Greek Imbecile: “The Balkans Are the World Capital of Islamophobia”

Fraser Anning slams Senate censure plan as ‘attack on freedom of speech’

Which it is, no doubt about it.

Senator Fraser Anning has claimed a plan to censure him in the Senate is “an attack on freedom of speech”, refusing to back down over inflammatory remarks made in the wake of the Christchurch shootings.

The Coalition and the Opposition have agreed to team up to move a censure motion against Senator Anning as early as today, after he blamed Muslim immigration for the massacre.

“No remorse”: Independent Senator Fraser Anning pictured in the chamber today. (AAP)

“I merely pointed out that immigration from Muslim countries invariably escalates terror attacks,” he said.

That’s a fact.

“I was never blaming the victims.”

YouTube Restricts Tommy Robinson’s Account, ‘All-But Bans’ Him

YouTube Restricts Tommy Robinson’s Account, ‘All-But Bans’ Him

Tommy is now banned from every media platform. So much for freedom of speech in the Western world.

UK Jihadist Claims He Was Tricked Into Joining Islamic State

Sure thing. Ask yourself: could you be tricked joining a JV- team of headchopping savages in the desert?

80,000 Caliphate Women, Children Still Living in Remote Syrian Camp Despite ISIS Elimination

ISIS Aftermath: 80k Caliphate Women, Children Still Living in Remote Syrian Camp

Amazing  numbers. So it was not just like… Obama’s ‘JV-team?’ Sounds like it was a formidable organisation.

Italy’s Salvini Named as Face of New Populist Supergroup

The Left claims to support vigorous background checks on gun purchases for Americans. Why don’t they support the same vetting for Voting/Voter ID &  Illegal Aliens, Refugees?

Taps Run Dry in Socialist Venezuela as Blackout Chokes Water Supply

Under communism, everything runs dry.

The Balkans Are the World Capital of Islamophobia

Forget about  Islamic terror and the creeping sharia around the world. Fighting against  Islamic oppression & sharia is far worse, according to  idiot scribbler  

The region’s genocidal wars are over—but bigots from across the West still flock there for inspiration.

Someone on Twitter noticed the word “Turkofagos” on the rifle of [the NZ shooter]… Literally translated, it means “Eater of Turks.”

This is the reality:  Der Spiegel indicates that the Islamic State has established a large following in the country. In some remote northern villages, there are even reports of the ISIS flag being flown, and there may be as many as 64 communities illegally following sharia law in the country.

Reality: ISIS In Bosnia And Herzegovina: Balkan Nation Showing Islamic State Surge

Know your enemy:

‘Today’s far-right imagines the Balkans – still home to the largest Muslim population outside Asia and Africa as a central battleground. In their vocabulary,“Turks” serves as a shorthand for a regional Muslim menace’.

Read the whole thing below the fold.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: ‘Lock Her Up’ Was ‘Hate Speech’ FBI Could Have ‘Shut Down’

Only on CNN…

Christiane Amanpour, A British born Iranian whose homeland chants “De@th to America” has the nerve to lecture us about Hate Speech.

That is not Fake News – it is Hate news…

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 30: Christiane Amanpour of the television show Amanpour & Co., speaks during the PBS segment of the Summer 2018 Television Critics Association Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, on July 30, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

CNN chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour asked fired FBI Director James Comey in an interview broadcasted Tuesday whether the bureau should have shut down the “lock her up” chant — a reference to the alleged crimes of failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — because it falls under the category of “hate speech.”

Leftists have a simple definition of “hate speech”. For leftoids, hate speech is anything they disagree with. Period.

America hatin’ Iranian agent provocateur Ammanpour did enough damage. She, like the Obamunists and the despicable Klintoons, are in the enemy camp. There is no “hate speech”, there is only free speech in America. And Ammanpour should be locked up just like her enablers for her treacherous activities.

Hofstra University Students Demand Removal of Thomas Jefferson Statue

Hofstra University Students Demand Removal of Thomas Jefferson Statue

If Jefferson goes, America will be next.

