The European Nightmare

Italian Journalist Union Demands Writers Stop Using Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Actually, they are invaders. Those who deny that are the enemy of native Europeans, they are committing high treason against our culture & civilisation.

3.5 Million unemployed in Spain and the IMF claims to solution to Spain’s problems is to import 5.5 million migrants? 


A newly released charter for Italian journalists has demanded that writers stop using terms like “clandestine migrant” and use a replacement such as “irregular migrant” instead.

Wanna bet that that “new charter” was drafted by Soros operatives?

The new guidelines come from the Federazione Nazionale Stampa Italiana (FNSI), a trade union representing Italian journalists, and state that journalists should avoid using terms that may seem discriminatory toward migrants, Il Giornale reports.

Instead of using the term clandestini, the common word in Italian for illegal immigrants, the FNSI has demanded that members of the union use suggested phrases like “irregular migrant” or migrants who are in Italy “without regular permission”. The journalists are told to use the terms despite Italian law specifically listing “illegal migration”, as the name implies, as a crime.

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Spain cannot get enough of them, by the looks of it:

Socialist Spain’s Immigrant Population to Grow by up to 10 Million by 2050

TOPSHOT - Migrants rescued at sea wait to be transferred at the harbour of Algeciras on August 1, 2018. - Spain has overtaken Italy as the preferred destination for migrant arrivals in Europe this year as a crackdown by Libyan authorities has made it more difficult for them to reach …

The immigrant population of Spain is set to grow by between seven and ten million by 2050, the proportion of migrants increasing to up to 15 percent of the total populace, according to new statistics.

The estimates, provided by Spain’s Independent Authority of Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) will push the country’s population to between 51 and 60 million by mid-century, with current population at around 46 million, reports the Spanish economics website el Confidencial.

However, just three years ago, it was predicted that the country’s population would fall by 11 percent by 2050, losing 5.3 million inhabitants.

Europe Needs ‘New Blood’: Spain Expects 50,000 Migrants from North Africa 

This is absolute BS. You cannot import large numbers of African savages in the hope your country ticks along just like before. Doesn’t work like that.

CNN Vs Hungary: Leftist Network Clashes with Foreign Minister on Multiculturalism, Migrants, Soros

CNN Vs Hungary on Multiculturalism, Migrants, Soros

Macron Tells Elderly Worried About Pension Cuts to Stop Complaining

Macron Tells Elderly Worried About Pension Cuts to Stop Complaining

Macron is Obama’s mini me. He’s out to spread the wealth around. Other peoples wealth, that is…

According to the FNSI, the reasoning behind the change in terms is because illegal migrant “contains a negative judgment a priori, suggests the idea that the migrant acts in the dark, secretly, as a criminal”.

The charter also calls on journalists to challenge those against migration and to “stigmatise” those, including politicians, who express anti-migrant views.

The new guidelines echo terminology used by other groups like the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) which also uses the term “irregular migration” stating: “There is, however, a tendency to restrict the use of the term ‘illegal migration’ to cases of smuggling of migrants and trafficking in persons.”

In 2017, the European Union funded the “Respect Words” project released a similar guide for journalists encouraging them not to talk to “extremists” about mass illegal migration and not to reproduce “hate speech” despite not being able to give a clear definition of what the group termed as hate speech.

According to the guide, migrant crime stories should be balanced by stories of migrants contributing positively to society and that unless crucial to a story, the nationality, ethnicity, or religion of criminal suspects should be left out of reporting.

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