Macron vs France

According to Macron, “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because]nationalism is treason.” That didn’t sit well with French generals who see him as the traitor. Will there be a military coup d’état?

French generals who signed an open letter accusing President Macron of “treason” for committing France to the UN migration pact are facing disciplinary action.

A letter written by General Antoine Martinez and signed by ten other generals, an admiral and a colonel, as well as former French Minister of Defense Charles Millon, warned Macron that the signing of the pact strips France of more sovereignty and provides an additional reason for “an already battered people” to “revolt”.

The letter accuses Macron of being “guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation” for signing the pact without putting it to the people.

According to a report by French news outlet l’Opinion, the cabinet of the Minister of Armed Forces responded to the letter by calling the content “inadmissible and unworthy”.

Asserting that military personnel are tasked with “setting an example,” the cabinet said that the signatories to the letter had abandoned their responsibilities and statutory obligations “and thus expose themselves to disciplinary sanctions,” which will occur within days.

One of the generals who signed the letter, Marc Bertucchi, has since distanced himself from the text, commenting, “It is out of the question for me to accuse our president of “treason” because he is going to sign a document which, after careful reading, obviously does not undermine the principles that are the honor of France and for which I have engaged for more than forty years.”

It is unclear what action will be taken against the generals, all of whom but one are still on reserve duty.

According to Macron, “the Franco-German couple [has]the obligation not to let the world slip into chaos and to guide it on the road to peace”.

“Europe must be stronger… and win more sovereignty,” he went on to demand, just as Merkel has, that EU member states surrender national sovereignty to Brussels over “foreign affairs, migration, and development” as well as giving “an increasing part of our budgets and even fiscal resources”.

Who voted for that?

But Macron is in for a bumpy ride:

Macron in Trouble as French Police Union Announces Protest

French police union Alliance Police Nationale called for a “black day for the police” for 19 December in France. The protest is to be “Act 1” just like the “yellow vests”, according to The Local.

The police union is staging their own protests against the embattled Macron’s upcoming cuts to the police budget.

In other news:

Next EU Boss Says Nationalism is “The Way of Destruction”

Left-wing politician Communist blockhead Frans Timmermans from the Netherlands was nominated last week as the next President of the European Commission.

If elected, he promises to crush all conservative governments in the EU and make Europe and Africa a joint continent.

Hungary and the United States have partnered in an alliance to assist Christians in the Middle East, helping them “recover from genocide and persecution by the Islamic State”.

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  1. Notice that the surnames of the “French” generals are Spanish and Italian LOL!

    Now which other famous “French” general had a Corsican origin?

    It may be time for his spiritual descendant to take over France again!

    Vive l’Empereur!

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