Watch — Chicago Police Union Protest Jussie Smollett Case: ‘Foxx Must Go!’

Chicago Police Union Protest Jussie Case: ‘Foxx Must Go!’

“The Balkans Are the World Capital of Islamophobia”

It was a sharp shock for Greeks when someone on Twitter noticed the word “Turkofagos” on the rifle of Brenton Tarrant, the man charged with murdering dozens of Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, last month. Literally translated, it means “Eater of Turks.” Historically, it was an honorific bestowed upon fighters who distinguished themselves in the Greek 1821 revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

There is a darker meaning, however, lurking behind the term, a meaning that Greeks have long been keenly aware of—and of which the New Zealand terrorist clearly was, too. It traces to the very birth of the Greek nation when the revolutionaries didn’t just fight the Ottoman army—they also committed brutal ethnic cleansing against Muslims and Jews. In those times, a “Turk” wasn’t just an Ottoman soldier: It was anyone who wasn’t a Christian. The darkest aspects of the term Turkofagos have more recently been resurrected by far-right and nationalist groups as they apply the term to honor any killer of Muslims.

Tarrant likely encountered the term as he traveled extensively in the years before the attack across the broader Balkans region, including in Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and Bulgaria, as well as a stay in Greece of more than two weeks. It should come as little surprise that these were among his chosen destinations. They amount to a grand tour of the West’s far-right historic imagination, which centers on the genocidal Balkan wars of the 1990s, which pitted the region’s Christians against its Muslim populations.

The Christians were driven out of their ancestral homelands, thanks to the bombing raids instigated by the despicable Clintons, who wanted to show Mohammedans how nice America is. 

In the Islamophobic music that is a widespread part of life in the Balkans, the term “Turk” is still used as a pejorative to refer to any Muslim. The word comes up in the lyrics of at least one of the songs Tarrant listened to before the attack, a Serbian nationalist tune in praise of Radovan Karadzic, the convicted war criminal who led Bosnia’s Serbs during the 1992 to 1995 wars. “Turks must be killed,” goes one lyric, referring to Bosnian Muslims. Tarrant was also an avowed admirer of Serbs who have earned praise by far-right groups for fighting in famous battles against Ottoman armies, such as Milos Obilic, a knight in Serbian folklore, and Stefan Lazarevic, a 14th-century Serbian prince.

Following the Christchurch massacre, Kosovo’s former Foreign Minister Petrit Selimi remarked on Twitter that, “Wars and genocide perpetrated by Serbian ideologues, in Kosovo and Bosnia, seem to have become a point of inspiration for far-right across the globe.” While there is truth in his comment, it would be shortsighted to lay the blame for this development on Serbia’s doorstep. While a virulent streak of hardcore nationalism and far-right ideology still survives in the country, it shares that problem with many countries in the region.

This is not just a perverted view, this is shameless Mohammedan propaganda.  There are no more Christians alive in Moslem occupied areas, and the few who are need to be protected 24/7. The Mohammedans in Kosovo are now living in the houses and on the land of the slaughtered Christian Serbs.

What isn’t a stretch, however, is to place the events of the 1992 to 1995 war at the heart of the far-right imaginary. That is the first and only instance within living memory where a conflict on European soil was fought along religious lines, triggering the resurrection of a historically inflected Islamophobia.

Clueless about history. obviously never heard about the jihad that’s been raging against the world since the 7th century. How do such pig-ignorant scribblers get published?

The far-right’s presence in the 1990s conflict is indisputable. In addition to local far-right militias, international volunteers also took part in the fighting. The phenomenon would replicate itself with the conflict in Ukraine, where neo-Nazis volunteered to fight on both sides, and in some cases returned to participate and even try to dominate movements back home, as is the case of the French veteran Victor Alfonso Lenta, who became a leading figure as part of the yellow vest protest movement.

Bin Laden had 20.000 jihadists fighting the Christians in Bosnia & Kosovo. Is that to be ignored?

