders from Islamic infil-traitors. What we are witnessing here is that they’re actively enforcing the sharia, Islamic blasphemy laws.

Who in the f*kc is in charge of once great Britain?

UK Police Force Doubles Down on ‘Non-Crime Hate Incidents’ After Social Media Backlash

Perfidious Albion.

Their police “force” considers mass-rape of underage, native females trivial. But if you say  Paki Moslems are rapists, you are guilty of a “Non-Crime Hate Incident”.

How about MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN by expelling the Mohammedan rape gangs?

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 04: A police officer joins the parade during Brighton Pride 2018 on August 4, 2018 in Brighton, England. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)
South Yorkshire Police have doubled down in response to backlash over ‘Orwellian’ tweets urging people to report “non-crime hate incidents”, stating that “offensive” online comments “re-emphasises the need” for officers to “tackle hate”.

In a series of messages posted to social media alleging that “hate hurts and no one should have to tolerate it”, the police force told members of the public to report so-called hate crimes as well as “non-crime hate incidents”, the latter of which it said “can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing”.

After significant backlash from people online, some of whom questioned the force’s policing priorities at a time when recorded crime had risen 30 percent in the region while others branded it an attack on free speech, South Yorkshire Police have insisted they stand by the post and will prosecute individuals responsible for “unacceptable” online “abuse”.

According to local media, the force said it was moved to post the warnings on Twitter and Facebook after witnessing a “significant increase on our social media platforms of offensive abuse towards our communities” after reports of a hijab-clad woman shouting, “Kill, kill, kill” as she chased pedestrians in Barnsley town centre with a foot-long machete at the weekend.

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts said: “Hate crime affects communities across the UK. Our recording of non-crime hate incidents is nationally accepted good practice and is the policy adopted by all forces.

“In the wake of this weekend’s incident in Barnsley, we have seen a significant increase on our social media platforms of offensive abuse against our communities.

“The comments are vile and offensive and, ironically, the bigotry expressed re-emphasises the need to tackle hate both within our local communities and much wider.”

“Unfortunately, we see this type of offensive content on a regular basis. This will undoubtedly cause distress and fear to people within our communities,” Roberts added.

“We have seen unacceptable comments, and will seek to prosecute, those responsible where appropriate.

“We will not tolerate this type of messaging and will continue, together with our partners, to raise awareness of hate.”

Ayaan Ali, 28, appeared in court on Monday charged with attempted murder, affray, and possession of an offensive weapon following her rampage through the South Yorkshire town, during which the 28-year-old stabbed a man.

Grilled on TalkRadio Tuesday, South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner defended the force’s stance, claiming host Julia Hartley-Brewer was failing to grasp the “distress” caused by “offensive” messages posted online following the attack in Barnsley when she suggested investigating every hate incident was a waste of police resources.

Pointing to a recent report which revealed South Yorkshire Police was failing to report more than 17,000 crimes a year, Hartley-Brewer suggested to Dr Alan Billings that the force should prioritise looking into criminal offences before soliciting reports of “non-crime hate incidents”.

But the PCC responded to stress the importance of looking into every “hate” incident, both criminal and non-criminal, in order to “build trust between police and our diverse communities”, for who he said it was vital they “get into the habit of seeing police as their friends”.

“I am pretty sure that if we did a poll of people in South Yorkshire they would have a strong preference for police to spend their time dealing with actual, real crimes rather than hurty-feelings online,” Hartley-Brewer concluded, adding that she was “flabbergasted” by the conversation.

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  1. Objectionable / criminal as is Islamic child sex trafficking, Muslim gang raping, blasphemy law , the Sharia patrol, Africans going apeshit (all a matter of historical record and present crisis) – it is easy to lose sight of the rats in the piles and (((what))) lies beneath the piles.

    Mass migration is politically engineered.

    Former Cabinet Minister, Lord Peter Mandelson admits that mass migration was Labour Policy under the Brown and Blair governments. It was a two pronged policy: search parties were sent out to recruit migrants for Labour’s mass migration agenda. AND. They made it difficult for native Britons to work.

    We see exactly the same policy being rolled out here. For those who disbelieve in co-incidence theories this can only mean, we are dealing with a policy which is being implemented in all Western (read White) nations that is mandated from an apex and through a central organisation that sits above mere national governments.

    1. Only banksters prophit from perpetual “creative destruction.”

      Not all (((?))) are banksters, and MOST banksters are not (((?)))!

      (How many banksters do you think there are in China? India?)!

      1. You are too much Uncle Vladdi. (((Who do you think))) owns China and India as assets of their BIS cartel? The governments of nations are owned as assets of this cartel and its reserve bank subsidiaries through the credit issue – as debt. The governments of these nations have been incorporated and are listed on the international stock exchange like any other company. They can be shorted by (((The Shmucks who own the currency issue))) like any other corporation. The populations of these corporations are ‘bonded entities’. For example, the state of Qld is a corporation , called the Brigalow Corporation. Stop pretending to be a doofus.

        1. pretending” ???

          Perhaps a look at “STRAWMAN” would also enlighten !
          and … it just gets worse and worse !!!

          (just one of many articles … it’s all there) !!!

          Tuesday, July 9, 2013
          Brigalow Corporation Queensland government land fraud

          The information regarding the Queensland government’s Brigalow Corporation has been available for quite some time.

          In essence the Queensland government is a private entity hiding under a corporation, a fact that the corporate media are reluctant to report or pursue.

          The corporation has been set up to fleece the masses of their Fee Simple rights to land ownership.

          “On the 3rd of October 2007, the High Court of Australia made rulings over residential and rural land that effectively removes all land ownership from the people of Queensland and puts it squarely into the hands of the State Government.

          The court ruled that ‘fee simple’ and ‘common law’ are now no longer recognised in Queensland, which means that the people are no longer part of the Commonwealth, but rather resources or slaves and no longer have ownership or say over any land.

          Queensland is now a fully fledged corporation, a fact that is unknown to the masses.

          QLD being a separate entity that can make its own laws, with other states to follow soon.

          There is a definite conspiracy (not theory), by the corporate media to keep this information away from the plebs, remembering that the corporate media is subservient to the corporate government.

  2. Ha Ha. Charles the tampon. Uncle Vladdi, you suffer from borderline JQ retardation. The monarchy of Britain has been an agency of The Crown since the War of the Succession 1688.

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