The Greek Neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which has become a focal point for far-right movements across the world thanks to its electoral success in 2012, counts among its member’s such volunteers. For years, researchers have tried to establish their whereabouts and actions in the conflict. They managed to ascertain that they were present and might well have taken part in the Srebrenica massacre itself, where more than 8,000 Muslim Bosnians were killed. They also participated in ambushes against Muslims fleeing the town. These far-right volunteers escaped all punishment, returned to Greece, and were active within the far-right there after the war ended. Their experiences have directly informed the ethos and mythology of the Greek far-right.

There is no substance to such claims. Even if it was true, that would make them heroes, not villains.

Other volunteers similarly carried over their experiences from the Balkans war to the politics of their own countries. Examples can be found in the Bulgarian militias that patrol the country’s borders to prevent refugees from attempting to cross from Turkey (and that are said to have commemorated World War II-era pro-Nazi general Hristo Lukov with a torchlit march). Similar groups have become active across the Balkans along the refugee trail from Greece to Northern Europe, including the increasingly bold Chetniks in Bosnia.

The pattern is clear: Across the West, today’s far-right imagines the Balkans—still home to the largest Muslim population outside Asia and Africa—as a central battleground. In their vocabulary, “Turks” serves as a shorthand for a regional Muslim menace, and refugees are understood as invaders whose aim is to bring down “Judeo-Christian civilization,” as Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban often says.

That’s not the ‘imagination of the far-right’, that’s an undeniable fact. Mohammedans tell us that every day, but this idot scribbler would have you believe that the moon is made of green cheese.

There is another reason why the Balkans are the epicenter of far-right ideology, a reason that also became obvious around their opposition to the Macedonia name deal with Greece recently: The Balkans are still a region of contested ethnic and national borders. While extreme nationalists agitate minority populations around the world, it’s in the Balkans where they see a possible theater for their war against Islam to play out in literal terms.

Humbug. It’s not “their war against Islam”, it’s the jihad against the world. The Balkans are conquered land. Bosnia, Kosovo and greater Albania are Islamic territories on European soil. 

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  1. The Coalition and the Opposition have agreed to team up to move a censure motion against Senator Anning as early as today, after he blamed Muslim immigration for the massacre” … [sic]

    These are the SAME Australian “authorities who are responsible for invader-islams being in Australia
    … What else would one expect

    … from these TRAITORS in ALL levels of government – Coalition and the Opposition
    … the Greens are in a Treasonous Sub-Class of their own) !!!

    If these Treasonous (islam-adoring) vermin (aka “authorities”) act against Senator Fraser Anning – do they expect their “Incarcerations” for Treason Not To Happen) !!!

    How about blaming the islam invader enablers (the cause of islam being in Australia) !!!
    Australia’s treasonous “Authorities” !!!
    w/o their enabling of the islam invaders … islams would not be here !!!

  2. The Balkans SHOULD be the world capital of islamophobia, since they (Balkans is the Turkish word for “the mountains” which is where the local populace had to literally head for the hills to avoid having their men murdered, women raped, and children sold into devshirme slavery by the Turks) are the ones who might actually remember being violently invaded raped and genocided by islam for the last 500 years. DUH.

    Islam never really made it to either France or Germany, which are (as usual) the two most complicit nations in destroying Europe (think Napoleon, Macron, the Kaiser, Hitler, and Merkel). In fact most times the Turks made inroads into the West, was at the direct behest of France itself, to help the treasonous Frogs against their Austro-Hungarian rivals.

  3. Re: “UK Jihadist Claims He Was Tricked Into Joining Islamic State
    Sure thing. Ask yourself: could you be tricked joining a JV- team of headchopping savages in the desert?”

    Ah, it’s that “ask yourself” bit which intrigues me!

    Leftopathic libocrites will NEVER self-reflect; being practised hypocrites dedicated to their double standards of projection, they instead always self-deflect. Self-reflection and a study of universally OBJECTIVE FACTS AND TRUTH ARE NOT IN THEIR NATURE.

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